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Madden NFL 21 MADDEN NFL 21. Go all out in Madden NFL 21 where a fearless new generation of rising NFL stars is poised to change the game. I made an extra character in easy mode, so it's just such a big deal when it poofs, and I've managed to stay on for at least 3 hours. While our best tips are reserved exclusively for Unlimited members, we have an entire library of free Madden 21 tips. Madden NFL 15 Full PC Game Torrent Download. Madden NFL 19 game update is available now, weighing in at GB. The update includes the first-ever post-launch update to playbooks. Achieve your gridiron greatness in Madden NFL 19 with more precision and control to win in all the ways you play.

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It includes plenty of gameplay fixes, including improvements in defensive coverage. Re: Madden 19 Modding Discussion. KB. last update Tuesday, January 29, downloads downloads (7 days). Who everanswers all the questions wins. Madden 08 PC Rosters: Madden. Answers HQ. Get help from the community, find gameplay tips, and level up by answering player questions 24/7.

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Keep up with Madden NFL 21 for the win. It was suggested on that thread that moving the game onto the. Play on non-premium servers, with skins; McLeaks: Play on premium server with random name & skin. You would be better off buying M16. Please do not let the whiners in the Madden community get you all to completely change Madden. A new version of the utility that goes hand-in-hand with the popular Web site for tracking the latest updates to Macintosh application software.

Official Madden Roster Update FAQ - Operation Sports

Madden NFL 21 Patch 1.12 Available, Updates For Gameplay

To ensure Madden is the best game possible, scheduled updates are deployed by the Madden Development Team to add features to the game after launch and to tune gameplay based on community feedback. Real-time problems and outages for Madden. It also includes franchise and visual updates, tuning and much more. All Madden difficulty; 15 minute quarters; Lineups are set according to the game settings.

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Madden 21 Update Version 1.13 - Updates, Patch Notes and more

Madden 15 patch updates how to. Latest updates and fixes for Madden NFL 15 https://autozapchasti24.ru/crack/?key=1274. Madden NFL 15 is an American football sports video game based on the National Football League and published by EA Sports. Feature Best Black Friday Video Game Deals 2020 – Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon. Madden 19 version November update patch notes is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. Browse Games; Deals; About.

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My first Madden 08 DVD cracked from a lot of playing. Madden 07 Rosters - Roster Moves. Pro Keygens - Game Keygens, Cheats & Downloads https://autozapchasti24.ru/crack/?key=1265. That's boring and after a few minutes I feel tired. Full list of all 39 Madden NFL 15 trophies - 18 bronze, 17 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum. Today seems to be the day of updates for games.

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Here's how to download updated rosters. Free Full Steam, Origin & Uplay Games! Recovery Toolbox For Rar Crack Keygen Serial Numberinstmanks. Madden 15 roster update - Answer HQ https://autozapchasti24.ru/crack/?key=1273. I got the game just to keep me going till I get my xbox. Want to know who's starting on your favorite team and what their ratings are?

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Madden NFL 19 Free Download PC Game setup in single direct link for Windows. The January (2020) to update the database of the American edition of the game Madden NFL 08 distributed via the Internet. It was checked for updates 31 times by the users of our client application UpdateStar during the last month. Madden 21 Update 1.14 October 15 Patch Notes. Here you see what is going on. The majority of this title update has focused on.

[Megathread] Behemoth K, The Maddened Sage



Wiki Boss Page: https://exvius.gamepedia.com/Behemoth_K,_the_Maddened_Sage
Mission Reward
Complete the quest Behemoth Suit
No more than 3 items 10% Trust Moogle
Win within 30 turns Rage Beast's Roar
Defeat the behemoth with a limit burst Rage Beast's Might

