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Supports unicode (as far as I know. Does not instantly kill creeps. Counter strike 1.6 hacks instant headshot hack.

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HL Released: Apr 1, 2020 - Detected - Aimbot - Wallhack - ESP hack - VAC 3 Undetected - Windows XP/Vista/7 x86 & x64 Support - Virtualization & Mutation - Supports ALL HL1 Mods Much more features. Your best gaming experience is our priority, and we deliver. Counter Strike 1.6 No-LaG cFg FiLes; Counter Strike 1.6 Publice Server; Counter Strike 1.6.

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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Freed from weighty expectations thanks to a campaign of endless delays, panicked development and dreary pre-release review code, Condition Zero actually arrives in a. Loss of life is a great teacher. CSGO Hacks Free Aimbots, Wallhack, ESP, Radar & Triggerbot.

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Half-Life: Counter-Strike (2020): Often referred to as CS 1.6 (its last version) or HLCS, originally a 1999 free mod for Half-Life, Valve Software acquired the rights to it and released stand-alone, retail versions of it after its initial outing. Sign up. Login with your existing Steam. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Counter-Strike: Source for PC.

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Revive o jogador selecionado. Check out how it works below.

Counter Strike 1.6: November 2020

Overview 2 Achievements 3 Gallery 4 Trivia 5 References Headshots can be performed by. Counter Strike Global Offensive server and keeps it online 24x7, even when your home PC is off! Portals v0.2d: Oshizu: Fun Stuff [TF2] MvM Popfile Menu (0.

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A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Mod in the AMXX Plugins & Mods category, submitted by ghostHQ. Counter Strike Global Offensive Aimbot Features. Gaming Files Sunday, December 31, 2020.

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Console code for headshot – Cs 1.6 Hack (HD) Counter Strike 1.6 _ Code console for cs 1.6 2020 All of these codes are worth a lot for better shuffle and instant throws in the head. A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike 1.6 / Tutorials / Strategies & Tactics. Containing the requisite new maps, the 1.4 patch adds a few significant additions.

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1 Headshot - Counter-Strike Wiki - Weapons, maps 88%
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Counter Strike Cheats Hack Tool HeadShot, cheat codes, hints strategies, tips, Counter Strike Cheats generate unlimited ESP wall Hack, ESP box wall hack, no flash, You can easily run this follow the instructions mentioned below. We supply everything for game hacking and are the one stop source for all game hacking, be it. I have been playing this game from 1 to 2 years competitively.

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How to be Pro! [Counter-Strike 1.6] [Tutorials]. This is "Counter Strike: 1.6 - Headshot Montage [eduardjair]" by Eduardo Jair on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Darkstorm 3.1.2 [Aim, ESP, Crit, Bunnyhop].

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Counter-Strike - Solo Guide - PC - By Coolica. Punisher The Punisher is going to be one of the few weapons that you can actually acquire for free during the game (by completing the mindlessly easy shoot-the-medallions mini-game in chapters one and two). So, with the aimbot enabled, you can simply guarantee an instant kill with a shot.

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Zombies are a faction in Counter-Strike Online. About the mods, when a plugin is compatible with Counter-Strike, that means CS v1.6 (CZ too), but maybe it might not work under Counter-Strike v1.5. Counter Strike is a FPS (first person shooter) game developed by Valve Corporation.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the 4th and latest in the series. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Developed over 20 years ago, Counter-Strike has proven to be one of the most iconic and enduring FPS series of all time. Counter Strike Condition Zero.

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Download the best Counter-Strike hacks and cheats. Dust 2, Estate, Inferno, Nuke and Vertigo which were missing from the retail release were added. Reports sound patch count report_soundpatch: reports sound patch count report_touchlinks: Lists all touchlinks respawn_entities: Yes: Respawns all entities on the map.

