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Activity code oracle 10.2 0.5 patch set limit

Preparing to Run Oracle E-Business Suite on System z and
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6 Toad for Oracle 12.12 - Editions Installation Guide 66%
7 PHPMaker 2020 - The Best PHP Code Generator 80%
8 ** Troubleshooting ** Intermittent "(0x80004005) ORA-12516 32%
9 Sql - How to Use COLLECT with VARCHAR2 Oracle 10g 36%
10 Oracle Java Technologies 91%

Crack vulnerability Summary for the Week of May 11, 2020

If you do not set anything in the Filter slots, it will plant whatever wherever. Service Packs and package updates are available from Novell, either on CDs or online via its support portal. SIMPLE Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator for Nov 2020. Set NO_PROXY to the same values as no_proxy. Number of rows/block limitation Tom, Does Oracle have a 'max number of rows per block' limit such as DB2's 255 row limit? Below is complete algorithm.

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Oracle Database Release Notes https://autozapchasti24.ru/crack/?key=103. Launch the Oracle Universal Installer. Critical Patch Update patches are cumulative but each advisory describes only the security fixes added since the previous Critical Patch Update advisory. Oracle 10g Release 2 () for HP OpenVMS has shipped and is now available for download from My Oracle Support. Maximum blocks read per session: (logical_reads_per_session) Maximum blocks read per call: (logical_reads_per_call) Maximum amount of SGA: (private_sga) In order to enforce kernel limits, resource_limit must be set to true. Santa Clara, California, United States 13 + years of experience as Infrastructure, Application, and Database Operations Engineer.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Version 10.2

Infrastructure PenTest Series: Part 2. Ninjutsu: Recast timer is no longer triggered when Ninjutsu is executed, or when a mudra timer runs out. How to set a Wireless Router as an Access Point by Philip (228 comments). PHPMaker is a powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of PHP scripts quickly from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and SQLite databases. Java Edition 1.11 – Official Minecraft Wiki look what i found. Sat, 14 August 2020 03: 19 By: Michel Cadot: Not.

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Oracle cpu_count and number of cores

Changes 2 Fixes 3 Video 4 Trivia 5 References Menu screen Changed the menu screen logo to have the. Oracle Analytics Publisher is available with Oracle Analytics Server and can be deployed as integrated product or as standalone. Starting with 10gR2, Oracle introduced auto tuning of undo retention. Each scema has on an average about 10 pl/sql packages of about 1000 lines each. Just a quick post that the patch set for Oracle Database Server was released for x86 & x platforms on April 29th. We use this pattern to find the n-th number.

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Navicat Premium Release Note

COPY corresponds to the pre-MySQL 5.1 approach of creating an intermediate table, copying data one row at a time, and renaming and dropping tables. The latest version of these release notes is always available at. The patch set notes is provided as a readme file and is included in the distribution files that are obtained from the My Oracle Support Web site. Read more about Oracle's Accreditation Program in Oracle Support Accreditation - Series Index (Document ). If you want to know about these in detail, read 12 Things Developers Will Love About Oracle Database 12c Release 2. It's here! I have login on oracle support but I still don't get what is best for me to do. We have currently oracle version running on linux, it is a.

Book Review: Troubleshooting Oracle Performance (Part 2

Oracle Analytics Publisher

AMCustom QueryORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit. Oracle 10.2 0.5 patch set limit. Shared Memory Problem (unable to allocate shared ... https://autozapchasti24.ru/crack/?key=109. Oracle Semaphore Management in UNIX Administration. Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool User Guide. Intel) have dual cores, where we have two CPU's on one chip, and they appear as two processors when they only occupy one slot, while this is good for software performance it can be hazardous to your license, Oracle has stated that.

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Alter session set events '10320 trace name context forever, level 3'. So if you make an RT of this make sure the brute force point is at least 94*94*maxPwLen*1000 for it to be useful. Oracle to SQL server DB link using rownum to li. When running different versions of Oracle Client and Server, the cache agent may crash with a core file. This function is used to get n rounded to integer places to the right of the decimal point. COMMON PROFILE RESOURCE LIMIT FOR PASSWORD VERIFY FUNCTION DISPLAYS FROM ROOT 16836849 - PHSB: CDB ORA-00600: [KTCALLOCXCB] DURING DB OPEN 16859937 - CDB: LOCAL USER CONVERTED TO.

7.23 Patch Highlights

Never mind all the item craziness jumping straight into list of heroes!