Clear Videos

Youtube u/Sinzar_ (Comment) RenaSeaside NicholMachinaV2CG CecilCG AceCG Ace
Youtube u/Sinzar_ (Comment) YuraishaCG VaanDoctor AidenCG CharlotteFenrir EdelFenrir Edel
Youtube u/gaebolg168 (Comment) CG CharlotteFreedom Seeker VaanNichol of the Epsilon StarDoctor AidenClass Zero AceClass Zero Ace
Youtube u/Archael_ (Comment) CG CecilCG VaanYuraishaRenaCG AceCG Ace
Youtube u/ln_wanderder (Comment) RegisCG CharlotteCG VaanDoctor AidenZenaidaZenaida
Youtube u/SeanFOH (Comment) CG CecilLunafreyaCG VaanRegisZenaidaZenaida
Youtube u/raphrs (Comment) Seaside NicholCG VaanLight Warrior LennaLightning (FFXIII-2)RemV2RemV2
Youtube u/togeo (Comment) Lakshmi LidYuraishaCG CharlotteRenaBahamut Dark FinaBahamut Dark Fina
Youtube u/CrasherED (Comment) CG CecilCG VaanSakura & AyakaYuraishaCG KujaCG Kuja
Youtube u/FConFFBE (Comment) Doctor AidenRenaMachinaV2CG CecilCG KujaCG Kuja
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u/togeo (Comment) MachinaV2Seaside NicholCG CharlotteRenaBahamut Dark FinaBahamut Dark Fina
u/berishs1 (Comment) Paladin CecilRenaYuraishaMachinaV2CG AceCG Ace
u/RedAsh_873 (Comment) RenaYuraishaFreedom Seeker VaanCG CecilRico RodriguezRico Rodriguez
u/JoestarOnANewLevel (Comment) CG FolkaYuraishaCG VaanCG CecilBahamut Dark FinaBahamut Dark Fina
u/Wookash92 (Comment) Lakshmi LidCG CecilSylvieDoctor AidenRemV2RemV2
u/fpgmd (Comment) CG VaanCG CecilSylvieRenaCG KujaCG Kuja
u/Rayster25 (Comment) CG VaanLight Warrior LennaCG CharlotteYuraishaRico RodriguezRico Rodriguez
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Behemoth K

  • Race: Demon + Beast
  • Stats based on JP version. Will update if there are changes for GL once it's datamined.
800,000,000 100,000 2,500 + 1,625 5,000 + 3,250 2,500 + 1,625 5,000 + 3,250
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • Ailment Resists: Immune to all
  • Break Resists: Vulnerable to all breaks
  • Extra: 30% chance to resist breaks


Previous tip thread can be viewed Here
Moogle tips from news:
  • Elemental attacks will be countered with powerful attacks of the same element, which should be prepared for by raising elemental resistance, kupo!
  • Be aware that when it's HP drops below a certain point, it will use an instant KO attack on units in specific positions, kupo!
  • Attacks intended for beast-type or demon-type enemies should prove quite effective, kupo!
Brief tips:
  • Breaks have a 30% chance to be resisted. Multi-casting breaks increases the chances of them landing.
  • Evasion works on all physical attacks. Some AoE physicals will ignore cover.
  • None of the magic will bypass cover.
  • From 50% until 30% health, Behemoth will use meteors in addition to his regular attacks.
  • Slot targetted deaths will happen each 15% threshold. See Wiki for more info.
  • See u/togeo 's Tank Survival Thread for a nice tool to calculate how much bulk your magic tank needs to survive.
  • If this trial is stressing you out, consider waiting until Neo Visions release for an easier time.
submitted by Sinzar_ to FFBraveExvius

JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #5 - Round 2 Match 18 - Fira B and Inch Nine vs ???

