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Hacks & Cheats, Call of Duty Hacks & Cheats, Gunz Hacks & Cheats, Quake LIVE Hacks & Cheats. However, it is a good starting point to learn to map for similar games. Browse all M4A4 CS: GO skins.

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If the player does not see one of the points in the visibility plane of a player the player will not be transmitted therefore becoming invisible for transparent wall cheats. Steam Community: : Counter-Strike: Global Offensive check my blog. Smooth engine The plugin adds prediction to player movement, it will make players not pop (appear out of nowhere).

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Counter strike 1.5 3d wall hack. The P90 SMG packs a good rate of fire, but spreads too much for it to be effective here. Experience the thrill of modern terrorist warfare as you fight a critical strike operation as a counter-terrorist or aim to cause destruction as a terrorist.

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The latest installment to the Counter-Strike franchise maintains a healthy, ever-intensifying competitive scene alongside a growing casual playerbase. You earn points by completing different quests on Gamekit and our Partners' websites. Counter Strike Condition Zero.


Wallhack - Counter-Strike cheats - hacks tagged with wallhack. Dezarhivati, intrati in cs si apoi rulati [HOST] Acest cod il gasiti aici. When you download Counter-Strike 1.6 game, you can immediately take to play online or with bots.

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Official description The AWP, or Magnum Sniper Rifle, as it was previously known, is a sniper rifle featured in the Counter-Strike series. First of all go to where cs 1.6 installed.

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Download call of duty offline game for free. Works for CZ Condition Zero too. Counter Strike: Global Offensive Discussions.

CS 1.6 Client And Console Commands

UnKnoWnCheaTs - Multiplayer Game Hacks and Cheats, leading the game hacking community since 2020. To help out, you can opt in to the beta by following the instructions here. MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy.

Steam Community: : Guide: : Console Commands of Counter

Dust II, also known as Dust2 (de_dust2) is a Bomb Defusal map featured in the Counter-Strike series. We have over 8662 of the best Sports & Racing games for you! Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

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Half-Life: Counter-Strike Retail (2020) - PC Review and. It is one of the best RPG-s ever created. For use on server machine only.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam. Date: 11/19/2020, 12: 11: 58 Total Servers: 50949, having 551735 max players. Download Counter-Strike 1.6.0.

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Vikendi, a 6km x 6km snow map, is coming! Single-player mode and playing against 'bots' can get a. Counter-strike 1.6 download english version.

Full Packs [Counter-Strike 1.6] [Skin Mods]

Search for cs hack Download Super Simple Wall v. To test skies in singleplayer without recompiling the map, bring up the console and enter sv_skyname. The PlayStation 2 classic, now on your PC thanks to MAME.

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The impact it had and still has on todays multiplayer games remains remarkable. For the latter, you can use other apps like the excellent Hamachi. The best AAA FPS games ever made Counter Attack 3D. Encounter the enemies with different weapons like Desert Eagle, AK-47, AUG, shotguns, snipers and more destructive weapons.

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Closed Beta - Patch Notes [June 24th]