Which should means her abilities are too. She is very Talent dependent.
SCATTERBLAST I am sure this is broken
FIRESNAP COOKIE almost worst then toss.
LIL' SHREDDER applies attack mods (For example Bash). This is OP!
MORTIMER KISSES Ultimate has a min distance of 600 which most people miss.

Now on to the ability changes!
Chilling Touch has no cooldown.
With the scepter moved to chilling touch at max level that is an additional 170 magical damage every attack at the cost of 90 mana / attack. This could be broken with some scepter builds...

BANE : Ability Change
Enfeeble is now a passive. Your abilities now place an enfeeble debuff on the target, reducing their status resistance by 15/20/25/30% and magic resistance by 4/8/12/16% for 8 seconds.
Since when dose status resistance matter?

BATRIDER : Ability Change
Sticky Napalm no longer has a cast point
Sticky Napalm no longer requires turning to cast
I think a lot of people will be caught off guard by this change.

CHAOS KNIGHT : Scepter Change
When you cast Phantasm, causes every allied hero to create an illusion (same stats as Phantasm illusions). Your hero gets an additional illusion as well. Does not interrupt allies.
I am sure there is a game breaking bug in there somewhere...

CLINKZ : Ability Change
Replaced Strafe with Death Pact. Consumes an enemy unit, skeleton, or a level 3/4/5/6 neutral. Gains 200/300/400/500 health and causes your attacks to have -2/3/4/5 armor debuff. If a hero dies under your attack debuff (lasts 3 seconds), you gain +5 damage permanently and Death Pact cooldown is refreshed.
Who needs supper push now that we have supper jungle! Pick up a combo of summons and head into those trees...

CLOCKWERK : Scepter Change
Grants you Overclocking, refreshing all of your abilities and granting you 40% bonus movement speed and +200 Attack Speed for 8 seconds. After the duration expires, you become stunned for 4 seconds.
This ability unlock will NOT work. If it dose and you have seen it comment with a match id.

DARK SEER : Scepter Change
Now reduces Vacuum cooldown from 60/50/40/30 to 12 and doubles the width on Wall of Replica.
Both abilities have Scepter Upgrade flag set to true so both should work for scepter builds. The cooldown reduction of Vacuum should go nicely with some of the big ultimates.

DAZZLE : Scepter Change
Shadow Wave bounce count increased by 3, bounce range by 200 and each bounce dispels the allied targets.
This seems like a great pickup for a support build.

DOOM : Scepter Change
Infernal Blade stun duration increased to 1.75 seconds and +2s DPS duration. Applies Break.
This is straight up OP, break is so underrated.

DROW RANGER : Ability Change
Replaced Precision Aura with Multishot. Channels for up to 1.75 seconds. During that time, it releases a flurry of arrows in continuous salvos. Releases 12 total arrows over 3 waves. Arrows deal 95/125/155/185% of your base damage and apply Frost Arrow slow for 1/2/3/4 seconds. Travel distance is twice your attack range. Cooldown: 32/28/24/20. Manacost: 50/60/70/80
This seems like a dead ability with its almost reliance on Frost Arrows.

ELDER TITAN : Scepter Change
Now grants you with Spell Immunity when the Astral Spirit returns to you, based on the number of heroes hit. Provides 2 seconds per hero.
THIS DOSE NOTHING. Astral Spirit is not available in the pool.

ENCHANTRESS : Scepter Change
Impetus is now a basic ability, deals 8/12/16/20% damage, Impetus no longer. Pierces Spell Immunity
Untouchable is now an ultimate ability. Reduces attack speed by 100/140/180. Untouchable now pierces Spell Immunity
Grants Sproink, moving you backwards 400 units and disjointing projectiles. Cooldown: 3 Manacost: 50
Impetus is now an attack modifier and Untouchable is way stronger.
This ability unlock will NOT work. If it dose and you have seen it comment with a match id.

FACELESS VOID : Scepter Change + Ability Change
Scepter has been reworked. Now applies a Time Lock proc on units at the destination of the Time Walk within 250 AoE. Does not pierce Spell Immunity.
Reworked how Time Dilation works mechanically. Causes spells to progress their cooldown more slowly while under this effect (this affects the cooldown progression rate, unlike before which added a fixed duration to just the spells that were already on cooldown). Slows down cooldowns by 75%. Duration is 8/10/12/14. Movement slow per ability in cooldown is 10%.
Forget the scepter, the change to Time Dilation now makes this skill less useless.

HUSKAR : Scepter Change
Life Break now taunts the enemy for 2.5 seconds.
For those of you that are not paying attention a Taunt is a disable that forces one unit to attack another unit. This can have a number of combos including but not limited to Counter Helix, Corrosive Skin, Reactive Armor, etc...

