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The Facts About Female Fertility.

From a comment.
I think it's time we dispel fertility myths about women. And also myths about what men, or the manosphere, claim about women's fertility.
No one in the manosphere or anywhere else claims that women suddenly become infertile when they turn 30. No one says that. No one. If they do say that, they're wrong. Any woman who claims that the manosphere is saying that is raising a massive strawman, and everyone knows it.
Here's the facts. FACTS:
"Fertility", or "fecundity" - how easy it is to conceive, to get pregnant.
And it isn't just conception. It's conceiving a healthy child free from birth defects. It's also the ability of the woman to carry the child to term. It's also the ability of the woman to give birth to a live child.
In general, the younger a woman is, the more fertile she is. Conversely, the older she is, it gets more difficult for her to get pregnant and carry to term and avoid congenital birth defects, especially Down syndrome and autism.
The healthier a woman is, the easier it will be for her to get pregnant. Conversely, the more health issues she has (i.e. chronic pain, degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, organ problems, diabetes, genetic anomalies, uses drugs, uses tobacco, is on any long term medications, etc. ) the harder it will be for her to get pregnant and carry to term and avoid major birth defects.
The less obese a woman is, the easier it is for her to get pregnant. Conversely, the more unhealthy weight a woman is carrying, the harder it is for her to get pregnant and carry to term and avoid congenital birth defects.
If she doesn't have a history of STDs (especially chlamydia or gonorrhea), it's easier for her to get pregnant. Conversely, if your girl picked up an STD somewhere along the way, she probably had a touch of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and maybe scarred up Fallopian tubes, which will make it harder for her to get pregnant - even if she got treated for it.
That's because most times, a woman doesn't know she has an STD until she starts showing clinical symptoms, like vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, pain on urination, pain with sex, etc. By then, the bug has had a chance to fulminate for at least a week and fuck everything up in there. (The incubation time for chlamydia is 1 to 3 weeks, and that's if symptoms appear. It can take up to a month or more for symptoms to appear. The incubation time for gonorrhea is 2 to 5 days but can be up to 30 days. In both cases, it's plenty of time to wreak havoc on a woman's delicate reproductive tract.) So by the time symptoms appear, the damage to her internal reproductive tract is already done. Sure, she can get cured and go on to have sex, even get pregnant and have kids. But it will probably be more difficult to get pregnant.
A woman who has genital herpes can still get pregnant. But she will probably have to deliver by C-section to avoid infecting the child during passage through the birth canal. Newborns born naturally to herpes infected mothers have been known to contract the virus. The virus can infect the child's eyes and can cause blindness. Or worse, neonatal herpes infection can result in mental retardation or death in the fetus.
A woman with genital herpes will have it for the rest of her life. Herpes is caused by the HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses. It is incurable, but very, very treatable and can be medically managed almost to the point of becoming asymptomatic. The medications used to manage it are acyclovir, famciclovir, or Valtrex, the latter of which is very expensive. Whichever medication she takes, she will probably need to take it for the rest of her life.
A woman with herpes can marry, have a normal sex life, and have children. However, there is always a risk that she will give the virus to any sex partner she has. There is always a risk of giving the virus to other partners even during periods of time when she has no outbreaks.
A woman with "cold sores" has oral herpes. That's usually HSV-1. Never ever ever let a woman with a cold sore suck your cock. Ever. You can get genital herpes from a BJ from a woman with an active cold sore. Don't kiss her either - you'll pick up "cold sores" too.
Women's fertility peaks in the early- to mid-20s. (EDIT: Some in the comments are saying fertility peak is late teens to early 20s. That might be true. The point stands: The younger she is, the more fertile she is.)
Women's fertility starts declining in the early 30s.
Any pregnancy in a woman at or after age 35 is a "high risk" pregnancy. (EDIT: This is an obstetrical, medical classification, not a manosphere invention. "High risk pregnancy due to maternal age" is something physicians and obstetrical experts determined and concluded in evidence based medical practice. It is a medical and scientific term. It is NOT something a bunch of men on the internet devised.)
The risks of autism and Down syndrome rise exponentially after a woman reaches age 35 - especially if she has never borne a child before.
The risks of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy rise exponentially if she's ever had chlamydia or gonorrhea. Left untreated, these STD can cause PID in women which will scar up her fallopian tubes, increasing the risks of infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and miscarriage.
The older a woman is, the risks of miscarriage rise exponentially.
Artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization procedures will cost at least $30,000 PER PROCEDURE. For women under 35, the failure rate is 60% (but you still have to pay even when it doesn't work). For women over 42, the failure rate is 96%. That's a success rate of only 4%.