Hello my dear friends and future Eternal Return Beta Testers! GM Aesop here with a list of all the updates and changes we've made since the 5th Alpha -- also known as patch notes!
We originally pushed back our start date for the Beta test about one month, so we are coming back with even MORE updates for the test starting tomorrow.
Let's get started.
New character: Isol
Isol, the Guerilla, will be one of the two new characters coming to Eternal Return starting at the beta. He’s a trap/mine/bomb focused character who uses assault rifles. An outline of his skills is as follows:
- [Passive] Guerilla Warfare: Isol arms traps faster, and his traps become invisible faster. Enemies that take damage from his traps have their defense reduced for a certain time.
- [Q] Semtex Bomb: Isol throws a bomb to the target location that sticks to an enemy or on the ground. The bomb explodes after a certain time, dealing damage, and rooting enemies caught in the blast. If the bomb is stuck to an enemy, each attack reduces its timer and increases the damage of the explosion.
- [W] Rebel Assault: Isol unleashes a fury of bullets in front of him. Enemies hit have their movement speed reduced, starting from their last damage taken from Rebel Assault.
- [E] Camouflage: Isol rolls forward and blends into his surroundings, going invisible. While invisible, his movement speed is increased. The invisibility is lifted after a certain time or if Isol does any action other than movement.
- [R] MOK Operational Mine: Isol installs a MOK Operational Mine on the ground. The mine explodes when an enemy enters its range, dealing damage and reducing the movement speed of enemies hit.
New character: Li Dailin
Our other new character is Li Dailin, the Spirited Master. She’s bringing melee-based combat while using the glove weapon. She also has a new resource, BAC. Her abilities don’t cost mana, but will vary depending on how high her BAC is. Check them here:
- [Passive] Li Dailin can use Drink Up to fill her BAC bar. When her BAC is above a certain amount, she gains Tipsy, giving her skills extra effects, and gaining Dialed In after using a skill. When she becomes Inebriated, she is silenced for a certain time and gains Dialed In. Dialed In: Li Dailin's next normal attack will trigger twice. Strong Stomach: her attack speed is increased for a certain time after drinking alcoholic beverages.
- [Q] Spirited Kick: Li Dailin charges forward, dealing damage to enemies hit. She can reactivate this skill two more times. Tipsy: Increases range and damage dealt.
- [W] Drink Up: Li Dailin takes a drink, gaining Liquid Strength, increasing her BAC, and avoiding normal attacks while drinking. Activating Drink Up again within a certain time will fill up her BAC bar more than normal. Liquid Strength: Increases attack power for a certain time. Strong Stomach: when consuming alcoholic beverage items, the duration of Liquid Strength is extended for a few seconds and her skill power is increased for the duration.
- [E] Bottom Shelf: Li Dailin spits out cheap liquor in a cone in front of her, silencing and dealing damage to enemies in range. Tipsy: Reduces movement speed of enemies.
- [R] Striking Tiger: Li Dailin launches forward, suppressing the first enemy hit and following it up with two consecutive kicks. Tipsy: follows up with 4 consecutive kicks.
- Fiora's skill effects and sounds have been improved.
- The range of her Q skill has increased by 1m.
[New modes] Duo and Squad modes
You asked for it, so you got it! Two new modes, Duo and Squad, have been added to the game.
- Duo and Squad have a total of 18 players in each match.
- Team members' portraits stay next to the minimap, and there are specific loading screens and scoreboards.
- When a player's HP reaches 0, that player is downed and team members can revive them by clicking on them.
- You will receive LP separately for each mode: Solo, Duo, and Squad. In the future, account levels will be integrated and the Match-Making Rating (MMR) will operate separately for each mode.
[New features] - Lobby
We made some nice improvements to the Lobby to make it look a bit nicer and added some more stuff. You can play with your Steam friends, there are quests for bonus A-Coin, and some other new additions.
Custom Games
- Custom Games have been added. You can now create private matches with your friends.
- Only Solo mode will be playable in custom games during the CBT.
Account level and daily quests
- Account levels have been added.
- Daily Quests have been added. There will be 3 missions to complete daily.
- Account levels are implemented in the CBT for testing, and will be reset by Early Access.
Steam friends
- Steam Friends compatibility has been added.
- You will be able to invite friends to the game, or add/delete them.
- You can create your team ahead of a match by inviting your Steam Friends. The team created can be used for Duo or Squad modes.
Background changes
- The lobby has a brand new 3D background. The background now feels a bit more natural when looking at character animations.
[New features] - Game
A lot of new features are in the game now. I’ll go into more detail below.
Tree of Life
Reach a mid/late game power spike without having to rely on luck drops from bears.
- An Ancient Tree where you can now collect Tree of Life has been added in Hotel, Forest, and Cemetery.
- You will be able to collect it at fixed times only once. (it will appear once during the day on Day 2, once during the night on Day 2 and once during the day on Day 3 in the following order: Hotel, Forest, Cemetery)
- Collecting it takes 7 seconds.
- Wolves and bears no longer drop Tree of Life.
Ping & Pin
Pings are like “On the way!” “Danger!” “Back up!” ”Assist me!” Pins are things you place on the map to indicate where you want to go, what item you want, etc.
- If you hold Ctrl + click on the map, you can put a pin on the target you want. Your team members can all see your pin, and putting new pins won't make the old ones disappear.
- If you hold Alt + click, you can send signals to your team members like retreat, danger, assistance and on the way.
We’ll be keeping an eye on chat so be on your best behavior!
- You can now chat with your team members while in match.