IO : Ability Change
Overcharge now provides 0.6/0.8/1/1.2% Max HP Regen per second instead of damage reduction. Still provides attack speed.
This will be specifically better for builds with a high HP rather then generally tanky.

KUNKKA : Scepter Change
Provides the Torrent Storm ability. Active, causes a visible torrent to spawn every 0.25 seconds for 5 seconds. Torrents spawn randomly in a 1100 area around you (in alternating quadrants). Cooldown: 70. Manacost: 250.
This ability unlock will NOT work. If it dose and you have seen it comment with a match id.

LICH : Ability Change + Scepter Change
Sinister Gaze now drains 10/15/20/25% of the target's current mana back to you
Reworked Scepter. Sinister Gaze is now a 400 AoE target ability.
'LICH GOING HAVE YOUR MANA! Well Sinister Gaze will but you get the point...

LIFESTEALER : Ability Change + Scepter Change
Rage no longer increases attack speed
Rage now provides +15% movement speed
Feast now passively provides +15/30/45/60 Attack Speed
Feast no longer deals damage based on the target's max health
Feast now provides 1.5/2/2.5/3% lifesteal based on the target's max health
Infest now automatically takes control over the target when it is allowed. Infested heroes have bonus +30/40/50% movement speed and creeps have 15/20/25%. Infested units also gain +750/1000/1250 bonus health (and heals that amount)
Infest now heals you for 3/4/5% of max health per second while you are in another unit instead of a burst heal on exit
Reworked Scepter. Reduces Infest cooldown to 20 seconds and increases cast range to 600. Causes the Infested target to get the Rage buff (lasts as long as Rage does)
Infest is currently disabled so this scepter change dose nothing, but the other changes to Feast and Rage do! With the big mover going to the attack speed that swapped from Rage to Feast.

LUNA : Ability Change
Moon Glaive now works with critical strikes
Lunar Blessing reworked. Now provides allied RANGED player units +10/15/20/25% Attack Damage and +10/15/20/25% Total Armor Bonus. Provides Luna with 200/400/600/800 night vision.
Moon Glaive with any Crit is now a instance pickup, it dose not tell you this in Dota. Lunar Blessing only works on ranged players.

LYCAN : Ability Change + Scepter Change
Reworked Howl. Now causes all enemies within 2000 AoE to have 5/6/7/8 reduced armor and deal less 25/30/35/40% less base attack damage. Howl is now cast around your wolves as well
Reworked Scepter. Grants Wolf Bite. Target an allied hero to convert them and provide Shapeshift properties (including melee). Grants both of you 30% lifesteal, and a shared 30% lifesteal to heal the other one when within 1200 range of each other.
This ability unlock will NOT work. If it dose and you have seen it comment with a match id.

MAGNUS : Ability Change + Scepter Change
Empower now provides double effect when cast on yourself.Now reduces Skewer cooldown to 4 seconds, cast point by half and removes mana cost.
Better for carry then support because effect is double on self. The scepter upgrade to Skewer.

MARS : Ability Change
Bulwark can now be toggled on, putting your weapon away and causing the direction you're facing to be locked. Your movement speed will be 20% slower while in this mode and 70% of attack projectiles will be redirected towards you instead of your allies. Only affects attack projectiles that are within your shield block angles and within 800 range from the attacker.
This seems really very cool but stupid and really cool. When Bulwark is enabled you will be direction locked BUT can throw a spear in any direction!

NECROPHOS : Scepter Change
Now reduces Ghost Shroud cooldown to 10 seconds and causes Heartstopper Aura to deal 2x as much damage while Ghost Shroud is active
As far as I can tell it dose not work.

NIGHT STALKER : Scepter Change
Void Scepter no longer reduces cooldown
Void Scepter stun duration from 0.6 to 0.5
So boring...

ORACLE : Scepter Change
Fortune's End Cast Range increased by 800, AoE by 150 and causes half of the Root duration to be a stun.
New Stun! Someone is a fan of the old school AoE Frost Bite with this new upgrade.

Replaced Equilibrium with Essence Flux. Passively grants you a 25% chance to restore 20/30/40/50% Max Mana when you cast an ability. Can be activated for 6 seconds to cause all damage you deal to slow enemy movement speed by 11/22/33/44% for 1.75 seconds.
Out with the new in with the old! But still a 1st pick.

PHANTOM LANCER : Scepter Change
Phantom Rush agility bonus duration reduced from 2 to 1.5. Phantom Rush speed boost is now always available when attacking enemy units, regardless of the cooldown (agility bonus is still cooldown limited)
Chase that mother f***er down, with no minimum rush distance!