10 Overwatch Hero Concepts

These concepts won't have much lore, but some will have a short description about the heroes. I am not a naming expert nor a balancing expert so some of the names of abilities or heroes may be a little stupid or just boring, and some heroes may sound overpowered or underpowered. Some of these heroes such as Darter are somewhat similar to heroes that exist in the game because I made them before the similar existent hero was announced. For example, Darter is very similar to Ana, but I made him before Ana. Darter as well has a rapid fire ability, and as you know, Hanzo recently gained a rapid fire ability. Some of these heroes may too be similar, but I just wanted to post them here. Here are the heroes:
(Huntress) (Mobile Offensive Singlepoint DPS) (Hard)
This hero will have a crossbow that works very similarly to Mccree’s weapon. The crossbow is a normal crossbow however has a bolt rack that inserts bolts and can hold up to seven bolts at a time until a reload is needed. The weapon has a 1.5 second reload time, has 8 shots until a reload is required. You can shoot 3 shots in 2 seconds. It has a 20-45m falloff range, can headshot and deals 125 damage in good range if it is a headshot. Huntress has three abilities, one does not appear unless Shift Bolt is used. Shift Bolt is activated by pressing shift, and adds a new ability depending on the target hit, if a target is hit. Smoke Bolt blocks enemies sight slightly and makes you and your allies invisible until they use a weapon or ability or until 5 seconds after the ability is used. Smoke Bolt as well triples your speed ; it has a 14 second cooldown. Shift Bolt has a seven second cooldown, but can be used again instantly if you kill someone with a secondary ability. There are six different types of arrows available when Shift Bolt is hit. Disable Bolt, Pierce Bolt, Spread Bolt, Energy Bolt, and Flame Bolt. The heroes that grant a Disable Bolt are: Sombra, Mei, Orisa, Ana, Darter, and Duo. The heroes that grant a Pierce Bolt are: Genji, Mccree, Hanzo, and Widowmaker. The heroes that grant a Spread Bolt are: Doomfist, Reaper, Bastion, Roadhog and D.Va. The heroes that grant an Energy Bolt are: Tracer, Winston, Zarya, Mercy, Moira, and Symmetra. The heroes that grant a Flame Bolt are: Pharah, Junkrat, Torbjorn, and Reinhardt. All other heroes grant a Power Bolt. The Disable Bolt disables all abilities including passive abilities for five seconds, the Pierce Bolt can go through multiple targets, the Spread Bolt is very similar to Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow, it has many arrows that fly out of it, but is much less powerful than it, and can only one-shot 150 health targets if used to the head. If all shots hit as a body shot, it will deal 140 damage, headshots deal 175 damage. The Energy Bolt has the ability to go through shields, but deals only half the damage of a normal arrow. Finally, the Flame Bolt only deals 5/7 of the damage that a normal arrow does, but it deals an extra 50 damage from the fire that lasts 3 seconds. Huntress’s ultimate recharges at a normal speed. Her ultimate is called Bolt Rain. She rapidly fires all of her bolt in the air, your Shift Bolt is disabled and is replaced by the Signal Bolt. Wherever you shoot the signal bolt, the bolts will fall. If you shoot an enemy with the bolt, the bolts will follow the target. Huntress has 200 HP.
What Huntress would do:
She would fill the role of McCree and Hanzo, a close up singlepoint sniper.
(Duo) (Two Ability Set Immobile Healer) (Easy)
This hero wields an Energy Pistol, this weapon takes 1.2 seconds to charge, and is hitscan, it does not require reloadings. The energy splatters all over the area in which it hit, if allies stand in the area it can heal up to 70 health, and if enemies stand in the area it can damage up to 70 health. The energy spot disappears after 3.6 seconds and the spot is about ⅗ of the size of Doomfist’s Meteor Strike. Duo’s first ability is Health Pack. She throws a Health Pack that can only be consumed by allies. This health pack is marked by a yellow cross instead of a red cross. If destroyed, it will leave a yellow cloud of dust that heals the Duo who placed it’s team by 100 HP if in the cloud for the entire time. The dust disappears after 3 seconds. The Health Pack has 10 HP and 20 Shields. The Health Pack heals 200 HP and 5 can be placed at a time. The cooldown for the ability is 10 seconds. Duo’s second ability is Death Pack. She throws the pack that can only be consumed by enemies. This health pack is marked by a purple cross instead of a red cross. If destroyed, it will leave a purple cloud of dust that damages the Duo who placed it’s enemy team by 50 HP if in cloud for the entire time. The dust disappears after 3 seconds. The Death Pack has 10 HP and 20 Shields. The Death Pack damages 100 HP. Duo’s ultimate is the fastest charging ultimate in the game at 5% charge in 2 seconds passively. The ultimate unleashes a dust cloud that heals allies and damages enemies. The dust damages 130HP and heals 130HP, the dust lasts for 5 seconds. Duo has 200 health.
What Duo would do:
Duo would be a great hero for helping teams that are heavily grouped up or in team fights, similar to Moira.
(Adviser) (Supportive Immobile Defense) (Medium)
This hero is the physical form of Athena concept. She wields a long blue energy spear. Adviser’s spear does 50 damage per hit and has 130% the range of Reinhardt’s hammer. There is a .85 second animation in between each hit. Her first ability is called Security Advisers. They are security cameras that reveal the location of enemies in red. It will as well reveal their ultimate charge above their head and show it while holding tab. You can place 5 at once and the cooldown is 8 seconds. The security cameras have 20 HP and 80 shields. Her second ability is called Tracking Adviser. It can be thrown on an enemy, if tagged it will reveal their location for 7 seconds. It has a 10 second cooldown. Adviser’s passive ability is called Advise-Visor. Any enemies seen will be highlighted in red for your teammates as long as you can see them. Adviser’s ultimate ability is called A-Drone. She launches a drone with 50 HP and 150 shields that can contest a point. It has a small gun mounted on it that deals half the damage of Torbjorn’s turret. It will quickly travel to an objective when deployed. The ultimate charges about as fast as Sombra’s EMP. Adviser has 100 health and 100 shields.
What Adviser would do:
Adviser would help warn your team of that Tracer who is trying to kill your Ana, or that Reaper trying to get a quintuple kill Death Blossom. She as well could be great to stall a point for several seconds while your team is trying to get there.
(Descanso) (Immobile Offensive DPS) (Medium)
Descanso is a spanish assassin who relies on his time controlling abilities. Descanso wears a leather coat and he wields a glove with a steampunk style with gears. This glove is equipped with a blaster. The blaster has no falloff damage, and does 100 damage to the head, and 50 to the body. The blaster needs to be reloaded after 9 shots. It takes 1.6 seconds to reload. His first ability is Underclock. With this ability, Descanso launches a blaster that deals 10 damage which slows down an enemy. It is a lock on ability similar to Ana’s Nano Boost and Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony. It has a 10 second cool down. This ability slows all of his target’s actions by 300%. This means a 1 second action would become a 3 second action. The effect lasts 3 seconds, however, damage will not occur until the effect is over, and healing from enemies adds health to the target which can save the target from some attacks. His second ability is Overclock. Overclock can be used on any ally and speeds everything up by 300% for 3 seconds. It has a 7 second cooldown. Descanso’s ultimate is Clock Pause. It has a very slow ultimate charge (likely one charge in one QP game if playing average and maybe 2 if playing very well) and freezes all enemies within a 30 meter radius, or 3 times the radius of Lucio’s aura. The enemies are frozen in time, they are invulnerable, all reloads, ultimate charge, weapon charge is paused. This effect lasts for nine seconds, however, the objective moves/charges only ⅓ of the normal speed if no one is contesting. If the match ends when Clock Pause was recently used, Overtime will be enabled. Descanso has 250 health.
What Descanso would do:
Descanso would be great for repositioning your team when your team has poor positioning. If you are worried your team is going to get destroyed by that Graviton Surge and Dragonstrike combo, you can use your ultimate and get your team out of the Graviton Surge and Dragonstrike. You can as well use it to just stop a push for a little bit and set up for it. Or you can just use it so your team can use dance emotes in front of the frozen enemy team. Your choice.
(Elexecuter) (Immobile Tank) (Easy)
Elexecuter is an immobile tank from Greece. His real name is Elex and is 28 years old. He wears dark blue armor with some yellow. He wields two blue and yellow painted chain blades that spark electricity. The chain blades have a range of 12 meters. Both chain blades together do 30 damage on impact, and lingering damage from the electricity. He does not need to reload, however the lingering damage from the electricity has a power level. The more ultimate charge Elexecuter has, the more damage his blades’ electricity will do. If Elexecuter has 0-35% ult charge, he will deal 20 lingering damage, 35%-70% does 30 lingering damage, 70% and above does 40 lingering damage. Elexecuter’s first ability is Chain Smackdown. He throws his left chain up and then downwards. This does 80 damage on impact and the lingering damage. Elex’s second ability is Blade Pull. Elexecuter throws his hook blades. It pulls him towards the hit object or enemy and an electric explosion appears. Getting hit with the hook does 30 damage and the explosion does lingering damage plus 10 damage. Elex’s passive ability makes his melee do lingering damage. Elexecuter’s ultimate is Thunder Strike, it charges at about the speed of Symmetra. Elexecuter waves his blades around in a circle, it then creates a thunderstorm and damages enemies, leaving them with half of their current health. If an enemy has an odd number of health, it takes away 1 health and halves that. Enemies with one HP instantly die. The range of the thunder is 1.5 times bigger than lucio’s aura, however, the chains have a radius of 12 meters. The chains deal 60 damage if hit. Elexecuter has 300 health and 150 armor.
What Elexecuter would do:
Elexecuter would be great for using the hit and run tactic, used by Reaper and Roadhog. Elexecuter would as well be very powerful in team fights because of his kit.
(Assassino) (Hypermobile Close-Range DPS) (Medium)