- Information will also be provided in the chat like Wickeline entering the island, the spawning of Tree of Life, pings, etc.
New shortcuts
Also some new settings.
- You can change every shortcut except pings and pins in the game settings. The fast-crafting shortcut will especially be useful.
fast crafting immediately crafts the item located on the far left among the items in the quick crafting list
- Alt + left-click: Ping
- Ctrl + left-click: Pin
- Shift + left-click(item): designates a target item
- Shift + right-click(inventory item): drops the item immediately
- Z: expand the chat
- Swap left and right click: you can now enable/disable that feature
- You can now enable/disable the UI and HUD in the settings
New item effect - Bleeding
There are a couple new items with bleeding and the effect has also been added to some old items. Bleeding reduces the healing of enemies from your skills or normal attacks.
- A new bleeding effect that reduces healing has been added. Please check the balance section for more details.
Small snack
- You will now be provided with 2 water and 3 breads at the start of the game.
We’ve made tons of improvements - small and large. There’s a lot of detail here so just check them out below.
- The entry of Wickeline on the island is now announced in the chat.
- The player that kills Wickeline will get a VF buff. The VF buff deals a fixed amount of damage for normal attacks and skills for 3 seconds.
- The terrain representation of the minimap has been simplified. In particular, cross-regional boundaries and routes have been improved.
- A zoom in/out function has been added.
- If the camera goes outside of the minimap, the minimap now follows it.
- Surveillance cameras and traps of the enemy team are now indicated in red, while allies are indicated in blue.
- You can toggle vertical synchronization in the settings.
- Packet optimization: performance has been improved when detecting poor network connections.
- When graphic settings are set on low, decorative objects are not displayed. (background ornaments, patterns, etc.)
Character voices and sound effects
- Voice lines have been added when using certain skills.
- Character voice volume has been reduced when there are announcements.
- We've adjusted the frequency of triggering of random voice lines.
- Boxes shake slightly when opened, and there are different sound effects depending on the material of the box.
- Sound effects have been added for various situations, such as time counters for restricted areas, item acquisition, and dropping items.
- Sound effects have been added when hovering or clicking on lobby buttons.
- The matchmaking algorithm has been completely replaced so that players with vast MMR differences do not meet.
Other improvements
- Added skill amplification to weapons mastery. (Details in the Balance section)
- Ingredients that will be used for crafting will now blink when crafting or hovering over fast crafting. It will be easier to notice when you press the crafting button by mistake or are about to consume an item you need for an armor.
- We've improved a number of in-game tooltips.
- When in battle, a combat mark is added next to the portrait.
- Added the effect of slightly darkening the screen when your character hides.
- Detailed vegetation and decorations have been added to the background.
- The conditions for the number of people accelerating the restricted area have been eased.
- Players will get an experience bonus in game if there is a vast level difference between survivors.
- The announcer informs you when 10, 5, 3, or 2 survivors remain.
- Attack animations have been improved when continuously attacking. Attack and recovery effects have also been improved to make them more visible.
- Left-clicking a wild animal displays its skills and items.
- The direction in which wild animals are looking in the beginning is now random.
- Improved the item placement algorithm for boxes, reducing the number of identical items in other item boxes.
- The game results window has been improved.
- Tutorials have been improved with more details.
- Isol has been added as a bot AI.
- When Zahir's Q (Narayanastra) is used outside of its range, he now walks to the target point and uses it instead of using it at its maximum range.
- The rapier weapon skill has been changed to pass through walls.
- The camera has been pulled back a little bit, giving you a wider viewing angle.
- Camera focus options will be remembered when the game is restarted.
- You can now craft and cook in combat.
- The time to start Resting and crafting is slightly reduced.
[Bug fixes]
- Fixed the bug concerning item bonuses that increased all experience.
- Multiple corrections to cases where the box does not open on the first attempt.
- Several modifications to effects of characters coming from locations outside of the vision range.
- Corrected bugs concerning automatic attacks when using the Hyperloop.
- Fixed a bug regarding auto attacking enemies in bushes.
- Improved the use of Magnus’s Ult (Motorcycle - corrected wall bugs, improved judgment, etc.)
- Fixed the bug when Hart's Delay (Q) skill reached its full charge and the indicator was wrong
- Fixed the bug where explosive traps only hurt the person who stepped on the trap.
- Corrected the Dagger Tooltip to show the normal amount of critical damage.
- Corrected the bug where Jackie's attack power greatly increased even when not using the axe weapon skill.
- Corrected the bug where Aya's passive cooldown was reduced by traps.
- Corrected problems where the weapon skill cooldown is not updated when changing weapon type.
- Fixed problems where traps in bushes weren’t activating properly.
- Fixed bugs where characters automatically attacked surrounding enemies when fishing or collecting items.
- Damage received when less than 1 is now rounded up to 1.
- Fixed problems of skillshots being fired in wrong directions when used in areas where it's impossible to move.
[Balance Changes]
We’ve added skill amplification to a lot of masteries. A lot of stats have been tweaked. A couple items have been removed. [Bleeding] is on a couple items. A few new items have been added . Some recipes have been changed.