PUCK : Scepter Change
Waning Rift now has a 350 cast range (moves you to that location and silences there)
Dream Coil Scepter now deals damage through Spell Immunity (as a result of the Spell Immunity change)
Waning Rift is a Blink that silences the target area, that is amazing!

PUDGE : Scepter Change
Reduces Dismember cooldown to 11. Allows you to target an ally with Dismember, instantly swallowing them in your belly and healing them for 4% of their max health per second. The ally can exit whenever they want by issuing a command.

RAZOR : Ability Change
Replaced Unstable Current with Storm Surge. Passive Aura. Provides 4/6/8/10% movement speed to nearby allies. Has double values on your hero.
Eye of the Storm now passively shocks every unit in a 500 radius around you for 80/110/140 damage every 3 seconds. Still has the active component.
Static Link now causes Razor to continuously attack the linked target. You cannot attack other targets during this time. Your attack happens automatically while you are moving without interruption (as long as it's legal to attack).
Static Link is now Windy's ultimate? We did not need more of that...

RIKI : Ability Change + Scepter Change
Cloak and Dagger is now the Ultimate. Has 4/3/2 fade delay. No longer has health regen bonus. Backstab damage is 1/1.5/2x.
Tricks of the Trade is now a basic ability. Attacks 4 times over 2 seconds, dealing 55/70/85/100% of your damage. Hits random units, including creeps. Cast Range: 400. Radius: 450.
Tricks of the Trade Scepter has been updated. 1000 Cast range, +1 second duration, +2 attacks, targets allied units.
So did Ricky go back in time or did we? Given this is one of the most 1st picked abilities Cloak and Dagger is not the ULTIMATE don't go picking Tricks of the Trade and whining about how you missed permanent invisibility. Taking invisible ultimate of the table is great!

SHADOW FIEND : Ability Change
Requiem of Souls now causes units to run away from Shadow Fiend for 0.6 seconds per wave impacted (up to 2.2 max). Does not happen on death Requiem.
Euls SF ultimate is no longer as crazy because you can NOT stand directly under a person.

SILENCER : Ability Change + Scepter Change
Glaives of Wisdom now Temporarily steals 1/1/2/3 intelligence for 10/20/30/40 seconds
Last Word now deals a bonus damage based on 1.5/2/2.5/3x the difference between your intelligence and theirs.
Reworked Scepter. Last Word becomes a 600 AoE spell.
OMG! This change to Glaives of Wisdom may finally fix silencers win rate. His scepter change seems more support inclined.

SLARK : Scepter Change
Pounce now has two charges and travels double the distance/speed.

SNIPER : Scepter Change
Reduces cast time on Assassinate from 2 to 1 and causes it to disable the target for 1.8 seconds.
Scepter combos have been removed.

SVEN : Ability Change + Scepter Change
Reworked Warcry. Causes allied heroes within 700 range to have 6/9/12/15 increased Armor and 12/16/20/24 Bonus Damage. Additionally increases your own movement speed by 6/10/14/18%. Lasts 8 seconds. Cooldown: 36/32/28/24. Manacost: 60
Reworked Scepter. Storm Hammer gains +500 cast range and you travel along it. Upon impact, it hits automatically lands an attack on the primary target.
His Scepter upgrade is GOD tier. STORM HAMMER BLINK STRIKE ATTACK for the win!

TECHIES : Scepter Change
Scepter now also causes your mines cast range to be increased by 400
Range Mines for a Ranged Hero!

Living Armor has been reworked. It is now a 700 cast range spell. Always lasts 8 seconds. Provides 7/10/13/16 Armor and restores 60/120/180/240 health over the duration.
Leech Seed has been reworked. It is now a self cast spell. Drains the life from a random nearby enemy within 700 range every 0.5 seconds and restores your life. Enemies affected by this are slowed by 26/34/42/50% for 0.5 seconds for each pulse. Prioritizes heroes. Lasts 5 seconds.
Nature's Guise has been replaced with Nature's Grasp. Targets a location, creating vines along the way. If any vine touches a tree, all the vines have 50% better effect. Vines slow down enemy heroes by 25/30/35/40% and deal 30/40/50/60 damage per second. Deals half damage to creeps. Vines last until up to 12 seconds.
Apparently Tree needed to shed his leaves and grow a new BUT apparently AD did NOT get the changes. Someone tell the developers to flip the switch!

