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Respect Mitch Marlow

"I'm not the chosen one, I'm not a magical prodigy. I'm just a guy with some priceless artefacts and a knack for weird stuff."

Name: Mitch Marlow
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canada, Newfoundland
The boy named Mitch Marlow was born to Moray Marlow and Jessica Murdoch in 1988. On the outside, the Marlow family seemed pleasingly average - A family of three living in a big house in suburban Ottawa. But in reality, you would struggle to find words to describe the chaos and distaste in the household. Moray Marlow was an accomplished wizard, and had a single dream, a clear vision: To train an heir. While his wife believed in magic, she did not practice it, and pleaded with her husband to settle down and just live a life. The argument never seemed to end - a loop of begging, pleading, and screaming.
The broth boiled over when Marlow was still a toddler. Mitch's grandfather - Moray's father - died in his sleep. Most would assume - Jessica assumed - that Moray would take time to morn, settle down for just a moment. But instead, Moray brought up the topic of moving. Not just moving, moving to a remote settlement in the middle of nowhere, Newfoundland.
This was the last straw for poor Jessica. With some paperwork, some time in court, and plenty of screaming, a divorce was swiftly and decisively pushed through. Moray won complete custody over Mitch, his former wife not making any effort to claim her young son.
The father mage and their protégé son moved to the tip of Newfoundland as soon as the custody was won. And with that, Mitch's training could begin at the age of seven. His training was strict, though it wasn't too harsh. The training focused on artefacts, Mitch drilling enchantments and rituals through his head 24/7, 365.
For each of those days, Mitch would ask why. Why was he being trained so rigorously, why was his dad so obsessed with this training. When he was 14, he found out the answers. His father took him to the basement, and showed him through a magical hidden door. Inside, he found a huge collection of trinkets, weapons and whathaveyou. And every single one of them had a magic signature, hidden underneath a Ley Line.
His father told him a story, about how his father found this collection in his fathers - Mitch's great grandfather's - basement. How he researched this collection, and how he added to it. And about how Moray suspected that Mitch's Great-great-grandfather did the same, and so on. About destinies, about research.
Mitch wasn't sure how much of that he believed, but it was an answer, a purpose. His interest in the arcane grew, and for the next 4 years, he dedicated himself to study, shutting out some of the more modern technological luxuries. And just as he began grasping at the next level of magical phenomena, his father died.
No one was quite sure how or why. He was found dead in the grass, his throat slit wide open. Most automatically attributed it to suicide, but Mitch didn't believe it. He couldn't let himself believe it. His studies were stopped in their tracks, 90% of the artefacts in that mystical room locked away to his meagre understanding of the un-understandable. After almost a year of mourning, he realized that he would be going nowhere slow if he tried to educate himself. So he decided there was only one thing to do - Grab the strongest artefacts available to him, step outside, and find a way to educate himself.
(More backstory on certain artefacts will be coming in story form.)
Marlow is friendly and caring to his friends, but angers quickly in the face of his enemies. He usually takes a back seat role in friendships, offering support and jokes without taking too much of a lead. He gets exasperated quickly, both in hostile and friendly situations. In the former, he gradually starts planning out events less and less, in the latter, he puts on a facade of snarky jokes and friendly insults.
The Gauntlet will slowly eat away at his morality, making him more and more efficient and cold to the world. Ultimately, it will make it impossible for him to distinguish what's right and what's wrong, with a decent push towards the wrong category.
Marlow w/ Sword of Meórach (Source)
Gauntlet Everthadh (Minus cloth and other things that make it look like a prop) (Source)
Age Height
19 (As of September 2008) 5'8''
Alignment: Neutral Good - Does not actively set out to be a hero, but will help where possible.
Intentions: RP and Stories
Intended Tier: Mid Charlie normally, High Delta with Gauntlet.
Creep: Unlocking the secrets of his trinkets (especially the Gauntlet), increasing his personal magic power, and finding new trinkets.