  • Skill amplification per level: +1%
  • Devil’s Marksman
    • Skill Amplification: 65 —> 45

Assault Rifle

  • Skill amplification per level: + 2%
  • XCR
    • Health 350 —> 420


  • Skill Amplification per Level: + 2.5%
  • Tac-50
    • Movement Speed -0.10 —> -0.08
    • Attack Power 120 —> 144
  • Intervention
    • Attack Power 100 —> 120
  • NTW-20
    • Movement Speed -0.2 —> -0.15
    • Attack Power 90 —> 100
  • Polaris
    • Movement Speed -0.1 —> -0.08
    • Attack Power 125 —> 150
  • The Deadly Ray
    • Movement Speed -0.2 —> -0.15
    • Attack Power 100 —> 110


  • Skill Amplification per Level: +1%
  • Dragon Guandao
    • Attack Power 180 —> 170
  • Gentian Silver Gun
    • Attack Power 70 —> 75
  • Eighteen Foot Spear
    • Attack Speed 0.4 —> 0.5
  • Fangtian Huaji
    • New recipe: Halberd Axe + White Crane Fan—> Halberd Axe + Gilded Quill Fan [NEW]
    • Movement Speed -0.1
    • New effect: Bleeding


  • Skill Amplification per Level: +2%
  • Mistilteinn
    • Skill Amplification 35% —> 25%
    • Attack Power 35 —> 30
  • Volticletto
    • Attack Speed 0.3 —> 0.4
  • Meteor Claymore
    • Attack Power 65 —> 70


  • Skill Amplification per Level: + 1.5%
  • Mount Slicer
    • Skill Amplification 85 —> 75

Two-Handed sword

  • Skill Amplification per Level: +0.5%
  • Hovud
    • Health 350 —> 300
  • Thuận Thiên
    • Attack Power 43 —> 45
    • Defense 20 —> 25
  • Arondight
    • Attack Power 28 —> 35
  • Excalibur
    • Health Regen 300% —> 500%
  • Monohoshizao
    • Life Steal 15% —> 16%
  • Plasma Sword
    • Attack Power 50 —> 55


  • Skill Amplification per Level: +2%
  • Scythe
    • Attack Power 160 —> 150
  • Harpe - Now applies Bleeding [NEW]

Twin Swords

  • Skill Amplification per Level: 2.5%
  • Divine Dual Swords
    • Recipe change: Twin Swords + Blueprint —> Florentine + Nail
  • [NEW] Florentine
    • Recipe: Twin Swords + Blueprint
    • Attack Power + 15
    • Attack Speed (%) +10%
    • Life Steal +10%
    • Applies Bleeding
  • [NEW] Dioscuri
    • Recipe: Twin Swords + Ion Battery
    • Attack Power +25
    • Attack Speed +60%
  • [NEW] Lloigor & Zahr
    • Recipe: Twin Swords + Poison
    • Attack Power +25
    • Attack Speed +20%
    • Skill Amplification +60


  • Skill Amplification per Level: 1.5%


  • Skill Amplification per Level: 2%
  • Mallet
    • [NEW] Now applies Bleeding
    • Critical Strike Damage REMOVED
  • Statue of Soteria
    • [NEW] Recipe: Torch + Anatomy Model—> Torch + Doll
    • Attack Power 70 —> 60
    • Health Regen + 0.8
    • SP Regen 1—> 0.6
    • Movement Speed 0.2 —> 0.15
    • Life Steal + 8%


  • Skill Amplification per Level: 1%
  • The Golden Ghost
    • Extra Normal Attack Damage 60 —> 50
  • Ballista
    • Attack Power 110 —> 115
  • Sniper Crossbow
    • Attack Power 105 —> 95
    • Attack Range 0.5 —> 1.5
  • The Legend of the General
    • SP Regen 2 —> 3