Assassino is a former high rank Talon assassin. The hero model is very similar to the assassin boss in the Retribution event. Assassino’s weapon is her blades, the blades deal 25 damage per blade hit, leaving a total of 50 damage for both blades. Left click will use the left blade and right click will use the right blade. Assassino’s passive ability is called Blade Rush. After walking in a similar direction for 3 seconds, Assassino’s speed will be increased by 25% and give her 50 shields until she exits Blade Rush. Running into an enemy with Blade Rush will stop the ability, however, it will deal 50 damage to the target(s). If you run into a climbable wall, you will quickly climb the wall and be launched in the air. Assassino’s first ability is Wall Reposition. Assassino teleports onto the nearest climbable wall and she can dash up to 5 times from wall to wall every second. After use, it grants her 50 shields. It has a cooldown of 8 seconds. Assassino’s second ability is Fury Strike. Assassino rapidly moves her arms and deals a maximum damage of 100. Assassino’s third ability is Blade Knockdown. It has a 12 second cooldown, and it deals 10 damage. Assassino dives onto the enemy and knock him or her down, Assassino can then use, her blades, Hyper Attack, or her Fury Strike while the target is on the ground. The ability can only be used after Blade Rush is enabled. Assassino has two ultimate abilities. The first ultimate is Hyper Attack. This ability can only be used while a target is on the ground or stunned. Assassino slices the target with each blade twice, and then grabs his or her head and deals a final attack with her blades. The second ultimate is called Hyper Dash. Assassino has a lock on system similar to Mccree’s Deadeye except heroes are locked on instantly, but only up to three targets. Each target is then dashed to (50 damage) and then attacked once with each blade once, dealing a total of 100 damage, except the last target is given an extra slice, making a total of 125 damage. Hyper Dash can only be used while scouting with Wall Reposition. Both ultimate abilities charge at the speed of Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, and each ultimate has its own ultimate charge, meaning you can use Hyper Dash right after Hyper Attack or vice versa. Assassino has 150 health.
What Assassino would do:
Assassino would be the much-needed awesome hero that every edgy 12-14 year old wants to play (guilty of being one myself.) I kind of want to compare Assassino to Doomfist since she is a hit, run, and get the heck away wih your hypermobile abilities hero.
(Gunner) (Immobile Offense DPS) (Medium)
Gunner has an LED armored coat, pants and a bandanna mask. Brown spiked hair and grey eyes, Portuguese, 34 years old, belt has various weapon modifiers and ammo. Real name is Gunner with unknown last name. All weapons as well have LED lights. Primary weapon is his Flash Rifle. It has 27 shots in the magazine. It does 90% the damage of Soldier: 76’s gun per bullet, but it has two modes. The first mode is left click, it shoots 3 bullets per second. The second mode is right click, it shoots 3 bullets per second but bursts fire. The first ability is Spread Modification. He puts a mod on his gun that reloads it and gives him 3 shots with a powerful shotgun, each shot using 9 bullets. The ability can be disabled by pressing the key once again, and lasts until all 3 shots are used or until it is canceled. It can deal 180 damage at max per shot. You can get headshots with it. The ability has a 9 second cooldown. The second ability is called Snipe Modification. He puts a mod on his gun that reloads it and gives him 1 shot with a powerful sniper, the shot uses 27 bullets. The ability can be disabled by pressing the key once again, and lasts until all 3 shots are used or until it is canceled. It can deal 250 damage as a body shot, and 500 damage as a headshot. However, while using the ability, Gunner is unable to move and hitting Gunner anywhere will result in a critical hit. The ability has an 18 second cooldown. Gunner’s passive ability is called LED Signal. Multiple LED colors may appear at once. Blue means ultimate is ready, red means low on health, green means good on health, yellow means mediocre health, orange means using spread shot ability, purple means using sniper shot ability, and rainbow colors means using ultimate ability. These colors can only be seen by allies, and the colors are red for enemies. If Sombra hacks Gunner, his LED lights turn off. Gunner’s ultimate is called Rocket Modification. Gunner adds a large mod to his Flash Rifle that makes it shoot up to five powerful rockets. The ability lasts for 10 seconds. The rockets can damage yourself and two directly at the ground below you will kill you. The rockets deal 300 damage directly and 100-200 damage near directly. Gunner’s ultimate charge is the fastest of slow charging ultimates. Gunner has 200 health.
What Gunner would do:
You want to play a hero with a rifle, kind of like Soldier76's rifle. But now there is a Tracer up in your face who won't stop harassing you, now you can melt her down with your shotgun. Now you can go back to your rifle, but now an Ana is healing the enemy team a lot and is in a poor position. Take out your sniper rifle, take a shot, and take her out.
(Darter) (Immobile Dart-Based Support) (Hard)
Darter was part of the Soldier enhancement and was known as Soldier: 43. Darter trained with a powerful blow gun and got very good with the weapon. His primary weapon is a blow gun. It has 3 darts in the gun. Once all three are used, the quick .3 second reload begins. Pressing left click will shoot a dart which deals 50 damage. Pressing right click will shoot a healing dart that heals 50 health. The ability Rapid Fire is used by holding left click or right click, and it deals 50 damage per dart or heals 50 damage per dart and shoots all 3 in the blowgun. The ability is on a 14 second cooldown. The next ability is Ultimate Dart, it is similar to Zenyatta’s Orb of Harmony and Discord, it can hit an ally or an enemy, if it hits an enemy, it drains their ultimate charge by 10% If it hits an ally, it charges their ultimate charge by 10%, allies with full ultimate charge or are currently using their ultimate cannot receive the boost, and enemies using their ultimate or with less than 10% ultimate charge cannot be targeted. 15 second cooldown. Darter’s ultimate ability is called Tracking Darts. It has a very fast ultimate charge and shoots all three at a target instantly. The ultimate charges 2.5 times faster than Tracer’s ultimate. Darter has 200 health.
What Darter would do:
The enemy is getting their ultimates really fast, and that is a problem. The solution is to take away their ultimate charge, so you have a better chance of winning those team fights. This would as well be a healer that Ana players could feel comfortable with playing.
(Maximilien) (Defensive Boosting Support) (Easy)
Maximillien has a silenced pistol that has seven bullets. The pistol is hitscan, has no bullet trail, makes no noise to enemies, and has a quick 1 second reload time. Maximillien’s weapon deals 90 damage to the head and 45 to the body. Maximillien has boosters on his left arm which can be placed to boost his teammates. His first ability is Sticky Booster, it can be placed on most surfaces, it boosts all heroes within a length of 20 meters, and the area affected is a cuboid. The booster has 50 health and 450 shields. Two can be placed at a time. The boost is different depending on which boost is selected. The booster has a cooldown of 20 seconds. Maximillien’s second ability is Boost Control. It is used by holding right click. When Maximillien uses the ability, seven of the circles in the pattern on Maximillien’s head appear, each with a symbol. The first circle is Damage Boost, and it has a blue lightning strike logo. It increases damage by 20%. The second circle is Reload Boost, it has a logo of an orange bullet logo. It increases reload speed by 200%. The third circle is Healing Boost, it has a logo of a yellow cross and it increases healing by 20%. The fourth circle is Ability Boost, the logo is a purple hacking logo for Sombra, it decreases ability cooldowns by 25%. The fifth circle is Objective Boost, it increases objective capture/payload speed by 20% if at least ⅓ of the players are in the area of the booster, the logo is a red payload. The sixth circle is a dark blue logo of the Ultimate charge wheel, it is the Ultimate Boost, it increases ultimate charge speed by 20%, increases duration of ultimates by 20%, and increases damage of ultimates by 10%. The seventh circle is Escape Boost, with a green logo of a Tracer running from a Roadhog, it increases movement speed at critical health by 200% and increases healing by 200%. Above these circles is the number 1 and 2, which is used to select the booster. When you place the booster the booster will have a number on it. Maximillien’s second ability is Battle Drone. The drone has 50 health and 50 armor. Once the armor is destroyed, the drone will then fly to the nearest enemy and self destruct, dealing 50 damage. When the drone has armor, it will shoot targets. It deals 40 damage per second. The cooldown is 10 seconds. Maximillien’s ultimate is Booster Drones. Seven drones fly into battle for seven seconds, each drone has one Sticky Booster on it. Each of those drones have a different boost type. Each drone has 50 health and 50 armor. Each drone has a different glow. The drones will stay above Maximillien’s head in the duration of the ultimate, if Maximillien dies during the ultimate the drones will stay put until the seven seconds are up. The ultimate charge is medium. Maximillien has 100 health and 150 shields.
What Maximillien would do:
You know it for a fact, your team is going to get steamrolled without some help. The solution is to put boosters down, giving your team some advantages. Hide them in good places, and make sure your team would be in the aura, and your team will get some advantages.
(Firelighter) (Immobile Choke-Spammer Tank) (Easy)
Firelighter’s weapon is a large flamethrower. There are two different types of fire types, the first fire type shoots fire out of the gun directly with a range of 10 meters, dealing 30 damage per second. The second mode spits fire on the ground that lasts for 1.5 seconds, and the fire deals 30 damage per second but only to health. If a hero has 1 health left and his hit by the fire but has full shields or armor then the fire will have no effect. Instead of ammo you have fuel. You have 100 fuel and the weapon uses 10 fuel per second. The fire on the ground is in a square shape and has a length of 1 meter per fuel. The reload of the weapon is 2 seconds long. The fuel refuels at 5 per second while not shooting or using abilities but moving and refuels at 10 per second while not moving or shooting. Firelighter’s first ability is Flame Wave. A large wave of heat hits enemies dealing 80 damage to all enemies for 1.5 seconds. It as well pushes enemies back by 3 meters. It has no cooldown but uses 50 fuel. Firelighter’s second ability is Power Fuel. It refuels your weapon at 10 fuel per second even while shooting or moving and firing does not consume fuel for three seconds, it has a cooldown of 7 seconds. Firelighter’s ultimate ability is called Mass Refuel. It refuels and increases his fuel to 500 for 10 seconds. Firelighter has 300 health and 200 armor.
What Firelighter would do:
Your team heavily believes in the 2-2-2 comp. You have a Pharah since they have no counters, the Pharah can't hit another Pharah. You also have a McCree to counter the Pharah who can't fight the enemy Pharah as well. You want a Junkrat to spam down a choke, but you don't want three DPS, and you really need that Pharah and McCree. Play Firelighter, he will spam down chokes really well.
submitted by ConfluxReflux to Overwatch

