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If this is the case it is usually found in the full download archive itself. Hgtv Home Landscape Platinum Suite Version 3 Windows 41022 Best Buy Posted by Huji on March 24, 2020. If you sign up for their newsletter you can get updates pretty cheap. High Quality effects in a reorderable effect rack, such as Reverb, Chorus, Compressor, Vibrato, Tremolo, Reverse and more. Professional Home Design Platinum 8.0 - Old Version.

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This is my stuff I'm looking to unload atm, feel free to comment if interested in anything.
Shipping is $4 to Con-US, spend $60 or more and get free shipping (international must pay actual postage cost but willing to work w you for bigger purchases.)
Feel free to make offers when purchasing multiple items, the more you buy the better a deal I may be able to make
I've made over 30 sales on gamesale (check my past threads) and I have been buying/selling/trading Magic cards for years online through FB trade groups and could definitely pull up references from that if you want. I am a serious seller and want both of us to be happy with any transactions made :)
If I respond to your comment or take time to get you pictures and you aren't interested let me know instead of ghosting, makes it easier for everyone involved :)
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Modernizing the Realms, Part IV: Fight Clubs and Escape Rooms

Continuing my ongoing series of worldbuilding posts based on a campaign I'm running in a techno-socially modernized Faerun...
Post Index: I II III
So I slacked off on posting last week and have another two weeks to post on. This might be the last for a while? Hard to say since we're settling more into character development than worldbuilding.
  • Most of this week's session took place at El Puñato Bonito--the Beautiful Punch. It's an old timey bar and fight club built around a fairly large, sunken-in, stone-walled pit with a hard-packed dirt floor, an enormous fireplace on one wall, and a bar staffed by an elf named Celeste Y. and another alcohol elemental named Frank. Tried attaching the map I made but Reddit wouldn't take it.
    • Celeste's surname is not yet known and she might actually be operating under an alias. Frank is actually one of four elementals, the other three of whom (an air, fire, and earth elemental, respectively) rotate between bouncing and exhibition matches in the pit. Since this was way more of a narrative session, I didn't bother statting these guys out.
      • There's also a gambling coordinator, who had the misfortune of standing near Frank when our -1 INT character was doling out nicknames. He's either Frankie or Also Frank, depending.
      • Frank, it should be noted, is extremely friendly and will tell you the cosmic secrets of brewmastery...if you speak Primordial. Nobody in the party speaks Primordial. Our -1 INT character nat 20'd on a social Stealth check and managed to nod along just right to convince Frank and Frankie both that he knew what the hell they were talking about. This included taking notes. The notes were all runic-looking question marks forming the shape of a bigger, more artistic question mark. Apparently this is a 'low' form of Primordial writing and Frank and Frankie both understood it well enough that he might have accidentally properly recorded what they were saying (even though he can't read it).
    • The Beautiful Punch has a semi-strictly enforced code of conduct: All fighting is supposed to happen in the pit; sometimes brawls break out near the pit and that's okay if they end quick; no fights allowed at the bar or by the fireplace. Fights in the pit are strictly non-lethal, and since nobody at all in the session drew so much as a knife I'm leaning towards weaponry being banned or strictly regulated within the club. Luskan being Luskan and pretty much everyone being capable of inflicting violence at a moment's notice, it's probably a good idea to not break the rules.
    • No hassling the staff. This'll earn you both a ban and an ass-whoopin' (and a potential mob hit later, if tonight's session was any indicator).
      • This rule apparently has some trouble with enforcement among the drunker patrons belonging to House Oleg. Tucker respects it pretty well though, as do Ghast, Rigon, and Zeveren. Tucker Tucker, a Dwarf from House Tucker, along with one of his buddies, was willing to wade right into a bar brawl to defend Celeste if the PCs hadn't acted faster.
  • There are some weird freaking alcoholic beverages in the Modern Realms. Tonight introduced us to two new varieties of so-called Unicorn Piss (use your imagination on whether that's a metaphor). Both involve magic. One involved a full-sized, fully intact pickle in the bottle like a tequila worm. The other involved a similarly full-sized, fully intact cooked steak. The latter is presumably meant to be drunk warm.
    • I don't know if that's just a Luskan thing or a Tiefling thing, specifically. We've been dabbling off and on with the little weird differences between the various fantasy races and default humans. Different senses of taste might mean these are absolutely delicious to Tieflings in particular.
  • Social media influencers exist in the Modern Realms. One of our characters has an influencer as their sugarbaby and is actively trying to build a polycule (polyamorous group relationship) with several of said influencer's friends and colleagues. With most of them this is absolutely shallow as heck and built around power dynamics and the character being a covetous egomaniac (their actual, factual nickname is Greed and they have a serious relationship with the capital S Sin as part of their Tiefling heritage; they want all the sugarbabies, and all of everything else for that matter).
    • We kept calling the influencers' platform Instagram, but it probably has a proper Faerunian name. We already replaced Google with Moogle (which in the Modern Realms is a fictional chibi yeti thing with fake wings on an obvious harness, though the headball's origins may or may not be biological). Both companies are based in Waterdeep with secondary offices in Baldur's Gate.
    • The influencers included: An Elf, a Half-Elf, a Human (the token dude, amusingly enough), and I forget the last two. All of them go more by their influencer handles (Sapphire, Only Monika, and Brad* stand out--that last one was an endless source of puns since we pronounced it like Bradass-ta-risk).
      • Not-yet-an-influencer-but-on-the-way-there: Adora the Half-Orc Photographer, a.k.a. Adorkable. Or Halfadorkable. Or was it Ahalfdorkable? I forget and I'm not cracking open my notes right now to check...