The results are in for Match 16.
Nix Ripa and Ian Rains, in the former’s destructive path towards capturing Leo and Nova, needed to fend off the BSRP just as much, in a process which had proven truly exhausting, draining, yet at once, exhilarating. Nix had been glad that Cairo and their cronies, weak as it may have been for them to duck out of the fight, had evacuated the area completely; he could truly cut loose on all these menaces.
And now, they’d turned the very rails the terroristic Stand Users had ridden into weapons all their own.
Funk Odyssey and Peter Bequasimodo had lost a lot of the latter’s been close by a building that, rapidly, the terrible duo had been assaulting them within while swirling around and about, already all dented up from several traded blows with the Estate residents… This was perfect! All four of them in one spot, not just their two main targets! It was a building that they couldn’t leave in time!
“OUT OF THE WAY, OUR TARGET’S UP THERE!” Nix yelled, his rage returning as he pointed his damaged railsword up towards Leo and Nova, before tossing it in the air, Ian himself hopping atop the Stand-tossed thing. Nix leapt into the fray, his Stand scraping itself with both of its crescents as it painfully became a sort of buzzsaw, hurrying towards the enemies in a maddened frenzy of sheer instinct, tearing through what of Leo’s defenses remained and quickly encapsulating her in a ball around itself as the recently-molded villainness stood little chance at resistance
Funk and Peter took aim to run him and Nova down in close range, and the latter prepared a volley of explosives and other gnarly tools, grinning widely and declaring, “must be my birthday, because I get to tear open a whole lot of puppies! Die!”
The remains of the railsword, ridden by Ian, crashed through Funk’s motorbike, throwing her off as Ian threw his weight into the already-injured Peter, pulling his gun free and taking a shot at Nova’s shoulder. Her pained cries of response were cut off by Wow Wow ensnaring her.
Bleeding, injured, and still feeling alive in the crumbling building, Nix raised a bloody hand and gave his partner a thumbs-up. “Not… Bad… Cowboy…” He allowed Leo, even more battered for SZWK’s wear now, freedom from its containment, and sneered at you. “Now… As for you, you spineless waste of strength-”
Funk cracked a grin, the adrenaline prompting a laugh from her as she struggled up to her hands and knees, distracting all remaining combatants from their talking. “All of you…” Her violent, purifying gaze flickered even harder. “ALL OF YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE I WANT YOU! ACT 1!!!”
The very foundation of the building around the fighters began to crumble inward, all of them completely boxed in. Had she planned this the whole time, to kill them all right here?!
“You… You tricked us!” Nix called, angrily, clenching his fists as he looked around and Funk seemed to slip from consciousness, her injuries and exhaustion taking their toll.
“Clever ‘shrooms…” Ian Rains tipped his hat, then, pulling back his rope with a single tug, leaving a dizzied Nova looking around, bleeding and confused.
No telling if any of us can survive this… Am I gonna have to miss another hundred years to save my life?
He looked to his partner, then, who had been distracted by his attempts to think quickly about this impossible situation, made worse by several microwaves bursting into flames and speeding along the collapse.
Nah… I’ve had a good run. Time to get outta the saddle.
The ropes of ‘Wow Wow’ coiled so tightly around Nix that he couldn’t move a muscle, just as a massive chunk of rebar would have impaled his head, but now, it simply bounced uselessly off him and struck Ian’s hand, knocking the rope from his grasp.
“You got good to do yet, partner… You’re a man of the times, and I’m just a relic. Never slack, y’hear?”
The building continued to crash down upon everyone inside. Nix alone was unharmed, the last combatant even able to stand.
The winner is Nix Ripa, with a score of 68 to Baker Street Rat Pack’s 62!
(Due to never appearing to co-strat, Ian Rains has been eliminated from the tournament. In round 3, an eliminated Black Hill Estate member, unless all reject it, will be selected to take his place)
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Black Hill Estate 16-13
Quality Black Hill Estate 21-18 Reasoning
JoJolity Tie 21-21 Reasoning
Conduct Tie 10-10
“-TEETH IN! …huh?”
Nix had been freed from Wow Wow’s clutches, only to be left speechless by the sights around him, framed by sirens wailing and blurry people shapes beginning to close in in the distance.
Ian’s body had been crushed under hundreds of pounds of rubble and impaled by several large fragments of rebar-- razor-sharp poles that would have killed Nix too, if not for his partner’s actions. Nix wasn’t sure where his Stand was, but it couldn’t be far, if it had been clinging to his teammate’s body beyond his death to protect him from the now-ruined building. Even when he was a corpse, he still had a cowboy’s eternal loyalty and determination.
As for Nova-- the last he had seen of her was when she had taken a bullet to the shoulder, disappearing under the wreckage before Leopoldine could catch her. This time, at least… He was pretty sure she hadn’t managed to slip away. With the wounds Ian had given her, there would’ve been surer signs of something like that.
Despite having been in ‘stasis’ thanks to the work of Ian’s stand remaining active, Nix at least had solace in knowing that the fight and bloodshed were over. Nova… had been stopped completely, and her profligate of a partner--
“You’ve been out about a minute… Give or take.”
Nix heard someone speak behind him, and soon enough, he turned, going wide-eyed and staring Leo von Eisenbahn down.
His buzzsaws had cut straight to the bone in several places, her right arm had been frozen solid by his ice, and a sharp metal pole had run straight through her right tricep as well. There were several bullet holes in her abdomen and her right leg-- Ian’s shots to ensure that she couldn’t keep using her rails to take them around. Nix himself had heard the sound of bone cracking when he had hit her with his stand earlier, and then a building had fallen on her.
Somehow, despite all that… Leo had pushed herself up from her spot in the wreckage, wiping an excessive amount of blood from her eyes with her remaining hand and staggering to her feet. Even after all that, the gigantic woman had managed to survive, towering over Nix and limping towards him, clutching Wow Wow; had she been the one to free him?
Stunned she had stayed here, Nix hesitated, immensely confused as to what had happened. Before him, the German woman took a step back, getting into a fighting stance. Blood spurted from her wounds; she was clearly at the end of her rope-- yet she was still standing. “Nix Ripa… I would like to apologize to you. I was… selfish and inconsiderate. I… my mind was too clouded by losing and by rage to focus on anything but myself and my relationships. I understand your true strength now, and I regret being weak enough to give everything up for a pipe dream.”
Nix clenched his fists, a burning rage boiling up within him, consuming him. “You… You want me to feel sorry for you!? I couldn’t even give a shred of pity for someone so strong who does something so low!”
Leo exhales, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath before moving forward. “...No. If I wanted you dead, or meant to run away, I would have acted when you were in stasis. With Nova felled… I have nothing left. However, I can empathize with the rage you are feeling. That… is why I want you to use your true strength against me. Take your anger out on me, and I will give you the best fight I can.”
To always maintain your ground regardless of what happened… that was a true fighter’s way.