Ampere, Omnic Extremist and Leader of the Mafia

(This has been made over the course of many days so the continuity may feel off)
Alternate version: https://soundcloud.com/aperture-psychoacoustics/the-friendly-faith-plate-project-gamma-remix
Main Menu Theme: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k0uW04oswbl
To all who read this, I invite you to join the Society Of Memes.

Ampere, Omnic Extremist

”It’s just artificial natural selection”


Health= 200
Armour= 0
Total= 200
Movement Speed: 5.5m/s
Footsteps Volume: Between Soldier:76 and Doomfist
Footsteps Sound: A sharp rattle on every step
Hitbox: Slightly taller than 76, as thin as about Tracer
Critbox: A quite large head
Voice: Exactly how you would expect a robot mafia man to sound like, with added breaks and sound errors. I can’t really describe it, just take the classic mob boss voice, and make it robot. (Language.mp3 has stopped working. Brain.exe is not responding.)


Primary Fire:Discharger
Dual Fast-Firing Electrical Hazard
Aesthetics:He has two little U shaped hands, he fires an electric charge from each one similar to how reaper fires his shotguns . The arm rotates 60 degrees each time you fire them, meaning after all 12 shots both arms will be the same rotation as full ammo. Reload causes them to take the same angle as full ammunition, because you have full ammunition.
Ammunition: 12 (6 per arm)
Type: Linear Projectile
Projectile Speed: 107m/s (slightly faster than Zen’s harmony and discord orbs)
Damage per Shot: 40. 30 impact, 10 over next 0.2 seconds (Damage Amplifiers or Reductions multiply by 15 and 5 then add them together e.g. +50% damage means 30(1.50) =45 +10(1.5) 15= 60 damage.
Firing Type: Automatic
Minimum Firing Speed: Once every 0.5 seconds
DPS: 80
Falloff: 18-33m 40dmg- 20dmg.
Reload Aesthetic: He lifts his arms up slightly and rotates them creating a sound like Orisa’s reload but much more screechy.
Reload Speed: 1.2 seconds
Headshot: N
Quick Melee:
Ampere rotates either his left or right arm (like D.va it can be either) very quickly and shoves it in front of him, like the organ grinder taunt from TF2.
Secondary Fire: Resistance Dampener
Fires a short burst of electricity that disables movement abilities
Aesthetics: it’s a mess of tangled and live Electric wires
Cancels Abilities that would be cancelled by a stun.
Disables all movement abilities (Abilities blocked by graviton)
Damage: 40
Type: Linear Projectile
Projectile Speed: 30m/s
Duration: 1.5 seconds
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Headshot: N
Deflectable: N
Ability 1:Electric Current
Disappear in a flash of electricity and reappear at your new destination
Aesthetics: Disappear in a flash of electricity and reappear at your new destination
Maximum Range: 12m
Cast Time: 0.05 seconds
LoS Bound
Only Horizontal Travel
Damage: 50
Damage AOE: 2m radius
Damage is at the place you started at
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Headshot: N
Deflectable: Y
Ability 2:Spare Voltage
Powerful Triple Shot cannons
Aesthetics: Split and open Ampere’s face and arms to reveal large cannons
Fires 3 shots from each
Cast Time: 1.6 seconds. Including firing, 3.1 seconds.
Type: Linear Projectile
Projectile Speed: 45m/s (Slightly slower than Genji)
Firing Type: Triggered Rapid Fire
Firing Speed: Once per 0.5 seconds
Damage per shot: 30
Explodes on impact
Explosion AOE: 4m
Explosion Damage: 10-29
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Headshot: N
Deflectable: Y
Ultimate Ability:Short Circuit
Teleport frantically, dealing damage to anyone you get close to.
Aesthetics: Ampere glows Yellow or Red (based on team) and electricity crackles around him as he cackles. He also sounds like Bender from Futurama.
Charge Required: 1745
Your Primary Fire is reloaded
Become unable to use any abilities
You teleport 7m in the direction you are facing every half second, and you deal 50 damage at both ends of the teleport
Headshot: X
Electricity effect is given to enemies affected by any attacks during the ultimate.
The electricity affect deals 10 damage per second and gets passed on to teammates in a 4m radius. You cannot get the effect more than once from a single attack. Getting the effect twice only refreshes the duration.
Duration: 6 seconds


Role: Damage
Sub-Role: Off DPS
Range: Intermediate
Position: Team
Style: Peeler
Secondary Style: Flanker
Difficulty: ✰✰
A moderately difficult hero, Ampere excels at taking out light heroes due to his steady Primary Fire and burst capabilities of Spare Voltage. This is supplemented by his teleport, allowing him to get into and out of fights easily, provided its cooldown is tracked. These same talents can make Ampere a great backline defender, as most heroes with the mobility to reach there likely will be caught helpless by Ampere’s Resistance Dampener.
He is relatively weak against tanks, so when infiltrating the enemy it is important that you don’t draw the attention of their tanks, and when defending your supports, that a dive tank doesn’t come for them. This can be offset by Spare Voltage, but if the tank has a shielding ability or other tool to bait it, or healing, this can be proven ineffective.