Magic Bloodline
Mitch has an Above Average magic sensitivity. He is a specialist in the art of item enchantments, and uses raw mana constructs for most of his spells. These constructs appear as wavy glows for non-magic users. Magic users can see the constructs normally.
He has 6 'Magic Points' (Referred to as "MP"). MP can be used to power up type-1 artefacts, or focused into his spellcasting. No more than 3 points can be put into an individual item at a time. Draining Marlows Mana will lower his MP (-1 point for each 16% of mana lost).
His base physicals are passively increased by his Magic. Draining x% of his mana will lower these physicals by the same percentage.
Physical Casual Max
Strength 5 Tons 10 Tons
Combat Speed - 105 mph
Reaction Speed - 70 ms
Movement Speed - 125 mph
Durability No-Sell Stagger Bone-Break/Burn Kill
Energy 225 KJ 450 KJ 550 KJ 685 KJ
Heat 135 F 200 F 325 F 366 F
  • These stats are increased by his standard gear artefacts, the effects do not stack.
Marlow can only "lose" mana if it is drained, otherwise, his spells and MP will always operate at maximum efficiency.
Magic Ability
Mitch is an Adept-level spellcaster. He can cast a variety of spells, with some of them being long winded, resource intensive Rituals.
Most of his spells operate off of a cooldown system. Global cooldowns represent the time between any spells being cast; Local cooldowns represent the time between that specific spell being cast. Ritual cooldowns are independent from spell cooldowns.
Rituals require time and resources, but they are more potent than the rest of his spells.
Combat Spells:
  • Elden Arrows: Summon a group of arrows before launching them. These arrows use kinetic energy, and are piercing. The spell can be charged to summon more arrows. The arrows must move in a straight line, but each can be sent in a different direction. The arrows disappear 15 seconds after being launched. The user must move at 25% or lower of their max speed while charging. Global Cooldown: 0.75 seconds. Local Cooldown: 1.33 seconds. Cooldowns take effect after arrows are launched.
    MP Min Arrows Max Arrows Arrow Speed Arrow Energy Max Charge Time
    0 1 1 200 mph 80 J -
    1 2 7 250 mph 333 KJ 3 sec
    2 4 11 425 mph 425 KJ 3 sec
    3 6 14 735/*225 mph 475 KJ 2 sec
    Overcharge 25 50 Mach 5/*333 mph 13 MJ 1 sec
    • *At 3 MP+ levels, arrows can be changed to act as if they were real arrows, slowing them drastically.
  • Cumhahd Strike: A dodgeball-like sphere of raw mana is launched at a target. The user must shout out "Cumhahd", before the ball appears in their hand. The ball hits with kinetic energy, and disappears after hitting a solid, or after 15 seconds. The ball can be made to curve through the air at a rate of 0.25° per meter. Global Cooldown: 1 second. Local Cooldown: 1.75 seconds. Cooldowns take effect after ball is launched.
    MP Energy Speed
    0 160 J 60 mph
    1 2.2 MJ 400 mph
    2 4.5 MJ 725 mph
    3 6.5 MJ Mach 1.5
    Overcharge 666 MJ Mach 8
  • Organach Tarra: A small, sparkling ball is summoned. If this ball comes into contact with a solid object, the object can be pushed or pulled in any direction the caster likes. The ball is summoned from a single palm. The ball can be made to curve at a rate of 0.75° per meter. Global Cooldown: 1.33 seconds. Local Cooldown: 2.5 seconds. Cooldowns take effect after push/pull limit is met, or after the spell is otherwise dispelled.
    MP Max Push/Pull Equiv. Strength* Ball Speed Push/Pull Limit
    0 1 Ton 10 mph 1
    1 15 Tons 100 mph 1
    2 35 Tons/**5 Tons 200 mph 2
    3 60 Tons/10 Tons 375 mph 2
    Overcharge 655 Tons/625 Tons/20 Tons Mach 2.7 3
    • *Targets are pushed/pulled with an equivalent strength, not a direct strength. A 1 ton equiv. strength would be as if you were being pushed/pulled by a meta with 1 ton strength
    • **At 2 MP+, targets can be thrown multiple times. Multiple strength numbers indicates the power of consecutive throws.