As the police and Chief Prosecutor arrived, and the real Cairo Satori and Purple Kid emerged from some rubble, having legitimately been close by (trapped fairly early into the fighting; Nix’s fault, but it also shielded them from worse), Nix, relatively unscathed past self-inflicted battle wounds, would explain to them what had happened-- and with a couple of ambulances cruising in a few minutes later, the bodies of those who had fallen would be taken away.
“You two…” Cairo reassured him, clearly appreciating the situation’s gravity, even if they were trying not to be a downer, “you’ve done something damned impressive here. And don’t worry about the damages here coming to haunt you… Miss Allday, she actually quietly bought this entire square.”
Funk and Peter, if they pulled through, probably wouldn’t serve any time… Even with dueling laws made stricter, the case that killed Ian was pretty open-and-shut. Leopoldine, though her right arm would have to be amputated after being impaled and consumed by frostbite, would survive-- although she would still be sent to court, liable to face justice for what she had done.
“Funny, in a way… I think that downspiral might have started the same way it ended. Because I knew that the right people would show up in the nick of time… Even if one of the right ones had waited two-hundred years for his cue.”
Nova, though her condition was unknown, would probably be better off if she didn’t make it. Paramedics would do what they could to see her face justice, but some things were outside of their power. Nix had a feeling that, from what she’d seemed to know about people in the city, if she was still alive, she would spend every incarcerated second in danger of an ‘accident.’ And Ian…
“The others were all arguing about who to give this thing to,” Cairo produced Wow Wow, stretching its rope and admiring its shape, “the Institute, or ODIN, or maybe even make it a tool for police arrests…” They handed it to Nix without hesitation. “But I thought, there’s only one place at all this thing belongs. Strong, good Stand Users like you and Ian… be an example for everyone to follow.”
Nix clenched his around Wow Wow’s handle and grit his teeth, tears rushing out like a river now. The cowboy had given his life for his friend’s victory, and left only one question in return.
...Was it worth it?
Another one bites the dust, but for his advancement and achievements, he will be remembered. In the meantime, you have much less than a day, you have HOURS, as of when this goes up, to vote in a battle among flaming ghosts in a forbidden library.
Los Fortuna Slums - Outside Elephant Bones 2 (site of the gay knife fight)
Fira stared down the diner’s door, feelings of unrest biting at her like relentlessly annoying mosquitoes. It had been weeks since she’d heard Capital Island went down, and she’d been actively avoiding thinking of the subject since finding out none of her employees or most tolerable associates had died in it. She didn’t feel bad for not losing sleep over the tragedy, people died every day, but the thought of it still weighed on her mind nonetheless as its consequences made the slums an ever-growing mountain of people in need of roofs over their heads.
Bringing the key to the shabby door, and pulling it with a force expecting it stuck, the door swung open easily with a waft of moldy air as Fira stepped onto the broken tiles inside… Everything was still the same as yesterday when she’d had to chase some squatters out of here, tables covered in strange liquids, hastily-abandoned shoestrings scattered over barstools, rat traps still unsprung despite Fira being sure she’d found their shit in here before. Even without that Elephant Bones decorative touch, the place was a hole, and a gross residue that seemed to always crop back up overnight covered just about every surface her eyes could see.
But the inner handle of the door was pristine.
She froze for a split second, eyes darting around the diner at key areas, before deciding, fuck it, there’s no time for a look-over and keeping one hand behind her back, she flicked her fingers, and anyone in the building might have heard a click as she tossed something that landed squarely where it needed to be.
Then, before they would have time to react, a blinding flash would fill their eyes, ringing their ears, and as Fira had expected would come, a volley of bullets were fired in Fira's direction, most missing her and putting holes in chairs or breaking windows, but several hitting their mark, striking her square in the chest.
Fira walked forward.
From one side, a man in body armor shouted something (she seriously should’ve put in earplugs first, ugh…) and rushed her with a stun baton, but his moves were frantic, dizzied, and as she swang her arm, something bright flew from her body, hooked tightly around the stun baton, and ripped it away, Fira very quick to return it upside his head with enough force that, had she not hurt her own hearing, she would have heard a resounding crack as it refused to be removed from him.
Fira walked forward.
She was at the diner’s countertop now, making the slow move to climb over it and hopefully peer through the window into the kitchen. Undoubtedly, that was where most of them would be hiding. That uniform definitely wasn’t VALKYRIE, so she had to figure out who these people were. Here was hoping at least one was sturdier than that guy. Three more people in the same uniform were on either side of her, crouched underneath the other side of the counter, and as the lone one tried to jump her, she swiftly drove her boot into the side of his head, knocking him into the counter and sweeping him across as she pivoted to face the other two, holding him up and completely body checking the pair with ease, that bright sheen around her making another point-blank volley do more to hurt them than her. But her hearing was coming back, and she could’ve sworn she’d heard orders being barked from the other side of the door into the rundown kitchen.
Fira walked forward.
“Jesus Christ, she’s another Ugo!” A gruff older woman, scars along her face, declared, seeing how unharmed she was from that volley of pistol fire, as Fira was stared down both by her and about six other armed figures, each packing ARs of some kind. As she spoke, a pile of dust, sugar, and salt from a backroom seemed to actively be transformed into more bullets directly behind her. “But you’re outgunned now, so hands up, and no funny business! Don’t expect us to miss now! We won a hell of a firefight days ago, you know, and you’re nothing compared to the Stand Users we fought out there way worse equipped than this!”
Fira walked forward.