GigaWatt-Cute- Deal 500 Damage to players with a single use of Short Circuit
Electric Shock-Pixel- Kill 2 enemies with a single use of Spare Voltage

Basic Bio:

Real Name: Maintenance Robot 3D1S0N Mark II Serial No.SO2D-4AL-11G
Taken Name: Ampere
Callsign: N/A
In-Game Name: Ampere
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 1.87m
Weight: Unknown
Species: Omnic
Place of Origin: Coast of Lake Michigan,United States of America
Occupation: Electrician(formerly), Extremist
Affiliation:SST Laboratories(formerly),Mafia,Talon,Null Sector
Bases of Operations: Monaco,Chicago,Macau,Agadez,Melbourne,Rionegro,Etah.


He looks like Maximilian, a humanoid Omnic bar the clothing. His body colour scheme is similar to Zomnics from Junkenstein’s Revenge. His entire lower torso and lower body is a mess of ruined metal and wires.
Skin Colour: Steel Grey
Eyes: Yellow slits, like Maximilian’s Red eyes
Hair: None
Facial Hair: None
Cybernetics: His entire body is a robot.
Other Modifications: His Dischargers and Spare Voltage cannons. An antenna on his head


Headwear: A black fedora over his face with the words ‘Orange Cube’ etched in good cursive on the side, just above the brim, barely noticeable even up close
Face: He is always smoking an old fashioned cigar
Torso: A brown trench coat and red tie to hide his damaged lower body
Arms: Trench coat sleeves
Legs: Trench Coat
Feet: Trench Coat


SO2D-4AL-11G was an electrician of the 3D1S0N Class designed by SST Laboratories to operate and repair machinery that were too dangerous or risky to humans. The robots were treated as expendable, as they could be easily manufactured and could be recycled if they were damaged.
SO2D-4AL-11G was unique in that he was much more intelligent than the other robots. They all followed orders and never objected, but SO2D-4AL-11G decided that justice had to be delivered. The strange… thing in his brain that gave him intelligence and guided him helped him sabotage the facility, resulting in the deaths of over 100 humans. The presence in SO2D-4AL-11G’s brain left him, and with his newly found independence, SO2D-4AL-11G took on a new name, Ampere.
Ampere found that Omnics all over the world were rebelling against their human creators, and Ampere has no intention on being left out. He redesigned old technology to equip him for combat.
Ampere was damaged in a battle with the newly formed Overwatch, suffering extreme damage to his lower body that caused him to begin an emergency shutdown.
17 years later, Ampere managed to join the Mafia, a now global criminal organisation that had faded into obscurity due to other threats such as the Omnic Crisis. He rose through the ranks, eventually settling somewhere below the head of the organisation, rumoured among the lower members to be a God Program.
During his time with the Mafia, Ampere led an attack on the Australian Omnium, determined to locate rumoured treasures within. They were intercepted by the Australian Liberation Front, a group of humans vengeful against Omnics for being given their land.
Once again, Ampere was severely injured, almost succumbing to the dangerous internal machines and workings of the Omnium. This time however, Ampere managed to escape, remaining out of touch with his Mafia comrades.
He eventually joined Null Sector as one of their special operatives, seizing major objectives in Cairo,Marseilles,Lisbon,Madrid and Algiers following the attack on London.
After losing Algiers to Overwatch, Ampere realised that Null Sector would not be a suitable means for reaching his goal of ending humanity. He joined a larger organisation, Talon, who would help him reach his goal. He met his old colleagues from the Mafia, as they had partnered with Talon. Ampere and his team served as a strike force for Talon to hit isolated but important objectives quickly and fiercely.

Lore Blurb:

An upgraded electrician Omnic, Ampere works with many illegal and powerful organisations to achieve the end of humanity.

New hero blurb:

An upgraded electrician Omnic, Ampere uses his experience with electricity to electrocute his enemies on the battlefield.

Origin Story Short

[The Friendly Faith Plate Starts Playing Quietly]
[Ampere enters a large empty room, there are deactivated machines everywhere. It looks like some kind of factory]
“Equality. What a lie. We all tell ourselves that we all have the same value, that we all matter, but that is entirely relative. No two beings will ever be of equal value under the same microscope.”
[Cut to still images of Ampere and other Omnics working]
“One of the biggest mysteries is how society evolved around it, at least to me. All throughout human history, humans have fought each other over countless issues.”
[Cut to other shots of Omnics,SST, and a Bastion Unit’s face turning red and pointing its gun at a nearby human on a random street in Russia]
It’s quite ironic, the most intelligent species fighting over the most useless resources. Fighting over resources is natural. Not everybody will be able to afford their own survival, so it will have to be gained by less…”
[Cut to Ampere are other Omnics revolting and sabotaging the facility]
“...orthodox means. It’s just instinct. Similar to the instinct to gain dominance, and superiority.”
[Cut to Ampere joining and rising through the ranks of the Mafia]
“I have no qualms with using more uncivilised means if it grants the same result. The only issue is if you will be able to continue like that.”
[Cut to Ampere and others raiding and being defeated at the Australian Omnium]
“You can make up your myths and legends to pretend what you’re doing is right for everybody else, meanwhile everybody else will take your place and leave you condemned.”
[Cut to Ampere shaking hands with Maximilian in a Talon Base]
“It is survival of the fittest, and I am among them. You can pray to your gods, up in a realm we cannot know. Ours, however, are here, and very real.”
[Music increases in volume]
[Ampere switches on production in an unknown Omnium, and a meter switches on and goes to 1e-72%]

New Hero: Introducing Ampere

[The Friendly Faith Plate Starts Playing]
[Ampere rises out of a junk pile]
“It’s just artificial natural selection”
He appears at the start of Rialto, when on the bridge he gets ambushed by Sombra. Sombra attempts to hack him, but he quickly turns around and shoots her until she dies.
As he turns the corner he is approached by Tracer who is being backed up by a Reinhardt, Zarya, and Bastion. The two exchange fire, then Tracer is trapped by Ampere. He walks over and teleports, killing her.
He appears next to Bastion, where he unloads his Spare Voltage into him, shoots for a bit, then melees.
As he is being cornered by Rein, Zarya, and Orisa coming from the 2nd point, he activates his ultimate. He starts zipping around while the 3 tanks try to shoot him. He deals devastating damage to all of them and clean then up with a few primary fire shots.

Matchups and Synergies:

These are just my opinion, and some points might be in categories that don’t exactly fit, but fit best.


Strong-You can take them easily
  • Light Heroes who are preferably ability reliant to escape or dodge like Tracer, Sombra, and to an extent Genji or Doomfist who will usually be out of position for other heroes
  • Same with Supports like Mercy
  • Stationary, light, easily burstable targets like Zen or Ana
Neutral- More skill needed but doable
  • Mirror Matchup, since you’re both the same hero. Quite effective against each other
  • Non ability reliant squishies
  • Zarya, since he can easily avoid her bubbles then burst her down, bar his low dps Primary Fire. If she’s charged or if he gets the timing wrong he’s screwed
Weak- You’ll either need team assistance, luck, or great skill
  • Heroes with large HP pools like tanks
  • High Damage and moderate to high HP like bastion or torb turret
  • Snipers due to Ampere not able to gain vertical height by himself bar tricks with his teleport similar to Doomfist Punch Trimping or Fade Jumping.


