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Totoro Bus Stop Sign Recreation

Totoro Bus Stop Sign Recreation
I am in the process of trying to create a realistic version of the iconic Totoro bus stop sign that is as close to the onscreen version as possible.

A scene from My Neighbor Totoro.
To do this for any Ghibli prop is difficult because of continuity problems.
Bus Sign Disk
In the sign disk, for example, the diamond trademark logo for Toden Railway is on the sign sometimes and other times it is not.

Screen captures of the bus siqn from the front. Sometimes a trademark is there. Sometimes not. The third from the right is from a sketch made before the movie (on the DVD cover). The last two are replicas.
Sometimes it looks like the artist drew "TO" in the diamond, other times it is a squiggly line representing letters, other times it is impossible to tell. My philosophy, when recreating something, is to take the most complete and largest version of the prop as the standard and fill in missing details from other appearances.

The Toden RR trademark logo in multiple screen captures from two scenes that featured the most detailed version of the sign.
Since there is never any true continuity on most iconic objects, there is a lot of personal choice involved. I also imagine that the animation drawings are an artist's interpretation of a real object in a real world.
The Toden Railway company trademark
In this instance, the "TO" in the trademark diamond is an artist drawing something based upon what would be in a real trademark diamond. If you look at real Japanese trademarks, stylized lettering appears to be rare in the 1950s and 1960s.

Most lettering in Diamond-shaped trademarks were normal in the 1960s
So, in my opinion, a simple, straight "TO" as in Sign 1 is more likely to represent what the Toden Railway company would have used in the real world (even though it is a fictional company).

Sign 1: The \"TO\" is simple in this version of the trademark logo.
If you try to follow closely the "TO" as sketched by the artist, you get something like in Sign 2.

Sign 2: The trademark logo in this version matches the onscreen sketch closer, but seems off to me.
This Sign 2 version just doesn't look plausible to me that a professional railway company (which historically also began to run buses) would use a logo that seems more appropriate for something whimsical. Adjusting it a little gives us Sign 3, which is somewhat appealing in that it looks a little like a locomotive or trolley car with the "T" as the car and the "O" as the wheel.

Sign 3: This trademark logo has a more simplified \"TO\" that reminds me of a locomotive and wheel.
But Sign 3 just doesn't quite convince me because I don't believe the artist took that amount of care in designing the trademark and then did it sloppily. So, I think the straightforward "TO" in Sign 1 is the most likely candidate for a real-world version of what appears online.
Text on the Bus Sign Disk
According to what Quora user Richardson Kilis says, the first line of the sign:
七国山行 (Hichikokuyama-yuki)
Indicates that this bus route ends at Hichikokuyama.
The next line in the center:
稲荷前 (Inari-mae)
Tells us the name of this bus stop, "Near Inari" or, as it would likely be called in English "Inari Shrine." You can see Mai walk over to the Inari shrine and get spooked by a statue of the diety Inari's fox spirit (Kitsune) messengers in statue form.
The bottom curved line of text:
Kilis transliterates as "Higashi Dentetsu Bus" but I would make it "Toden Railway Bus" This is the company that runs the bus lines. The first symbol, 東, you may also recognize from its use in the word "Tokyo." Given that the trademark uses the lettering "TO" and that Tokyo has a streetcar line called "Toden" already, I am inclined to prefer calling it Toden. Google translate agrees (admittidly not the best imprimatur). You can also look at the Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated 東京電力ホールディングス株式会社 (Tōkyō Denryoku Hôrudingusu kabushiki gaisha) which has the nickname of 東電 (Toden).
The last item on the sign is the trademark I discussed above. It seems trademarks from that time period used English letters. If you look at the extracted logos from the movie, you will see that it is not even clear it is "TO." It changes from frame to frame a little because, I think, of the layers of the rain animation cels on top of the background. But, since the trademark is there, not there, there, not there on the front and back of the sign, there is a lot of room for debate. The sign at the Totoro House replica just put a diamond inside a diamond. This was done, I think, because the person making that sign did not review all the different versions of the sign that appear in the movie.
I'd like to know your thoughts on the sign disk I am working on. What do you think?
Bus Timetable
I plan on next recreating the timetable using the same principles. Anybody who can give me a transcription in Japanese would be greatly appreciated. I will post again on this and hope to have a nice final version of this available for you to see in high resolution and also, if possible, my original adobe illustrator version.
Thank you for your patience with my First Post ever on reddit. I plan also putting up some posts on other Ghibli props--such as the 30+ different bath tiles depicted in Spirited Away. -Windvalley
submitted by Windvalley to ghibli

Launched on January 1, 2000, Homestar Runner is an Adobe Flash-animated surreal comedy web series. At its peak, the site was one of the most visited sites on the web (wikipedia). Based on the ‘99 Gildan Tag, this is an original print. I love the fact that internet stuff is becoming vintage now!

submitted by milller69 to VintageTees

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