UNDYING : Ability Change
Flesh Golem has been reworked. Now increases your strength by 30/40/50%. Your attacks slow the enemy by 30/35/40% and deal 15/25/35 DPS for 5 seconds. Zombies do double damage to a unit under the effect of the attack debuff.
Flesh Golem seems good now... get with Tombstone to make them both better!

VENGEFUL SPIRIT : Ability Change + Scepter Change
Vengeance Aura has been reworked. Now provides +60/100/140/180 Attack Range and +4/8/12/16 Primary Attributes to player units
Scepter Reworked. Nether Swap now fears enemies where you land in an area of 700 for 2 seconds.
Vengeance Aura stat part works on all heroes and the attack range part ONLY works on RANGED player units.

VIPER : Ability Change
Poison Attack has been reworked. Reduces magic resistance by 3/5/7/9%, movement speed by 6/8/10/12% and deals 4/8/12/16 dps. The debuff now can be incremented up to 5 times, each time refreshing the duration (not independent debuffs).
Poison Attack No longer evil as sin.

WEAVER : Ability Change
Shukuchi no longer grants haste
Shukuchi now removes speed limit, causes you to be unslowable, and grants you 225 bonus speed
A small but important note.
submitted by RGBKnights to Abilitydraft

Dr Atropus, the Insidious Blight

Dr Atropus, the Insidious Blight

This demon is a lurking threat, a slow eater who causes enemies to suffer crippling weakness, and a treacherous villain who eventually turns on his allies to feed on their fear and frailty.
Intended Role: Enchanter, Marksman
Appearance: a dull, grey man in faded coat and stained shirt and frayed trousers, wearing glasses. He carries a leather victorian-style doctors bag from which he pulls an endless supply of knives, and throws the knives as his auto-attack. His death animation has the man melt into a sickly puddle that oozes its way into the fallen bag, then it closes itself. His recall animation has him set the bag on the floor, open it wide, then step into it and sink into its depth. The bag snaps shut and folds out of existence as the channel ends, unfolding out of thin air on the fountain and dumping the man out onto the stone floor. Should one get a look beneath the glasses they will see black and crimson eyes, and the depths of the bag sometimes has the same monstrous eyes looking out.
Background: Old even compared to most of his kin, the demon Dr Atropus has gained surprisingly little notoriety over the centuries as many of his killings have been attributed to natural causes or to human malice. Whether it’s spreading his toxins, starting famines, or manipulating communities into turning on each other, Dr Atropus’s attention is always on warfare and its causes.
The usual approach is simple, to use a disguised form to infiltrate an army and start feeding from the suffering of a military campaign. Stir up a bit of violence, incite an old grudge, and he gets a surplus of suffering and despair to feed upon. The greatest feast however is the slow misery of a once invincible warrior forced to suffer the pains of their own body failing, wallowing in the weakness of age or disease. The desperation of a titan brought low is irresistible to the demon, and his patience helping a new protege reach new heights only to drag them down into despondent hatred of their own body is a story he has repeated countless times. All soldiers may be his prey, but only those who’ve seen the true horrors of war capture his full attention.
The candle flickers fitfully in the corner, as the doctor prepares his next poultice.
“I was a hero, once.” The man on the bed has another coughing fit
“Is that so... no more speech, please. Your throat needs rest.”
“A hero!” He ignores the professional and attempts to throw his cup at the door. The tin tool doesn’t even make it off the bed.
“Is that what the people of Porterbrook would say?”
“You know?” He shrinks back into the sheets. “Ho-h-gh-how? No one knows… we k-killed all the witnesses...”
“Really? The elixirs you drank like water, who provided those?” The doctor has turned towards the bed, mouth widening in an unsettling smile.
“But- Sanven? He didn’t...“ Another fit of coughing. “Are you his son?”
“I am he.” Doctor Sanven opens his bag, and pulls out another bottle and a syringe. “Hold still please.”
“I won’t! You, you want revenge? Ha! Picking on an old man!” He struggles in febrile graps, reaching for a sword he hasn’t had the strength to wear in weeks.
“Revenge? But you did so well! I was starting to tire of that braggart, Captain Brug. No, no, you deserve the very best.” The syringe is filled, and he reaches for an arm.
“Stay back!” The old man reaches into one last reserve of strength he didn’t know he had, striking the doctor across the cheek. Glass clatters on wood as spectacles reach the floor, revealing dark pits into an empty skull.
“Unfortunate.” The being who called himself Sanven starts packing his vials and syringes back into his bag. As he faces the patient red eyes on the inside of his hollow head glimpse out through the open chasms.
“Wha… what… monster! Demon! Eric, help!” The man cringes away from the beast that moments before was tending to him. Footsteps echo through the house.
“Father? What is it this time?” Opening the door to the room, Eric looks much like a younger version of his father, unscarred by time or violence. His soft face scans the room, keeping a sneer from showing.
“D-demon! Save me! Do something Eric!”
“What demon? Where is it?” Eric strides into the room, stepping up to the bed.
“The doctor! Look at his eyes! Why is he here?” Gesturing wildly at the grizzly sight, the old man is starting to foam at the mouth.
“Doctor?” Eric looks confused for a moment. “There is no doctor! There is no demon!” He spreads his arms wide, and the doctor ducks beneath his gesture. “Stop wasting my time over these hallucinations!” He turns and stomps away.
“So, this is it. You’ll kill me.” The old man peers at the figure, hunched small at the back of his bed, snivelling.
“Kill you? Of course not.” Sanven has his glasses in hand again, brown eyes blinking within the frame. “You’ve been doing a fine job killing yourself. I had to work hard keeping you alive this long.”
“B-but Porterbrook! The terrible things I did, how…” The foam on his lips is thickening, the words slurring. There’s not much left to this meal, but how sweet an ending.
“That was pathetic. Satisfying, as quick meals go, but nothing really. The regret though, that glazed your soul, that was worth every moment.” Standing, the strange doctor has one hand on the door. “A pity.” Behind him the man shakes as his death comes, creeping through his veins as fear grips his heart. The door unlatches as the last breath rattles out, bony hands gripping the sheets tightly as he clings to a last hope of rescue. “Aaah. A fine dessert too.” Stepping out into the corridor, having lost its anchor, the being fades into the darkness and out of existence.
Across the world a man that could be mistaken for the doctor’s twin opens his eyes again. The hall is still discussing the need for an expanded militia in the wake of new bandit attacks, but the discussion is tediously slow. Ah well, he still has more than enough time for “Mr Sartoire” to meet with the bandit leader and sell his new recipe. This stew pot is still warming up nicely.