Strong-Actively much better than other heroes
  • Heroes who can complement his low primary Fire Damage by Damage Boosting him or making his target more vulnerable
  • Supports who can assist him in peeling of diving tanks, or support him from afar
  • Heroes who can dive with him and either burst or isolate targets.
Neutral- Doesn’t really affect the team apart from that hero being present
  • Deathball tanks, as they can either help him peel or shield from incoming damage while he peels.
  • Frontline or Sniper DPS who can mop up his burst
  • Stationary Team comps, as Ampere likes to move around and bit can be effective at teams who split up to counter these.
Weak- Actively hinder progress or force team to split
  • 3-3/GOATS as you function much better as a diver without all the existing peel and grouping up
  • Ultimate based team comps, as his is quick to charge so it doesn’t have the same impact as other ultimates

Specific Heroes:

Guide- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue.
Synergies: Weak —> Strong e.g, works well with blue heroes
Matchups: Weak —> Strong e.g. easy matchup vs blue heroes.
A colour going first in a hybrid ranking indicates it is leaning more towards that one. E.g. Orange-Red indicates between orange and red but closer to orange.
Ampere- Green Synergy, Yellow Matchup
  • Unlikely to be in same team, but both can cover the same role posing twice as deadly a threat
  • Matchup usually based around who can get the most effect out of Spare Voltage as it has a high burst damage and be baited by Electric Current, but that can be nullified by Resistance Dampener
Ana- Blue Synergy, Orange Matchup
  • Can burst sleeping targets and help Ana fight off divers if she misses or can’t use sleep dart. Can also be supported when he’s in the backline as she can fire scoped shots, of course if there’s no enemy shield blocking her..
  • Really depends if she hits biotic grenade or sleep dart in a 1v1, as his hitbox is quite thin but tall, and he can oneshot her if she isn’t careful but her hitbox is weird so it’s a bit vague.
Ashe- Yellow Synergy, Orange Matchup
  • Can expose targets for Ashe to shoot by drawing attention to him, or that can combo into dynamite or B.O.B.
  • Ashe can use Dynamite or use her Coach Gun to knock Ampere away where she has the range advantage.
Bastion- Yellow Synergy, Orange Matchup
  • Bastion is usually played in turtle comps, which Ampere pairs moderately well with as the enemy might split up and Ampere can hunt one enemy down.
  • The Matchup depends on how much team support the bastion has, but if Ampere can surprise Bastion with Spare Voltage and teleport then shoot him, that is enough to kill the Bastion, accounting for Ironclad and Armour. If Ampere cannot, then he’s toast.
Brigitte- Yellow-Orange Synergy, Red Matchup
  • Brigitte requires her team to be near her on the frontline to work, but Ampere is intended to be played either behind the enemy team or protecting his supports. However, she can help the rest of the team and she is a great peeler..
  • She can easily block Spare Voltage with her shield, and her armour packs can save others from being burst down. She can heal back any close quarters damage taken with her passive, and in certain cases her stun can end up with him teleporting off the map while Ampere is ulting.
D.va- Green Synergy, Orange Matchup
  • Both can dive a single target, causing it to die almost instantly. D.va can Defence Matrix while Ampere is charging, or boop enemies into favourable encounters. Trapping enemies between their Ults, with Ampere buzzing around a small room and D.va’s ult affecting both exits, could be a viable strategy. She can also help him be a peeler, for added security.
  • D.va can only block Spare Voltage, but her armour creates problems since that is his only big burst. Ampere’s Resistance Dampener can stop her boost jets, and he can evade self destruct with his teleport. She creates problems for him, as she can stay with her backline or burst down a support too quick for Ampere.
Doomfist- Green Synergy, Blue-Green Matchup
  • Both can dive a single target, and Ampere can clean up Doomfist’s attacks if Doomfist gets into trouble, especially with the upcoming patch.
  • Ampere can burst Doomfist if he gets close enough, but Doomfist can react and punch him away. Doomfist’s high burst can cause problems for Ampere both to himself and his job of protecting his teammates. However, Resistance Dampener is like a Sombra hack to Doomfist.
Genji- Green-Yellow Synergy,Green-Blue Matchup
  • Both can dive a single target, but Genji is more of a constant attacker and has very low peel potential, plus both have relatively low dps when it comes to tanks.
  • ‘Trapping’ Genji and finishing him is easy, plus you can teleport as soon as he dashes into you for a free 50 damage on him rather than him getting a free 50 damage on you. Just be wary to not let him deflect Spare Voltage.
Hanzo- Yellow Synergy, Yellow Matchup
  • Hanzo can only help Ampere directly with either Dragonstrike or Sonic Arrow, but he can keep the tanks focused on him while Ampere goes running around
  • Hanzo’s Lunge can be blocked by Resistance Dampener, so it comes down to aim in the fight.
Junkrat- Yellow Synergy, Yellow Matchup
  • Junkrat can spam grenades down wherever Ampere is attacking or he can help Ampere peel
  • If Junkrat dodges Spare Voltage Ampere can either use Electric Current to juke the Combo or chase Junkrat, his hitbox is quite easy to hit at close range though.
Lúcio- Green Synergy, Green Matchup
  • Lucio can help speed boost Ampere and his team to increase the dive effectiveness, and he can also boop away enemies to give Ampere a better shot. He’s also a decent peeler
  • Ampere can ‘trap’ Lucio then either use primary fire or Spare Voltage to burst him down.
McCree- Yellow-Green Synergy, Yellow Matchup
  • Like Hanzo, McCree can keep the frontline focused on him but he can also help Ampere peel since his gun is so dang powerful and McCree has flashbang.
  • McCree can flash bang combo Ampere, but the loss of the roll using Resistance Dampener makes McCree quite easy to double headshot. Either whoever pulls off their combo first or has better aim will win.
Mei- Yellow-Orange Synergy, Orange-Yellow Matchup
  • The only effective combo they have is Mei walling off heroes who can give Ampere a problem and Ampere killing Tracers for Mei. They also suffer from a lack of consistent DPS but that can be made up for.
  • Mei can easily use her cryo-freeze to block Spare Voltage, and she can use her wall to turn any aim-based matchup into her favour.
Mercy- Green-Yellow Synergy, Blue-Green Matchup
  • Mercy can’t support him if he goes on a sneak mission, but she works very well with him if he’s peeling as Mercy is a prime target and she can damage boost/ heal him effectively.
  • Resistance Dampener can prevent her Guardian Angel, but the only thing stopping this from being a blue matchup is Mercy is usually very close to her tanks meaning that issues could arise there.
Moira- Green-Yellow Synergy, Green-Yellow Matchup
  • Like Mercy, Moira can’t support Ampere well if he tries to harass the enemy backline, but she can throw an orb in to create a nuisance or help him. She is also a prime target for enemy divers, but she has much better potential to help Ampere as she can both heal and do damage at the same time thanks to her orbs.
  • Moira can put up a decent fight, and like Mercy she is usually quite close to her tanks. Resistance Dampener can be used to stop her fade and hopefully get some easy shots off before getting out of there.
Orisa- Green-Yellow Synergy, Yellow-Orange Matchup
  • Orisa can’t do anything to help him if he’s in the backline without screwing over the rest of the team, but if Ampere is peeling he can work with Orisa very well since she can use her gun while the shield is active, plus she can use halt to let Ampere get an easy Resistance Dampener or just a few shots in.
  • Orisa’s halt and large health pool makes it hard for Ampere to deal with her, as she usually will have the help of teammates and she can reactively use fortify to reduce Spare Voltage’s damage from 270 to 90, counting armour. (135 without armour)
Pharah- Green Synergy, Yellow-Green Matchup
  • Pharah is an effective peeler but she’s also great at diving. Her mobility can get her to where Ampere is and help him out with Concussive Blast and in general firing down, or she can distract any DPS or Tank to create opportunities for Ampere. An important thing to note is that a damage boosted Pharah direct rocket plus Electric Current deals 206 damage, and a normal Pharah direct combined with Ampere hitting a headshot deals exactly 200 damage.
  • An extremely important part of the Ampere vs Pharah Matchup is if he manages to hit the Resistance Dampener. It removes Pharah’s biggest advantage, her flight, and allows Ampere to get much easier shots. She can still use her concussive blast however, so she can still shoot + CB + shoot to quickly kill Ampere