  • Skill Amplification per Level: 2%
  • Elemental Bow
    • Skill Amplification 100 —> 75
    • [NEW] Now applies Bleeding
  • Twin Bow
    • Critical Strike Damage 30% [REMOVED]
    • [NEW] Now applies Bleeding


  • Skill Amplification per Level: 1.2%
  • Divine Fist
    • Attack Power 30 —> 26
  • Buddha's Palm
    • Skill Amplification 22% —> 18%
    • Attack Power 32—> 28
  • Frost Petal Hand
    • Skill Amplification 50 —> 42
  • Imperial Silk Gloves
    • Attack Power 62 —> 66
  • White Claw Punch
    • Critical Strike Chance 20% —> 25%
  • One Inch Punch
    • Recipe: Bone Gauntlet + Anatomy Model —> Bone Gauntlet + Doll
    • SP Regen + 50%
    • Life Steal + 8%
  • Brasil Gauntlet
    • Attack Speed 25% —> 30%
  • Bloodwing Knuckles
    • Health 300 —> 400


  • Skill Amplification per Level: 2%
  • Handle of Millstone: REMOVED
  • New default Tonfa: Bamboo


  • Skill Amplification per Level: 2%
  • Azure Dagger
    • Extra normal attack damage 50 —> 40
    • Skill Amplification 50 —> 40


  • Skill Amplification per Level: 3%


  • Skill Amplification per Level: 3%


  • Defense Mastery: Skill Damage Reduction/level: +1%
  • [NEW] White Rhinos
    • Recipe: Boots + Nail
    • Health Regen +1
    • Attack Speed +7%
    • Movement Speed +0.3
    • Applies Bleeding
  • Sword Stopper
    • Critical Strike Damage [REMOVED]
    • Applies Bleeding
    • Rarity: Rare —> Epic
  • [NEW] Gilded Quill Fan
    • Fan + Nail
    • Skill Amplification +16
    • Applies Bleeding
  • White Crane Fan
    • Recipe: Gilded Quill Fan + Feather
    • Rarity: Uncommon —> Rare
    • Now applies Bleeding [NEW]
  • Rocker’s Jacket
    • Defense 24 —> 20
    • Out of combat Movement Speed 0.35 —> 0.3
    • Normal Attack Damage Reduction 22 —> 20
    • Now applies Bleeding [NEW]
  • Red Shoes
    • Recipe: Repaired Slippers + VF Blood Sample—> Killer Heels + VF Blood Sample
  • Glacial Shoes
    • High Heels +Glacial Ice —> Repaired Slippers +Glacial Ice
  • Anatomy Model, Handle of Millstone, Doctor's Gown, Arm Warmers, Dress Shirt, Chang Pao
    • All Handle of Millstone items will now use Bamboo instead.Tonfa = Bamboo + Branch
  • Various Recipe Changes
    • Patched Robe: Monk's Robe+Cloth —> Monk's Robe + Bandage
    • Hanbok: Dress + Flower —> Patched Robe + Flower
    • Dress = Doctor's Gown + Cloth —> Cloth + Scissors
    • Qipao: Dress + Scissors—> Dress + Razor
    • Suit: Dress Shirt+Ribbon —> Military Suit + Ribbon
    • Oilcloth = Oil + Cloth —> Oil + Bandage
    • Sheath = Bandage + Iron Sheet—> Leather + Iron Sheet
    • Bracer = Leather + Arm Warmers —> Leather + Bandage
    • Bazuband = Iron Sheet + Arm Warmers —> Leather + Bracer
    • EOD Boots = Boots + Steel Knee Pads
    • Feather Boots = Boots + Feather —> Combat Boots + Feather
    • Feather Duster : Bamboo + Feather —> Short Rod + Feather
  • Item Area Changes
    • Hospital
      • Removed: Arm Warmers, Doctor's Gown, Anatomy Model
      • Added: Surveillance Camera, Milk , Scrap Metal
    • School
      • Removed: Anatomy Model, Doctor's Gown, Arm Warmers
      • Added: Surveillance Camera, Bandage
    • Archery Range
      • Removed: Arm Warmers, Handle of Millstone
      • Added: Oil, Monk's Robe
    • Cemetery
      • Removed: Handle of Millstone, Anatomy Model
      • Added: Steel Chain, Ice
    • Alley
      • Removed: Milk
      • Added: Cross
    • Uptown
      • Removed: Ice
submitted by GM_Aesop to eternalreturn

Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 8.0

Eight Point OH! Update

Now rolling out for iOS and Android devices.