Their leader - D’arcy, Fira was able to beat out of her - was kept conscious to answer some questions, subdued by In Silico solidifying by the material of that huge pile of bullets that had made a mess of the floor.
“ANVIL? What the hell’s ANVIL muscle doing down here?”
“K-keeping order!” D’arcy contemptuously, yet clearly nervously, answered, in pain from some broken teeth. “Since… Some sketchy gang in the area keeps doing jobs for ODIN. Driving them out, taking their super-fortified bases of operations building by building… That’s what you do in war. You’re not stupid, Tempest, so don’t play dumb with me.”
“You’re fucking with Elephant Bones?” Fira even surprised herself with the quiet contempt she asked that with, retracting In Silico enough to whip it back one more time and knock her out. As D’arcy fell unconscious, Fira spat on the floor. “I wasn’t playing dumb… But you’re sure as hell an idiot.”
As Fira turned around and walked outside, a crowd had gathered, not just of her employees and some curious passerby, but of a great deal of watches, who seemed both audibly relieved and cheering when the door to Elephant Bones 2 opened and Fira stepped out, alone and hardly worse for wear.
“What?” She asked, trying to not yell but be heard over the applause. “Stop that. Go away.”
“This freakin’ spat, those damned mercs and muscles that keep showing up…” A teenager in a t-shirt from LF’s Natural History museum answered instead of doing as she said. “I don’t even care how it ends at this point, I’m just tired of dodging bullets and I’ve barely been here a week!”
Similar murmurs came from the crowd, then, and at that point, Fira realized that what they were saying was true… The fighting in the Industrial District only stopped for a couple days when Ugo was helping fight Jack, and since then, it had gone wider, happened more often, gotten louder, killed more people.
Made it a hell of a lot more of a pain in the ass to mind your own business around here… What the hell kind of union was this, anyway? Why were they fighting to protect that? They would need to have words.
Fira spotted a certain face in the crowd with a short head of hair, and began to grin widely.
Effie Linder blinked, raising up her hands. “No way. No fucking way you’re seriously-”
“I’m going out for a bit. Clean up Elephant Bones 2 for me, then keep an eye on the restaurant. If anyone from that company shows up, I’m Downtown stealing coins from parking meters. They don’t get to know I’m doing this.” As Effie sighed in extreme, audible relief, calling her a bad word under her breath, Fira stepped towards the car. “I won’t be long.”
Los Fortuna’s Industrial District - Inside Bixby’s Diner
Byron Oxbow sat at his normal seat in the bar, sipping a cup of coffee and staring at lists of names. Friends and family, those who trusted him, all families he would need to call in the fallout of the latest round of fighting. He had asked to not be given pages of numbers, and as lists of names and locations poured in his sadness grew. What had his family done to Allday?
He knew the decent things she had done. He had been a proponent of her in the first couple years at the top even. In the current day few seemed to remember the role she played in fiercely advocating that ODIN be a force that benefit the poorest parts of the city. It still baffled him, that they were enemies, that even with all of the hell she was putting him through he couldn't understand what had possessed her to sick that dog Ugo on him. His face twisted into a bitter frown as he mumbled to himself, “Guess this city gets to us all eventually”.
The sound of the doorbell cut through the silent room as soft footfalls approached Byron. Memory Management walked over to Byron’s booth and sat down. Her stand poured over the papers as she spoke to her friend with as much comfort as she could muster. “It’s not the city, it’s the power. The college board, Arazu, Cairo, the Keshems, and even you at times fall to it. That along with getting invested in this place is what traps you here.”
Byron looked up at his old friend. Somehow these last thirty years had been particularly rough on her, wearing her from tired to bitter. This was nothing new though. He knew why she was here. She was here to try and keep him off the frontline. To keep him safe. To keep him good. He had followed her advice for this long. He had been sure that she had his best interests at heart. The more time he had to look over the lists of names the more he knew that she was wrong. Him hiding away was getting his people killed. He had been out in the field in limited ways, but tonight was going to be his return to taking out threats. Tonight he was going to set an example for the city.
The long retired leader of the UNDEAD DOGS was going to remind the city just who he was and what he was capable of. However, that was for later. For now, it was time for lunch with a friend.
Los Fortuna’s Business District - outside a trendy Restaurant
It was a pleasant day downtown for Cairo Satori as they sat down at a table. The bistro that their meeting partner had picked out was just their speed, and with another successful episode of ‘Being so Normal’ being edited and the explosive success of Cairo’s fall line of clothing they were doing better than ever. Cairo ordered something light to eat as they saw a woman walk towards their table.