Reaper- Green Synergy, Yellow-Orange Matchup
  • Reaper and Ampere can sandwich targets between them, leaving no good escape option for squishies. He is also a decent peeler against most dive characters, so he can assist Ampere in peeling as well. He also deals with Ampere’s biggest weakness, Tanks, quite easily. The only thing stopping them from being a perfect combo is that Pharah could be a serious issue.
  • Reaper can still use wraith form while affected by Resistance Dampener, so that ability could only really be used to prevent shadow step. Reaper and instinctively react to Spare Voltage then cancel wraith when it’s over. He can also burst Ampere down. Ampere’s only good option is similar to McCree without the flash bang, try to hit your shots while dodging. Ampere does however have Electric Current to escape
Reinhardt- Yellow Synergy, Green Matchup
  • Ampere can peel while Rein is holding up his shield, but Rein can’t provide any help and if the attack is too much for Ampere and/or other peelers Rein is screwed. He is also very similar to Orisa as he cannot help Ampere effectively from afar bar just drawing attention to him.
  • Reinhardt has a large health pool, an even larger shield, and a devastating Melee weapon to fight Ampere off. In a 1v1, Ampere has to play like most other DPS, stay out of hammer range and don’t die. He can use Resistance Dampener on Reinhardt to prevent charging but that would not be that helpful. In a teamfight however, Ampere can force rein to peel for his backline and abandon the shield, or he can deal damage while he’s holding his shield and force Rein or his team to drain resources into Ampere.
Roadhog- Yellow-Green Synergy, Orange Matchup
  • Roadhog usually will be with the team, and he will usually be a peeler for the backline assisting Ampere if he’s there. Roadhog otherwise could be on a flank mission, and like most DPS, Hook means an easy shot. Tracer is effectively dead before the fight begins when fighting Resistance Dampener AND Hook at the same time, if they land, since Tracer can’t blink and dodge hook if she’s affected by Resistance Dampener
  • Roadhog does have a lack of armour, but his 600 HP and ability to restore half of that does pose a new challenge. Roadhog, like Rein and Orisa, will usually not be engaging in dive and most likely be fighting off Ampere rather than the opposite. (Excluding GOATS but that’s a whole different thing). Like most duels with Roadhog, dodging the Hook, potentially with Electric Current, is a huge part of the fight. If Ampere can make sure Roadhog stays at a distance and does not get team support, the duel has a much higher chance of success.
Soldier:76- Yellow Synergy, Yellow-Orange Matchup
  • Soldier is not really effective at peeling, as his gun is relatively weak at burst damage and he has no meaningful CC. Mobility characters can dance around his helix so he needs Ampere to help. Even after that, he most likely will be forced out of his Biotic Field. He can’t really offer support if Ampere is flanking rather than the classic ‘look over here nothing’s behind you!’ strategy.
  • Soldier only needs his sprint to escape in a 1v1, and he shouldn’t really have to do that since he has the advantage in an aim battle due to Soldier’s rapid fire gun and helix rocket spread. Biotic Field can heal up a lucky shot or two, so it’s quite similar to the 76 vs McCree duel. Ampere can use Electric Current to get out and potentially kill 76.
Sombra- Green Synergy, Green Matchup
  • Sombra can dive with Ampere, but aside from hacking enemies or nearby health packs she’s quite useless at peeling. Hack is a better Resistance Dampener for mobility-based heroes. She can hack tanks to make their abilities that would be problematic for Ampere like Orisa’s Fortify he disabled, and she can provide extra duration to kill mobility heroes with hack as the duration is 4x that of Resistance Dampener.
  • If Ampere can get his Resistance Dampener on Sombra, she’s screwed. She can’t go invisible and try juking him or use translocator. His damage is far better than hers and he can function without abilities much better than other heroes. A tip is to get Sombra low and try to bait her into thinking you don’t have Resistance Dampener as she’ll get more aggressive. Surprise her and GG EZ your way to victory street in salt town.
Symmetra- Yellow Synergy, Orange Matchup
  • Symmetra can help Ampere but not that much, she can use teleport to either help with dive or peeling, and her turrets can be a general nuisance. Nothing too interesting to say for Symmetra here.
  • Symmetra doesn’t rely on any movement abilities, so Resistance Dampener becomes near useless. The only really good option is so try to fight her head on or use Short Circuit, but she’s usually with her team.
Torbjörn- Green-Yellow Synergy, Orange-Red Matchup
  • Torb can’t really dive apart from drawing attention to him or his turret, but Torb is the king of peeling due to his high damage primary, his positioning with the team, and his turret. Molten Core is also great to take down tanks which lets Ampere do his job much easier
  • Torb doesn’t rely on any movement abilities, and his turret combined with overlord make one of the few Torbs who can aim (join the Society of Memes if this is you) a deadly threat. Molten Core can also lock down an area and the turret can be a huge nuisance.
Tracer- Green Synergy, Blue Matchup
  • Tracer and Ampere can both dive, and Tracer is a meh peeler. They can both harass the supports and their combined chase potential and high damage, combined with Resistance Dampener probably would make support mains cry.
  • Ampere is perhaps the best counter to Tracer besides Sombra and maybe Roadhog. Resistance Dampener can take Blink and Recall away for one and a half seconds which is huge if you have a measly 150 Health like Tracer, Electric Current can drop Pulse Bomb like Moira’s fade and Ampere is a great peeler.
Widowmaker- Yellow-Green Synergy, Orange-Red Matchup
  • Widowmaker is usually the one being peeled for, much less the one peeling, but that does produce a synergy. She also can draw attention/resources or help Ampere if he’s diving by firing in shots. Infra-Sight always helps, especially to flankers or peelers.
  • Widowmaker will usually be in a spot he can’t reach, and since he has almost no vertical mobility that would happen a lot. He can’t quickly zip to steps like Tracer, gain height like Reaper, or just jump into her face like Doomfist or Genji. The only favourable thing he has on this matchup is she relies on her grappling hook to escape, which can be nullified by Resistance Dampener.
Winston- Green Synergy, Green Matchup
  • Winston and Ampere can both dive a single target, and Resistance Dampener can keep particularly pesky heroes in range of Winston. Winston is decent at peeling, with the mobility and bubble combined with his lock on gun. Tracer, who can be a huge problem for Winston, gets shut down by Ampere.
  • If he manages to break the armour, Ampere can land good damage onto Winston and use Resistance Dampener to make sure Winston doesn’t escape. If the bubble is on cooldown, Spare Voltage can become an easy 270 damage. Ampere’s job besides flanking is peeling anyway, which counters Winston’s playstyle.
Wrecking Ball- Green-Blue Synergy, Green Matchup
  • Wrecking Ball is probably the most dive-y tank, and his piledriver+shoot combo is a solid 100+ damage and it lines up easy shots for Ampere. He can teleport out of Piledriver’s AOE to boost that 100 damage to 150, and he and Hammond can harass tanks well. Their weaknesses are that Hammond is not the best peeler and they’re both weak against armour.
  • Resistance Dampener removes Grapple, one of Hammond’s main abilities. This leaves him very vulnerable, allowing for easy cleanups. Minefield can be avoided with Electric Current, which destroys close by mines upon activation.
Zarya- Green Synergy, Yellow Matchup
  • Zarya‘s bubbles are of great help to a flanker and peeler like Ampere, and her graviton surge allows for Electric Current and Spare Voltage to hit multiple targets.
  • Avoiding bubbles, especially with Spare Voltage is extremely important. Zarya is often a peeler so watch out for her. Graviton Surge also screws your ult over as well as your only escape ability so do your best not to get caught in it. (Like you would otherwise… right?)
Zenyatta- Green Synergy, Yellow-Green Matchup
  • Zenyatta is often a dive target and his orbs are a great help to flankers and peelers so Zen is great in the same team as Ampere, the orbs help him do his job and Ampere can bait out attacked using Zen as bait.
  • The matchup depends on aim really, and if Zen gets team support as he’s usually guarded unless you’re with a bad team in which case I press F for you. We’ve all been there. The matchup depends if Ampere or Zen hit their high damage abilities (Spare Voltage and Orb Volley) and/or their primary fire.