I Witness Cruelty

Whenever a unit dies within range Dr Atropus gets bonus Move-Speed and Attack-Speed that decays over 1 second and his cooldowns are reduced by 0.5 seconds, or reduced by 2 seconds for the death of a Champion. If Dr Atropus did not kill that unit the bonus Move-Speed is doubled.
Ability Description Self Buff
Range 1000
Move-Speed Buff (12 +Level)%
Attack-Speed Buff (19 +2*Level)%

Q Nightshade Oil

Passive: whenever Dr Atropus attacks an enemy champion he applies an Addled mark to that enemy for 2 seconds. When a Champion other then Dr Atropus attacks an enemy marked with Addled that ally deals bonus magic damage.
Ability Description Auto-Attack Modifier
Bonus Damage 10/15/20/25/30% Total AD +20% AP
Active: Dr Atropus coats target Champion’s weapon in toxin, causing the next attack that Champion makes to gain bonus Life Steal and poison the target for 3 seconds. While poisoned the afflicted enemy takes magic damage every 0.5 seconds that is counted as dealt by the target, and they deal reduced damage to all Champions. If Dr Atropus does not target himself, half the mana cost of Nightshade Oil is refunded and the target also gets twice as much bonus Life Steal on the triggering attack. If Dr Atropus does target himself he also resets his attack timer.
Ability Description Targeted Auto-Attack Modifier
Mana Cost 40/50/60/70/80
Cooldown 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds
Range 600
Bonus Life Steal 10/15/20/25/30%
Total Poison Damage 80/140/200/260/320 +80% AP
Damage Reduction 20/25/30/35/40%

W Cloak of Lies

Cloak of Lies can only be cast on a friendly Champion. If cast on Dr Atropus they become Invisible for 1 second. If cast on an ally Dr Atropus tethers to that ally, the ally becomes Camouflaged until they auto-attack, cast a spell or break the tether’s Range of 400. Enemies can see a marker showing Cloak of Lies is active and its tether range but not the tether itself unless the target is revealed due to being within 400 Range of an enemy Champion. When Cloak of Lies ends enemies within a 400 Range burst around the targeted ally suffer a Slow that decays over 2 seconds and the target gains a Shield for each enemy Champion Slowed. If Cloak of Lies was self-cast the initial strength of the Slow is increased but it still decays over 2 seconds.
Ability Description Targeted Buff/Area Debuff
Mana Cost 50/55/60/65/70
Cooldown 20/18/16/14/12 seconds starting when Stealth ends
Range 400
Slow 40/45/50/55/60%
Increased Slow 60/67.5/75/82.5/90%
Shield 30/45/60/75/90 +15% AP per Champion Slowed