For a woman age 40 and up who has never carried a child to term, trying to get pregnant is a fool's errand. She has almost NO CHANCE AT ALL even of conceiving, much less carrying even a defective child to live birth. By the time a woman reaches age 43, her chances of getting pregnant are 1 to 2 percent. This includes women who have had previous successful pregnancies.
Many women use hormonal birth control (HBC). After discontinuation of hormonal IUDs, fertility is eventually restored after a few months. With discontinuation of oral contraceptives, "The Pill", the effects reverse but it will take up to a year to reach full fertility.
KEEP IN MIND: HBC affects and alters women's internal body chemistry and skews her attraction vectors. HBC can change who she is sexually attracted to and who she finds attractive. It's proven that women's attraction cues change depending on when and whether they're ovulating. HBC works by preventing ovulation, which is important for determining attraction cues.
EDIT: Thank you, u/honestyovercivility:
The way in which HBC impacts attraction cues is very important and to elaborate:
---Women on HBC are more likely to select low testosterone, less masculine men who are more agreeable and less dominant
---Women not on HBC are more likely to select high testosterone, more masculine men who are less agreeable and more dominant (ed: this tendency is most pronounced during ovulation)
As one can imagine, the shift in attraction from one to another can really create problems in the marriage (End edit)
So, it stands to reason: If a woman dates/marries you while on the Pill, then goes off the Pill, she can lose attraction to you simply because of the hormones' effect: She was attracted to you while on the pill, but now while off the Pill and trying to conceive, she is not. That's because she's returned to her natural cycles. She wasn't ovulating while dating you and when she married you. Now she is ovulating, and her attraction cues and vectors are now "normal". You're now seeing who she really is, without hormone enhancement. But you dated and married the abnormal, hormonally affected version of her. This is just one reason why so many women lose attraction for men they married - they went off HBC and then discovered the hormones had fucked up their attraction vectors, influencing them to marry lower T, "father types" they aren't all that sexually attracted to, men they otherwise wouldn't have married without the hormonal overlay.
The earlier a woman started having live births, the easier it will be for her to continue getting pregnant and having live births. Stated another way, the earlier she started having kids, the easier it will be for her to get pregnant again and have more children as she ages.
For example: If a woman had her first healthy live birth at 25, she'll probably be able to bear and have healthy children until her early 40s. That's probably 6 kids, if she wants them. A woman who had her first at 27 can probably have at least another 3 children until she's at least 40, if she wants to.
Hell: Even a woman who had her first at 30 can probably have at least another 2 kids until her late 30s. Assuming good prior health, few to no STDs, and didn't spend a decade on HBC.
But, conversely, if she had an abortion at 21, chlamydia at 24, was on the pill for 8 years after that, did some heavy drinking and partying, gained/lost some weight, and then started trying to get pregnant at 33, well, she's going to have problems.
If she had been on the pill for 12 years, gets married at 35, and then starts trying to get pregnant immediately at 35 with no prior pregnancy history and having spent the prior 20 years sexually active while using all manner of artificial birth control? Yeah, that's gonna be a toughie.
If she's 25 years old but weighs 300 pounds and has polycystic ovarian syndrome and insulin dependent diabetes, yeah, getting her knocked up will be tough. And even if she can get pregnant, she will have a hard pregnancy and increased risks of birth defects and miscarriage.
If she's 33 and otherwise in good health, but has been on the pill for 15 or more years and had to get treated for chlamydia and gonorrhea during her party girl days? Her carrying one healthy non-Down's child to term and live birth is a fucking miracle.
These are facts. Medically and clinically observable and proven facts.
I do not care how women feel about these facts. I do not care that these are "hatefacts" and "thoughtcrime" to women. Hell, I don't care even how YOU feel about these facts. They are facts and you ignore them at your peril.
This right here is why you as men have a right to know about your woman's sexual history. Because it affects YOU and your ability to have the children and families you want (if you want them).
Because she very well might not be able to get pregnant at all.
Because if she can get pregnant, the pregnancy might threaten her health.
Because even if she can get pregnant, she might not be able to give birth to healthy children.
Because YOU will be the one paying for the miscarriage treatments and the fertility treatments and the psychotherapy.
Because as much as she will suffer, YOU will suffer right along with her.
Any woman who demands that you sire her children, has an obligation to tell you her past medical and sexual history, BECAUSE OF THESE FACTS. And you have a right to know that medical and sexual history.
It's your money. It's your time. It's your commitment. It's your marriage. It's your family. YOU will be the one she looks to to pay the bills. Society will demand that YOU pay the bills, take the responsibility, and father those kids and pay for it all.
Since it's your money, your life, your time, and your potential family, YOU have an absolute RIGHT to know these things.
submitted by Aldabruzzo to WhereAllTheGoodMenAre

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