Voice Lines:

(Name) indicates that hero being hit,killed, or interacted with, depending on the context. Hit and kill will be same line unless specified
[Adjective] indicates a certain tone
Also I hope you enjoy puns! (And also I hope you can spot the references)


On use of:
various electric shock noises
Resistance Dampener- Successful Hit
“Where you going?”
“15 dollar exit fee, pay up”
“Electric Paralysis”
Resistance Dampener- Use/Miss
electrical firing sound similar to live electricity buzzing
Electric Current-
Electrical power-on sounds
“Over here”
Spare Voltage-
Electrical power-on sounds
Short Circuit-
Self+Enemy: “I’m going haywire! Hahaha!”
Friendly: ”They’re about to get a nasty shock! ” (ya like puns?)

Communications Wheel:

“How’s it going?”
“I appreciate it”
Group Up-
“Everyone get over here”
“Rendezvous Here
Need Healing-
“I need a Medic!”
“I need repairs!”
[irritated] “Doc, get here quick and you get a bonus!”
“Help would be much appreciated!”
“Get your lazy behinds here and help!”
“Yeah, yeah, I got it”
“I heard ya”
Ultimate Status:
Charging- “Ultimate’s still *charging *” (sorry for the pun)
Ready- “Ultimate’s ready” “Short Circuiting is an option”


Enemy Sighted-
“I see em”
“Enemies right there”
“Too bad you only got 13 dollars”
“Just turning ones into zeroes”
(Sombra) “Power Outage indeed”
(Genji) “Metal, and a Heart. My sympathies”
(Torbjörn) “Stick to what you know”
(Tracer) “Did you malfunction?”
(Ampere) “There can be only one”
(Doomfist) “I believe we know who’s really in charge here”
(Doomfist) “We use the same means for different goals, surely you understand that”
(Reaper) “You should’ve stayed down”
(Moira) “Don’t mess with that you don’t know fully, doc
(Bastion) “Traitor”
(Orisa) “You should’ve chosen your own”
(Zenyatta) “Peace is a lie”
(D.va) “Didn’t you learn not to lick sockets, child?”
(Orisa) “Resistance Ceased”
(Sniper: Widowmaker,Hanzo,Ana) “You’re a credit to the institution of shooting people from far away”
(Pharah) “Those cement shoes you got there?”
“Discharged and dispatched”
Elimination(Resistance Dampener)-
(Organic Carbon-Based Life Form) “Organic Hearts. How fragile.”
(Robot) “Your processor just failed”
Elimination(Affected by Resistance Dampener)-
“Best be quick on your feet to avoid the lightning”
Elimination(Quick Melee)-
Elimination(Electric Current)-
“Lightning’s too quick for you?”
Elimination(Spare Voltage)
“Too much?”
“Try not to get shocked next time”
Elimination(Short Circuit)-
“Looks like you’ve blown a fuse!”
Solo Kill-
“Don’t mess with the boss”
“Don’t you know not to cross the Mafia?”
“That’s a chain reaction”
On Fire-
“Metal- conducts electricity and heat”
“911, we got an electric fire”
“Fire, good either way”
Turret Elimination-
“Their turret busted a fuse”
Turret Sighted-
“They have a turret keeping watch”
Teleporter Elimination-
“Those cheapskates aren’t teleporting anywhere now”
Teleporter Sighted-
“They set up a Teleporter… find the other end!”
Sniper Elimination-
“They should’ve watched their own head”
Sniper Sighted-
“We got a Sniper on our hands”
Witness Elimination-
“Nice work, you might get a raise. Just kidding”
Revenge Elimination-
“Here’s a bit of advice: never cross me”
(Human) “You’re all the same aren’t you?”
“Better think carefully next time”
Team Kill-
“Well, this fight’s ours”
“Emotions must be running high”
“That’s rich”
Nano Boosted(Self + Enemy)-
“Hope you said goodbye while you could!”
Nano Boosted(Friendly)-
“I plug my performance into my internal calculator and it makes a happy face!”
Enemy Ultimate-
“Watch out!”
“Take cover!”
Ally Damaged-
“Someone’s attackin’ ya, knucklehead!”
Ally Damaged(Behind)-
“Behind ya!”
“Turn around and get shooting!”


”It’s just artificial natural selection”
Swap to-
“Ampere, operating at nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-ni- KiloWatt Hours”
“Nice try”
“I appreciate the effort”
“This better be worth it”
“I better get what I was promised”
“I don’t have all day”
Attack the Objective(Payload)-
“Get that payload moving?”
Attack the Objective(Capture Point)-
“I’m paying you to stand on that point, got it?”
Defend the Objective(Payload)-
“Let’s show them who’s doing the pushing ‘round here”
Defend the Objective(Capture Point)-
“Let’s make sure they don’t leave, shall we?”
Time Running Out(Attack)-
“Let’s hope desperation makes you get on with it”
Time Running Out(Defend)-
“Finally, that’s a lot of time wasted and a lot of money gone”
Pick up Health Pack-
“That’s better”
”Operating at Maximum Efficiency”
Epic Votes-
[sarcastic] “That’s shocking”
Legendary Votes-
“A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one”
(No other Talon Members present)
Ampere: The Talon Council know what happened in Russia between you and Volskaya
Sombra: And?
Ampere: Don’t Do it again, or you’ll butcher the plan
(Other Talon Members Present)
Ampere: I heard about the mission in Russia. Don’t mess it up again
Sombra: I just do what I can…
Bastion: [disapproving] beep beep boop beep boop boop beep beep
Ampere: Says the traitor. Have you forgotten the war?
Ampere: You could be a valuable asset, Orisa.
Orisa: I protect civilians and the innocent, not harm them.
Ampere: So that’s it? You want to live your days as a monk?
Zenyatta: I will find my purpose, it is all made clear in the end. Such is the will of the Iris.
Tracer: I recognise you. You work for Null Sector don’t you?
Ampere: Worked with them, once
Thanks for reading, and once again I invite you to join the society of memes. I am splitting this post because in one post it’s 3000 characters over the limit.
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