E Poisoned Bait

Dr Atropus generates a charge of Bait regularly, affected by Cooldown Reduction and Witness Cruelty. Dr Atropus can have up to 4 charges at once.
Ability Description Ammo
Recharge Time 27/24/21/18/15 seconds
Dr Atropus creates a trap that Reveals, Silences, deals magic damage based on Current Health, and reduces the higher of the Armor or MR of the first enemy to walk over it. It also applies an Addled mark if Dr Atropus has at least 1 rank in Nightshade Oil. The damage is capped on jungle monsters. The traps are Camouflaged after their 0.75 second arming time and can only be seen while an enemy Champion is within 300 range of them or with Reveal effects like Oracle Lens, last for up to 120 seconds, and have 2 health taking 1 damage per auto-attack and are immune to spells.
Ability Description Trap Creation
Cost 30 + 1 Charge
Static Cooldown 1 second
Cast Range 200
Trigger Range 40
Magic Damage 8/11/14/17/20% +1% per 50 AP
Damage Cap 100/125/150/175/200
Adaptive Defence Shred 14/18/22/26/30%
Reveal and Defence Shred Duration 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds
Silence Duration 0.75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds

R Whispers of Treason

TOGGLE OFF: Dr Atropus recovers Mana whenever an enemy within range auto-attacks, doubled for attacks by enemy Champions.
Ability Description Recovery Aura
Mana Gained 5/10/15 per trigger
TOGGLE ON: Dr Atropus starts spreading evil whispers, reducing his Move-Speed and Attack-Speed, any Champion that deals damage to Dr Atropus has 10 stacks of Delusion applied to them, and while at least one enemy Champion is within range he spends Mana to applying 1 stack of Delusion every 0.1 seconds to the nearest enemy Champion. Dr Atropus will continuously retarget whenever another Champion becomes closer to apply stacks to them instead while Whispers of Treason is Toggled on. Delusion is shown as an empty black circle under every enemy’s feet that slowly fills up like a clock counting down. Once an enemy has 100 stack of Delusion they will go Berserk, all stacks of Delusion are removed from all enemies, and Whispers of Treason will end and go on cooldown. Berserk is a forced action similar to being Taunted but they are instead forced to target their nearest ally chosen when the CC is applied and it does not include a Slow. Berserk will end after a short duration or when the assigned target of the affected enemy dies. If Dr Atropus suffers a Silence or a similar CC that prevents spellcasting or dies Whispers of Treason will be instantly toggled off. When Whispers of Treason toggles off for any reason other then Berserk being applied, no Delusion stacks will be removed from any enemies. Delusion stacks have no max duration or range limit, and can only be lost by Berserk being applied or the unit dying.
Ability Description CC Aura
Mana Cost 5/4/3 per trigger
Cooldown 20/15/10 seconds
Aura Range 800
Berserk Duration 0.75/1/1.25 seconds

Champion Statistics

Statistic Level 1 Base Growth and Max Notes
Health + ( at max level) poor base, good growth
Health Regen + ( at max level) high base, ok growth
Mana + ( at max level) ok base, poor growth
Mana Regen ( at max level) good base, poor growth
AD ( at max level) poor base, low growth
Attack-Speed 0.625 +1.6% (0.795 at max level) ok base, low growth
Armor ( at max level) ok base, good growth
MR 30 +0.5 (38.5 at max level) standard ranged
Attack Range 550 NA most common ranged
Move-Speed 330 NA lower due to boosts from passive being common
Recommended Items: Supports should always start with Spellthief’s Edge, other roles should focus quickly on the stat you’ll be scaling into late-game with.

Design Discussion

Dr Atropus is built from the principles of a subtle poisoner, who kills slowly. In building his kit subtlety quickly translated into a scheming support play-style, using traps and ally buffs to create threat in lane without fighting himself. I quickly saw though that the same kit can work around auto-attacks due to its lack of need to scale and ability to keep himself safe, allowing a full AD build to act as a carry for his team.
Relation to Contest Theme: Dr Atropus is an ancient demon, who feeds on the despair of soldiers and views mortals who’ve experienced the pains of war as food that’s been cooked for added flavour. For this reason he stokes conflicts to feed on the warriors of both sides, and hunts all who have gained glory in combat. He even considers other demons and immortals as prey, as his adapting to the long sampling of subtler flavours means that they don’t need to able to die for their emotions to provide him nutrition, though such a dish is paltry to a lingering human demise. The irony of preferably killing killers is not lost on him, but feeding off his own emotions is impossible, so he will have to continue feeding on ‘lesser’ minds.
Expected Gameplay: This character is designed around dealing damage through poison, buffing allies with toxinous upgrades and laying traps to cause maximum disruption. As a Support Dr Atropus is supposed to help without appearing to be directly fighting when possible, using trap positioning to control how enemies can engage, the attack enhancement to give their carry added burst and sustain in lane, and the stealth to give their carry a powerful fight starter or an escape from ranged aggression, using Addled marks to further emphasise the damage from his allies. As a marksman Dr Atropus relies more on the self-casting options, resetting their own auto-attack with Q and using its damage to bully and the Invisibility for mid-fight tricks and defense, while the AD scale on Addled allows a full AD build to accelerate the whole team’s damage in team fights to scary levels. Either way Whispers of Treason is an ultimate Dr Atropus can start and forget, making it his enemies’ problem to manage its stacks as he keeps his Addled boosts active and manages his heals and shields until an enemy succumbs to the CC.