Despite carrying herself with the sort of natural grace of some old-timey noble out of a fantasy story, she blended well into the people around her. As she reached their table, Cairo went into PR mode and greeted their lunch guest. “Hey there, Miss. Allday. Wonderful to see you finally agreed to come and talk with me.”
Arazu took in the gesture and gave an unconvincing smile as she sat down, ordering a matcha parfait for herself before turning to address Cairo. “Thanks for the enthusiasm and all, but Arazu will do fine. Now let's get this over with.” Now, that grace had faded into something much more methodical, to-the-point. “You want me on your show for an interview. I don't want to be on your show for an interview… Those facts are irreconcilable.”
Cairo’s smile faded slightly as the crude but honest statement. Was this really the woman watching over the city? Someone so abrasive that not even Cairo could power through her words? The act dropped a little as they pulled out a tablet, pulling up a short presentation and turning it towards Arazu. If she was going to be in hard businesswoman mode, Cairo would have to lean into it too; Dollars said she might be like this… Alright, like you rehearsed.
“Look, interest in stand users on major social media platforms is up 300%, while opinions on us are down 137 points in the last months. You do a lot for this city. People still remember what you did for the slums, and with your housing initiatives in the suburbs taking a lot of pressure off the city after the Jack incident, you are doing crazy numbers right now. An interview with you about being a stand user and how it has helped you accomplish the things you have could be a saving grace for the city's Stand-using population, and an even bigger boost for you, for ODIN’s PR at a point where, to be frank, you kinda need it bad. We make a good team! Nova wouldn’t have been stopped if the college didn’t introduce us!”
Cairo looked up at Arazu as she took a few bits of her parfait. They could see she already knew most of the information that they had shown here, and knew that it would be good for her image to do the interview. After a few moments she turned back to Cairo and spoke. “You raise points I’m aware of… Of course I know every inch of what my company does, and that I have responsibility for all of it. I’m willing to bend on this if you assist me somewhere. I need you to send one of the Stand Users under your contract to go after a certain terrorist leader, make him face one sort of justice or another. His name is Byron Oxbow.”
Cairo’s face sunk even lower at this. Byron was a steady and popular public figure in the industrial district and slums, and with opinions on VALKYRIE at an all time low across the city, being seen working with them or even doing things in connection with them was an absolute no-go. “Are you fucking kidding me!? Working with any of your thugs is going to be social suicide for me. There has to be another way here, right? You and I both know that this is a win for both of us.”
Arazu sighed and responded, “That’s not what I’m asking… I’m aware that Ugo has proven ineffectual in containing the problem in the region, but with how they’ve begun to overstep, it’s only a matter of time before a ‘certain group’ starts on their path. All I need you to do is make sure that whoever ends up going after him has someone else to make sure the job is done right… Byron isn’t a man to be trifled with alone, and the only person I’ve ever known to defeat him in a battle is… Compromised. She wouldn’t take my side on this if I asked. If you can handle that then I will not only do an interview, but also do a special on the new housing developments and the Stand Users helping make them a reality.” She turned away, then. “Anything to get the public off how the property was obtained, and focus on the good they’re doing.”
Cairo sat and thought. This was risky, and if they failed it could fuck everything up, but if this succeded then the success of the first season of ‘Being so Normal’ would be absolute, and a second season would be practically guaranteed. Cairo turned to Arazu and extended a hand. “Well I guess we have a deal then. Look forward to that interview.”
Cairo Satori’s apartment, Shopping District, the day before
Cairo Satori and Inch Nine sat in the mob idol’s apartment, relaxing on the couch. They’d just finished watching some Jason X for some mindless entertainment, and the day was winding down. The two of them relaxed together, chatting with each other and enjoying each other’s company.
Their mind, though, was weighing how it was much easier said than done to convince one’s girlfriend to work with a megacorporation in order to deal with a union boss. Sure, it was more complicated than that, but there was a reason Cairo barely ever shot out there, and the public was firmly on his side.
On paper, it was perfect. Inch was very much the woman for the job; Cairo knew they could trust her to deal with it, since she was strong as hell, but also sensible enough to take the option that would cause the least amount of trouble to everyone involved. Still, they’d definitely have to dress it up a bit to make it more… palatable.
“Hey, Inch… I need your help with something.” They said, slightly nervous.
“Mm? What is it, mon chérie?” Inch responded, curious.