  • New Map KartsNDarts
    • Stop the bloons speeding around this new fast-paced intermediate track
  • Reverse mode has been more reversed
    • The spawning order of each round has been reversed. E.g Round 13 will spawn 23x Green Bloons then 50x Blue instead of the usual 50x Blue then 23x Green
  • 3D MOABs have arrived for natural spawns & Prince of Darkness
    • 3D MOABS!
  • New Churchill Sentai skin added
    • It’s Morphing Time!
  • Additional Insta Monkeys will now be awarded for every 100 rounds completed in freeplay

Bug Fixes & General Changes

  • In-game patch notes menu should no longer be buggy
  • Game layout fixed for iPhone XS
  • Races should no longer crash in relation to the use/selling of Bomber Aces, or any other towers suffering from this same issue.
  • Layering issue when holding daily challenge icons for descriptions resolved
  • Some large issues with game time & speed have been resolved in many places
  • Heroes with special skins now use the correct voices in the main menu
  • Knockback effects on Bloons will no longer “cut them in half”
  • Spice Islands perma holidays fixed
  • Peninsula no longer allows water towers to be placed on land
  • Peninsula no longer stops some towers from functioning (Spirit of the Forest/ Bomber)
  • Fixed an issue with Ice and Glue monkey targeting that caused them to sometimes not target MOABs
  • Ice Monkey:
    • Ice Monkey x3x Arctic Wind should now freeze the water on Logs
    • Ice Monkey x4+x descriptions updated
  • Glue Gunner:
    • Glue Gunners should now work correctly on Chutes
  • Monkey Sub:
    • Monkey Sub’s Advanced Intel should no longer fail to correctly home on the first shot fired each round
    • Monkey Sub x4x First Strike Capability will no longer lock up the game when hitting black bloons
  • Heli Pilot:
    • Heli Pilot’s xx5 Mini-Comanche will now correctly deduct from alchemist brew charges
  • Mortar Monkey:
    • Mortar Monkey 4xx should now correctly damage DDTs when given detection
    • Mortar Monkey xx4 now counts damage dealt from fortifications being stripped
    • Mortar Monkey xx5 burn duration fixed, it will now deal 1 extra tic of damage over time
    • Mortar Monkey Descriptions updated
  • Wizard Monkey:
    • Resolved an issue causing Wizard’s Wall of Fire to deal damage much faster than intended
  • Super Monkey:
    • Super Monkeys now correctly sacrifice Arctic Wind monkeys when upgraded to temples, instead of selling them
  • Ninja Monkey:
    • Ninja xx4 Sticky Bomb should no longer be removed by glue gunners in any case
  • Alchemist:
    • Alchemist 2xx now correctly allows Ice Monkeys to pop lead
    • Alchemist xx5 Bloon Master Alchemist can no longer cause the round to prematurely end
  • Monkey Village:
    • Monkey Village xx5 Monkeyopolis will no longer cause sacrificed farms to deduct from total in Daily Challenges
  • Banana Farms:
    • Resolved an issue with Banana Farms not always generating the correct cash amount in races
  • Ezili:
    • Ezili’s descriptions updated
    • Ezili can no longer strip properties from Purple Bloons
    • Ezili’s MOAB hex will no longer fail to destroy MOABs with the Big Bloon Sabotage knowledge enabled
    • Ezili’s level up curve has been fixed, she will now advance slightly slower
    • Ezili’s damage counter should now actually count her damage dealt correctly with MOAB Hex
    • Ezili’s Sacrificial Totem will no longer crash the game when trying to view the upgrades panel
  • HeartstopperAbility Ability, HeartstopperAbility Ability Description
  • We got the engineer to tweak a few things to make step 7 load faster