  • Earlier in the session, one of our characters and their primary NPC went on a day trip to go shopping. Somehow or other this landed them at an actual, factual escape room, which we treated like a mini-dungeon of sorts. The escape room they went for was modeled on the life, times, and aesthetic of Jarlaxle Baenre, featuring six skill rolls across three rooms. The big rolls were an Investigation to find a clue in the first room, an Animal Handling check in the second, a History check on the Sword Coast itself (also in the second), and a Performance check in the last room to deliver a logic-bombing riddle to a room full of tiny humanoid familiars.
    • I may or may not try actually designing the escape room at some point.
    • Worth noting the PC aced it on History and Performance, and walked out with a special feat that grants them occasional advantage on general History checks with regard to the Sword Coast (especially relating to Jarlaxle).
    • I actually had two rooms in mind, with the other being Elminster-themed, but Jarlaxle seemed more accessible to the playes (one of them ran our pre-pandemic Dragon Heist/Undermountain campaign).
  • Luskan might be the center of the Sword Coast's adult film industries, but Waterdeep is apparently home to the legitimate equivalents of Hollywood (at least so far--there might actually be several 'woods scattered around, including the Dales, Thay, and Baldur's Gate). Waterdeep also has a thriving adult film industry of its own (probably based in Skullport specifically, but definitely has feelers in the city proper).
  • Winter finally started hitting. Everybody winterized their gear accordingly, giving them a much easier time managing the DC checks involved in being outside for more than an hour. Right now it's just DC 5 with advantage for folks in winter clothes. It won't be staying that way, especially at night.
    • Incidentally: Bomber jackets are a thing in Modern Faerun, serving as leather armor (and also being really stylish). One player got a set of Crag Cat fur garments to wear under their armored platemail, which was one of our first uses of the Wealth system I'm poking at. Another went with a look sort of like winterized Daniel Boone, complete with tassled jacket and a wool interior.
    • It might seem random but I have plans involving winter and my players are now looking for these threads. You'll find out when they do.
  • Indoor hydroponics are very advanced and very precise in the Modern Realms. The Ghast Family in particular has a rooftop greenhouse that supports both arctic plants (including the Winter Blossom, a glistening, ice-like flower that normally only grows high up along the Spine) and desert flora (nothing specific yet) within mere feet of each other.
  • Last week, the gang killed a bunch of Zeveren SWAT thugs in a point blank shootout, then stole their ride, kidnapped the one survivor, chased off a sniper, and converted said survivor to an ally. His name's Chuck, continuing the theme of Half-Orcs being a blend of Russian culture and English-Irish-Scottish names. Also they wound up distributing a bunch of stolen Zeveren firearms to the Kurth Autonomous Zone, which probably won't turn out horribly at all for anyone.
    • This week, we also had our first Tiefling Half-Orc, an NPC named Fyodor, who's basically an orange-skinned Half-Orc with Tiefling horns. Don't know yet if he has a tail, but he's another sign that the lines get blurry in Modern Luskan.
  • Certain cantrips are much more common in the Modern Realms, especially Prestidigitation. One of House Ghast's quasi-retired servants was using it to clean dishes tonight, and she's not even a proper mage.
  • Also last week: Remember that blinged out crazy gold armor from Post III? Well it turns out that's merely second best (that we've seen so far). Another character showed up wearing what can best be described as platinum mesh tacticool magic combat armor. Think SWAT armor meets Fire Emblem. Made out of multiple kinds of platinum, no less (standard, black, green, blue, red...). This armor appears to be much more advanced than last week's gold mail and probably has some crazy enchantments on it, but the NPC who wears it hasn't had a chance to really show off yet. Odds are this is also a Netherese invention, and probably ludicrously expensive by any standard.
    • Rest assured: Everyone hates said NPC and is gunning for them (as they should).
  • Some GMing notes...
    • I added a CHA-based Wealth skill to everyone's character sheets, to better represent the fact that they're all from a filthy rich family and most purchases are going to be more of a difficulty check than a matter of actual bookkeeping. Nobody has proficiency in Wealth (yet?), but it's working pretty well so far since it's so flexible (a 9 in one situation might be a DC; in another, that same 9 is how many gold coins you tip the bartender for delivering your apology steak-wine Unicorn Piss to your ex-girlfriend whose meat shop you accidentally on purpose tore down in a blind idiot rampage).
      • I'm probably still going to keep some actual currency use, but I have no idea when or where it'll come up.
      • My original idea was to use a dice size-based system scaling with the PCs' level, but dndbeyond doesn't really work with that and the idea was overly complicated anyway. Just in case anyone wants to pick it apart...
      • Level 1-4 = D4
      • Level 5-7 = D6
      • Level 8-10 = D10 or D6 + D4
      • Level 11-12 = D12 or 2D6 or 3D4
      • Levels 13-19 = Any combination of smaller dice that more or less matches an even level below your current one (so Level 19 still uses the equivalent of a D18 3D6 of a D10 + D8 or whatever)
      • Level 20 = D20 or any combination of smaller dice that matches it
    • Starting last week, we now have an entire map on Roll20 consisting of a cork board, character assets, and brightly colored hand-drawn lines and shapes and scribbled words connecting everything. In character this is one PC's lunatic conspiracy theory wall. Out of character, it's a freaking godsend of a visual reference that helps keep track of everyone and everything that's happened so far. I actually doubled the size of it tonight just so they had more room to be insane at it.
    • Starting this week, most of the gang and some of the most relevant NPCs have character portraits built using https://picrew.me/image_make415524. The portraits might or might not be to your liking, but it's free, they're fun to make, and they scale well on a Roll20 grid map. It's a neat set of art assets to pile onto the Shadowrun Returns character portraits I've been using up till now.
More to come whenever I've got more worldbuildy details.
submitted by el_sh33p to Forgotten_Realms

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