“Well, I need your help doing something. I already told you that we’ve been trying to get Arazu Allday on our show, right?” Cairo said.
Inch nodded along at the mention of ODIN’s CEO - she’d been told that part of the deal, how hard it was to even get a brunch with her, let alone a media deal, behavior about dealing with Entertainment companies learned from just how viciously corrupt Sound’s Garden was. “I do. Why do you bring her up?”
“Well… she agreed for an interview, but only if I helped her out with some of ODIN’s business in the Industrial District.”
“ODIN’s business in the Industrial District… You are speaking on VALKYRIE matters?” Inch asked, slightly taken aback, and quick to understand what that likely meant..She was happy for Cairo, of course, getting a chance to interview Miss Allday like they wanted to for so long, but working alongside ODIN wasn’t ideal, and she’d heard some worrying things about their involvement in the Industrial District. “What kind of ‘help’ did they ask for?”
“Well… Arazu didn’t really elaborate, but I don’t think it’ll be all that bad? Honestly, of everyone I know, I trust you the most to be able to deal with it in a normal way and keep things from getting bad.” Cairo said with a slight grin. “I know this isn’t ideal, but it’ll be a really big help if you could do me a favor and go there, yeah?”
Inch wasn’t sure what to make of this. She knew that Cairo could get… carried away, at times. Hell, she met Cairo during one such moment. (though according to Cairo that was justified because the fight was fated to happen anyways..? Eh, it got her now former roommate all pissy and moralizing, which honestly made Inch mind it less). Still, this was clearly really important to Cairo, and she wanted to help them out here… And Inch may not have been the most informed about city life, but she was at least smart enough not to take everything said about even the worst of the city at face value.
“Well, if you insist. However, it’s only fair for you to give me something in return, non?” Inch said, slightly playfully… Of course, both of them knew it wasn’t really about this.
“Oh? Like what?” Cairo asked, as Inch placed her hand on her chin as if she were thinking intently to herself.
“I can think of something.”
The Industrial District - later that night
Fira’s anger seethed as she walked the streets of the district. She could not for the life of her understand why the union leader had been so stupid as to go after her, even if it made perfect sense that he was trying to branch out of the district. But after Barrett and Ugo, she was tired of being strongarmed, so she supposed it made sense; had he come for an alliance, she’d have told him to fuck off then too.
She had a reputation to keep, and she would be damned if a third person was going to get in her way. As she walked she noticed a man smoking a cigarette under a streetlight in the middle of the corridor. The gleaming silver hardhat immediately gave him away. This was the man who had ordered the attack on her business.
Her pace picked up as she approached him, footfalls growing faster, and as she was in 15 meters of him, he spoke. “Looks like you finally found me… Here as ODIN’s pawn personally instead of sending a kid for your dirty work now? Or is this a hit from one of the factory owners trying to turn coats?”
Fira stopped. She still intended to beat his ass, but she was going to get some answers beforehand. “Don’t play dumb. You can’t have your cronies shoot up my street and not expect an answer back.”
Byron Oxbow sighed as he lit a fresh cigarette before starting to speak again. “Listen here, alright? I don’t abide by that sort of behavior… If you say bullets were flying where innocent people could be hurt, then I’ll take care of that personally. Now, if you know what’s good for you, you should get the hell out of my district before I drive you out myself.” His eye gleamed knowingly, then, and he added, “you and your backup.”
The last line came out like a dagger, cutting Fira’s anger and sending her into search mode. She wasn't alone.
Hiding around the corner of a connected alley, Inch Nine watched over the scene that had unraveled. Things were tense, and she felt as if things could blow up at any moment. She had spent the night patrolling the district, and had on a couple of occasions had scuffles with ANVIL members.
Attempts to explain that she wasn't there to cause harm fell of deaf ears.
It seemed that the Union was assuming that any stand user who wasn’t affiliated was a threat that needed to be attacked.
The closer she had gotten to where she was now, the more union members she had to dodge, and her investigation had finally led her here. Whoever this man was he seemed unfazed by Fira, something that was impressive in any situation. As she psyched herself up to intervene, she felt a quick shove that forced her out of her hiding spot. “Hey boss, we got another one.”
Byron turned to Inch slowly, looking her up and down as she stood there firmly, quietly, yet getting quite annoyed herself… She’d been here as a neutral observer, still making up her mind on what she would do, but frankly, Byron wasn’t setting the best of impressions.
Fira, then, cracked her knuckles, looking all around. “Guess I should have expected an ambush, huh? No such thing as a fair fight…” She grinned, then, adding in a, “for you, at least. Send all the guys you want my way, it just means you’re gonna have that many less!”
