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An 'Oldy' looking for help.

A little bit of a story.

Huge esports fan and a huge fan of cod and its scene. During Black Ops 1 I was top of some GB ladders. Ranked 2nd on 4v4 EU and 2nd on 1v1. Before that won a few local LANS on CoD4 PC. It felt great and I loved competing and I felt superhuman at times and so so confident in every gun fight.
By the time BO2 rolled around I completely ignored it because I went to university. It sucked because I had a thriving youtube channel and felt like if I worked on a few things I could have really gotten into a good team. I worked my ass off at university and just never really played CoD for a few years. Only recently, BO3 I played a fair bit and IW I dodged completely and a little bit of WW2.
For reference, I hit 10th prestige 3 times in CoD4, had around 4000 total play time with 2.50KD. BO1 I had about 40 Days played, 3.95KD, that time not including 400 or so GB games. In BO3 I played about 8 days, no GBs and again, no IW and I only got to like 5-6th Prestige on WW2. I played pretty religiously until BO2 basically (When life hit me)
Now I'm 26, 2 degrees, a well-paid job and time on my hands and I just can't leave behind the grind, it's just too good. I'm loving BO4, level 75 in Blackout, Prestige 6 in MP, keep in mind I worked 55 hours a week and travel about another 15 in a week.
Now...pub games are...well pub games, they're dull and have zero interest about them. I want to play GBs and do well again, herein lies my problem and THIs is where I need you guy, you young guns, you future pros that live on this thread and stay up to watch Dashy crack skulls.
I've played a handful of GBs and everything feels alien to me. I feel like I'm anxious in gunfights, like I'm always going to lose or something. I feel like every player has 100IQ points on me, like im an animal just waiting to be found and killed, im just in their way of another win on their ladder. Roll back a few years and I was scheduling games every 15 minutes hours in advance because I knew I could close out a game in 10 and have time to make a coffee between games...

So I need your help, top to bottom, whatever you think will help. Drop your knowledge on me young guns.

TL:DR - OLD MF wants to crack skulls again but can't and needs the kings of the yard to show him whats up.

submitted by DemonikJD to CoDCompetitive

WW2 question (with my story at the end as bonus)

How do I do good in this game? In the past I always ran dead silence, ghost and was stealthy, exp suppresser, a real suppresser, id take the perk that lets you bring your gun up faster after sprinting and it slaughter people.
Clearly I can't do that in WW2, and I have no idea what to do. What do you guys think a Good style would be for me? I'm pretty bad at learning new mechanics, a slow stubborn old fashioned COD player that wants to learn how to play this game lol, what kind of style does this game require?
(Story time because bored) (question is over) (My COD life)
A long time ago, in a room that isn't that far away...
I played my first game of COD at my friends house. He showed me what the game was all about. The first COD I ever touched was MW2. I had no clue it was COD at the time lol!! I played 2 games and went a magnificent 1-66 in those 2 games. Mmmm what a god. My only kill was a martyrdom that fell through the hole in skidrow and killed someone lmao!
After that I bought a PS3 one summer, I think it was like 2010 and bought World at War. For the zombies, because I'd played with a friend and it was amazing. Turns out I tried multiplayer once, and I liked it quite a bit.
I was a prodigy from the start. My magnificent 0.24kd made me the bees knees. Everyone wanted me on their team. Nobody ever swore at me, raged at me, called me a noob. Naaaaah that wasn't me!!
For real though, I sucked ass. I ended the WW2 cycle with a 0.88 KDA before buying MW2 like 3 weeks before BO1 came out. I think I prestige once with like a 1.18KD at that point. Hey man I was as mediocre as an analogy that shows you how mediocre I was!!
Ok Black Ops came out and I remember my mom picked it up for me on the way home. I WAS SO HYPE I SPOKE IN CAPITAL LETTERS I THREW THAT THING IN MY PS3 AND I LOST MY MIND. Damn that was one of the best experiences I've ever had.
So I move up to sophomore in high school and all my friends had Xbox so I worked up my money (Lenny face) and I bought an Xbox with MW, MW2, WAW, and BO1.
WAW I got hacked to level -10000000 on the first day I tried to play it and I was unable to ever play a game of it LOL!!
MW1 was the next game I went to because I never played it. I got to first prestige around lv 35 with a 1.58KD before I got randomly hacked to lv10.
Then I started playing MW2 with my friends and we played riot shields with C4 and one man army. Oh we were ass holes. But that's not all!! Overall I have about a 1.58KD in that game now. Hella fun on this game, it ages so damn well. Got 10th prestige on that baby. 130K or so kills
BO1 on Xbox was my best COD ever. Well... 2nd best probably. I got to 14th prestige about lv40 and I had a KD of ~1.83. Man I was going ham. I Black Ops 1 is the game I gel with. But then my baby was announced.
The MW3 trailer debuted. I literally downloaded it onto my PS3 I had in the corner and watched the trailer over and over for like a week!! LOL!! I would write down a count down timer to MW3 in my Western Civ notebook every day at school. This game had me nutting.
When I finally picked it up my mom yelled at me because my phone had died that day and she couldn't call me.
But now for the real story. I picked that game up and had an amazing time. All the time. No doubt I loved it. In the beginning I had a 1.05KD and I got my Mp5 gold. Then I started becoming a man. After that I posted a 1.68KD , usually going like 68/16 every game, winning every 2v2 with my friend, I didn't have to try at all. I got 20th prestige and then I played for even longer. I have like 143K kills in it? 35 days played. I truly became a KD whore during this time. Also I got all the guns gold, every one. Hell yeah I'll brag about it. Fight me.
Black Ops 2 had me so hype, but I was so dissapointed. I hated it at release. I played it because I love COD and I didn't have another game but I hated it at the time. I still got Master Prestige but god damn my KD was only 1.55 (lol) so my mind hated the game because I expected a 1.80 or something and my KD whore ass was sad. I like the game a lot more now but back then it kicked me off COD into League of Legends. I've been stuck their ever since (as my main game)
Ghosts was the first one I didn't buy release day because o wasn't paying attention to COD after BO2 lol. I bought Ghosts on Black Friday. Hell that game was pretty fun. I wasn't as good anymore because I had rusted and let my skill leave, I dropped my KD whore ass to a 1.48 in the end. Only got to 7th prestige. But I liked it.
Now I started college. Advanced Warfare was the first game in college. I had such a polarizing view of this game. I loved it the first week. Concodered it the worst COD for the next few years. And now I have it 8th on my list. Made it to 6th prestige on the 360 and I'm nearly 2nd on the PS4.
Speed run since I haven't played much since then.
BO3 was a yes. I liked it a lot and I made it to 9th prestige. My 4th favorite of all time. 1.42KD
IW was a game I wanted to love but I couldn't. I tried hard. Ended up coming back to in in September and liked it a lot more. Ended with a 1.20KD, 1st almost 2nd prestige.
MWR was fun too, and I rank that instead of MW1. I ended up with like a 1.15 I think, so it's pretty obvious I'm a washed up player lol. I got to 3rd prestige on it.
WW2 was a disappointment to me. Right now I have a 1.15KD and I'm 1st prestige lv32, and I started playing BO3 and AW again. I like those games more ATM.
And that's my story. It's long and probably doesn't have a place but it's extra lol
submitted by DrSavitski to WWII

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