Balance Changes

Dart Monkey
  • xx5 Crossbow Master critical shot appearance increased about 10->8
Boomerang Monkey
  • x3x Bionic Boomerang damage to moabs +1
Bomb Shooter
  • 4xx Bloon Impact will now refresh stun duration when hitting stunned Bloons
Tack Shooter
  • xxx Tack Shooter base attack rate increased 1.6s->1.4s
  • 5xx Inferno Ring additional attack: Launches a homing meteor at 'strong', cooldown 7s, damage 700, speed 100, pierce 1, infinite range. (Definitely check this out! It makes short work of round 98)
Glue Gunner
  • 5xx The Bloon Solver damage per tick to ceramic and MOAB class increased 2->3
  • x5x Glue Storm bloons caught in the storm now take additional damage while glued +1
  • xx5 Super Glue price reduced from $40k->35k
  • xx5 Super Glue slow percentage on moabs reduced from 100% to 90%
  • xx5 Super Glue deals damage to moabs upon impact 0->50
Wizard Monkey
  • x2x Wall of Fire price reduced $1300->$900
  • x3x Dragon's Breath Wall of Fire fire rate increase 5.5s -> 4.5s
  • x4x Summon Phoenix damage increased 1->2
Ninja Monkey
  • xx4 Sticky Bomb detonation timer reduced 4s->3s
  • xx5 Master Bomber sticky bomb now stuns moabs for 1s on impact (before detonation)
  • xx5 Master Bomber flash bomb now stuns moab class for 25% of the duration
  • xx5 Master Bomber flash bomb damage increased from 1->5
  • 5xx Permabrew Acidic Mixture Dip duration increased 10 shots -> infinite
  • x5x Total Transformation - cooldown reduced 60s->40s
Sniper Monkey
  • 5xx Cripple MOAB price reduced $50k->40k
Monkey Sub
  • x3x Ballistic Missile fire rate increased 2s -> 1.5s
  • x5x Preemptive Strike’s ballistic missile rate increased 2s -> 0.5s
  • xx5 Sub Commander now also buffs itself
  • xx5 Sub Commander now has double the attack rate
Monkey Ace
  • xx3 Neva-Miss Targeting projectile lifespan +50%
  • xx3 Neva-Miss Targeting projectile speed +50%
  • xx3 Neva-Miss Targeting increased homing tightness to accommodate new speed
  • 5xx Sky Shredder - damage from radial darts increased 2->3
  • xx4 Spectre price increased $18k->$24k
  • xx4 Spectre dart damage increased 1->2
  • xx4 Spectre bomb damage increased 2->3
  • xx5 Flying Fortress dart damage increased 2->4
  • xx5 Flying Fortress bomb damage increased 3->5
Heli Pilot
  • 4xx Apache Dartship price increased $16,400->19,500
  • 4xx Apache Dartship rocket damage increased 1->2
  • 4xx Apache Dartship machine gun fire rate increased by 25%
  • 5xx Apache Prime machine gun damage increased 3->5
  • 5xx Apache Prime moab rocket damage increased from 11->16
Mortar Monkey
  • 1xx Bigger Blast radius has been increased slightly
  • 4xx The Big One cost reduced $10k->8k
  • 4xx The Big One blast radius increased
  • 5xx The Biggest One cost reduced $30k->$24k
  • 5xx The Biggest One blast radius increased by a big amount
  • x3x Heavy Shells now deals extra damage to MOAB class bloons +1
  • xx5 Blooncineration can now damage all Bloon types
  • xx5 Blooncineration price reduced $55k->$50k
  • xx5 Blooncineration now creates a wall of fire at impact location similar to x2x Wizard
Spike Factory
  • 3xx Spiked Balls damage to ceramics increased 3->4
  • 4xx Spiked Mines damage increased 4->5
  • x3x MOAB SHREDR damage to moabs increased 4->5
  • x5x Carpet of Spikes damage to moabs increased 5->6
  • 1x5 Perma-Spike Bigger Stacks pierce buff increased from +10->20
Monkey Village
  • 5xx Primary Expertise primary towers pierce bonus increased 2->4
  • 5xx Primary Expertise Ballista attack increased to 200 damage to moabs AND ceramics
  • x4x Call to Arms price reduce from $24k -> $20k
  • x5x Homeland Defense duration increased 15s -> 20s
  • x5x Homeland Defense buff power increased from +50%->100%
Obyn Greenfoot
  • Obyn base damage increased 1->2
  • Level 2, magic monkey pierce increase from 1->2
  • Level 9, damage buff increased from 1->2
  • Level 14, damage buff increased from 1->2
  • Level 19, damage buff increased from 1->2
Captain Churchill
  • XP requirements have been reduced by 10%
Any x4x or x5x towers with Cash Generating abilities will now start with their ability on maximum cooldown when purchased
submitted by NoSneezePlz to btd6

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