Upon Selection:

“You can count on my absolute assistance.”

Upon Ban:

“No point in asking how you knew.”


“Such seeds of terror. So many more to sow.” “Every crop is already sprouting more fears.” “War, huh. What is it good for?” chuckles. “So many pots to check on.” “Does someone need time to simmer?” “Slowly does it. Take the time to savour.” “I’ve got all the time in the world.” “I have never been known to lie.” “Devilish pleased? Perhaps. Perhaps.” “How? Toil and care, and trembling hands.”


“A tree of thorns, to harvest despair.” “The fruit of my labours, ready for the pot.” “Me? Harm someone? Perish the thought.” “This dish needs some seasoning.” “A pinch of pain, a touch of helplessness…” “Careful. Don’t burn out the flavour.” “A slow roasting, for best results.” “Ah, but that could never be true.” “Devilish skill? Fragile as a moonbeam.” “And so I have come to the end of your song.”


“Humour is tragedy and time? I have plenty of both, and soon you will too.”


“Now aren’t you delicious. And precious! Why don’t you take a seat over here?”

Special Taunts:

Ally Horacio: "The one you seek must be here somewhere... Of course, what are friends for?" Enemy Horacio: "You again? It's tiring just listening to your drivel." Ally Evelynn: “Skipping straight to dessert again? Every meal's the same with you.” Enemy Evelynn: “You dare to accuse me of ruining your plan? Hypocrisy the new fashion?” Ally Tahm Kench: “Finally, a sous chef I can rely on. Mostly.” Enemy Tahm Kench: “Pot, kettle, pantry, larder, yes yes. Get out or join the stew.” Ally Nocturne: “If we try it your way we’ll both be locked in that dingy tomb.” Enemy Nocturne: “Go on, show me your best nightmare, I could do with a new recipe.” Ally Shaco: “Really. That’s your body. Children…” Enemy Shaco: “I advise new material. It wasn’t funny the first time.” Ally Swain: “Curious. Any side effects?” Enemy Swain: “To treat all demons the same is as foolish as treating humans equally.” Ally Thresh: “Good work, for a human. I’ve got some extracts you’ll appreciate later.” Enemy Thresh: “Time for a personal lesson, Jailor? You’ve centuries of pain to taste.” Ally Cassiopeia: “Such a thrill, the poison running through your cold veins.” Enemy Cassiopeia: “Such a shame to cut your suffering short. But science will thank me.” Ally Teemo: “Well, this is awkward. I thought Yordles only came in cute and innocent.” Enemy Teemo: “Come on, live a little, you toxic hate-spawned hamster.” Ally Vayne: “You started so well, but now the pain just washes off. Pity.” Enemy Vayne: “Do you want to die, child? Or is it just your thoughts you kill with the monsters?” Ally Darkin: “Enjoying yourself? I didn’t know humans could fall so far.” Enemy Darkin: “As if I didn’t have enough competition. Well, time to make do.” Ally Noxian: “I won’t insult you by pretending innocence.” Enemy Noxian: “You jumped into the pan, and now onto the plate? Aren’t you accommodating.” Ally Demacian: “Diligence, persistence, duty. Yes, yes, wear those scars with pride.” Enemy Demacian: “How do you fool someone too dumb to listen?” Ally Shuriman: “So how’s that new empire coming along?” Enemy Shuriman: “Don’t you have anything better to do? Oppressing peasants, civil wars?”

Change Log

  • 17/07/18: Ultimate rewritten as a toggle, now costs Mana, cooldown is only short version, Berserk duration reduced heavily. Poisoned Bait arming time increased by 0.25 seconds, trigger range specified.
submitted by Lupusam to LoLChampConcepts

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