Byron took a low stance before his stand flashed into vision next to him. “If you want me, come get me.”
With that the Union leader flew through an open set of sliding metal doors into a dark factory floor, the sound of metal scraping on concrete and some sparks in the darkness the only clue to where he had gone. Both Fira and Inch rushed through the door instinctively. Both had spent all evening trying to find this guy, or at least understand what the hell was going on here, and they would both be damned if they weren't going to get some answers at least. As soon as both had made it into the warehouse a single light illuminated Byron, his stand now standing next to him in full view.
Inch skidded to a stop and called out. “Listen here now. You are cornered, and going to lose. This does not have to end violently, however. If we talk, we can figure out what to do…” She meant every word, but wasn’t quite enthused about it. She had a feeling, word-for-word, how he would respond.
Byron smiled as the sound of the metal doors to the building slammed shut and light flooded the room. “I’m cornered? Nah. The time for talking has passed. Everyone in this damn city has proved that no matter how much you try and use your words someone is going to have it out for you anyways. A friend of mine, she warned me that ODIN was gonna get more and more desperate, did all she could to make me safer, but said that in the end, they still might find me. All of you goons are all the same, and if your bosses wont respond to words, then I am going to send you back on a fucking stretcher. Maybe they will understand that fucking message.”
(credit to magistelles for the versus images!) (credit to tryburningundam for the full body art of Byron)
Location: An old rebar factory that has a faded boxing ring painted onto the floor. The area here is 30 by 30 meters with each tile being 3 by 3 meters. The ceiling is 30 meters above the ground. The players start at ground level towards the south and Byron is on the walkway to the north.
A grated matrix of metal walkways hangs above the floor of the factory with six ANVIL union members on them. The red rectangles are walkways that hang 15 meters above the ground. There are no ways up to walkways and should be considered naturally inaccessible without any stairs or ladders to them.
The grey white outlined circles are the ANVIL members. The larger grey circles are large, concrete pillars, and the orange squares in the corners are 1 meter tall piles of rebar 1 meter in length.
Goal: RETIRE your opponent(s)!
Additional Information:
There are six ANVIL members up on the platform above. For the purposes of the match they can be harmed, and if incapacitated will be teleported out and replaced 20 seconds after they are knocked out. They have 3-2-4 physicals with a 4 in coordination, and the union members and Byron share a sense of sight and hearing.
Union workers are all equipped with a hardhat, working clothes, and a tool belt containing hammers, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and other small handheld tools.
Along with this, the union members can swap positions with Byron, in which case a pillar of grey smoke 2.5 meter in diameter will appear floor to ceiling over both of them and they will swap positions. This teleport works by swapping the position by their center of mass rather than teleporting into the other’s exact body position. So for example a person running and a person standing still wouldn’t be jolted into a different posture on teleport and can retain their original motion/non motion. However in the cases where swapping by center of mass would result in the person getting stuck in the floor, they can swap to the other person’s body position instead. Smaller objects can get pushed out of the way to make room for teleporting as well.
The smoke pillar remains for 5 seconds after the teleportation happens and union members can swap with each other independent of Byron. Anybody teleported can also see through the smoke pillars they are teleported to.
Here is a pastebin version of Byron’s character sheet. A google doc is also linked below.
Team Combatant JoJolity
The Graveyard Shift Fira B. “Tempest” “No, Johnny! The body on the far right! They're coming out of the 'right'..!” Them switching places won’t get the best of you and this fight can only end early by beating their boss. Find ways to effectively keep track of Byron’s position throughout the match.
Black Hill Estate Inch Nine “Looks like they can hop between their buddies, no problem.” It doesn’t matter how many people you have to face, the two of you here should be good enough to get this done. Work with your teammate and synergize with your abilities to do as many combined techniques and attacks as you can do that both of you couldn’t do without the other!
ANVIL Byron Oxbow "Yo, big guy... besides this 60 million... you promised that you'd give us land, and rights for some building or other. Right?" People like this think they can tear your family apart. However your family is what truly makes you strong. Coordinate with your union members to do as many effective techniques as possible!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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