  • Fudagunna: An energy-based explosion is summoned around the caster, in an exact sphere shape, in a burst. The spell must be cast while in a crouching position. The caster is not harmed by the spell. Global Cooldown: 1.75 seconds. Local Cooldown: 4.25 seconds. Cooldowns take effect after explosion moves to half of its max distance.
    MP Energy Explosion Speed Max Explosion Distance
    0 25 J 375 mph 2.5 Meters
    1 1.7 MJ 700 mph 5 Meters
    2 4.1 MJ Mach 1.8 9 Meters
    3 6 MJ Mach 2.3 14 Meters
    Overcharge 700 MJ Mach 17 25 Meters
  • M'heur Blasts: The caster extends their hand (palm facing down), and a set of small kinetic constructs fly from their fingers. These blasts home in on their targets (each blast can have different targets). Local Cooldown: 1.25 second, Global Cooldown: 0.75 seconds.
    MP Energy Speed Max Traversal Dist. ° change per meter
    0 133 J 100 mph 20 meters 2
    1 360 KJ 300 mph 333 meters 2
    2 855 KJ 500 mph 666 meters 2
    3 1.25 MJ Mach 1.1 1000 meters 2
    Overcharge 175 MJ Mach 7 1750 meters 2/*360
    • *At overcharge level, the blasts can make a 90 degree turn within 0.1 seconds, once every 0.66 seconds.
  • Chabeo Tarra: The user can manipulate inanimate objects within a range. This does not apply to objects being held or worn by living beings. Global cooldown: 1 second. Local Cooldown: 1.33 seconds. Cooldowns take effect after the spell is made to end, or after an object is thrown.
    MP Max Weight Max Range Top Speed of Object Throw Equiv. Strength*
    0 500 lbs 3 meters 6 mph -
    1 10 tons 10 meters 10 mph 18 tons minus half object's weight
    2 15 tons 15 meters 16 mph 30 tons minus half object's weight
    3** 20 tons 20 meters 21 mph 52 tons minus half object's weight
    Overcharge*** 700 tons 75 meters 42 mph 930 tons minus half object's weight
  • *Targets are pushed/pulled with an equivalent strength, not a direct strength. A 1 ton equiv. strength would be as if you were being pushed/pulled by a meta with 1 ton strength
  • **Can rip up to 8 ton chunks out of solid objects within 5 meters
  • ***Can rip up to 200 ton chunks out of solid objects within 15 meters
Other Spells:
  • Magic Sense: The user can sense magic within a 1.5 mile radius. At 1.5-1.1 miles, they can sense the magic and its power level. At 1-0.6 miles, they can sense whether its a living being or not. If it is a living being, they can sense its sensitivity. At 0.5-point blank range, they can sense the power's exact location, and can get a feel for whether it is/was made by someone in the higher or lower category of magical expertise. A direct sightline gives a direct knowledge of sensitivity and expertise. This power is always active.
  • False Power: The user can hide their true magical power. An Adept|Average mage 880 yards/805 meters away would not be able to tell him from a regular civilian. If they are closer, they begin to feel a vague 'offness' around the area the user is, but not an exact power level or location. The guise becomes less effective the closer a mage gets. Stronger senses make the guise less effective. Casting a spell or ritual that is not Magic Sense will disable this power for 10 minutes. Otherwise, this power has no cooldowns.
  • Flamewreathed Lantern: The user can summon a light emitting ball. The larger this ball is made, the brighter it gets, with a maximum size of 80 cm (31.5 inches). The user is not immune to the highest ranges of light, though they can never be blinded by it. The ball does not emit heat. The ball lasts for 3.33 seconds. Local Cooldown: 10 seconds if the ball reaches 66% of its max size. 15 Seconds if it reaches 88%. 20 seconds if it reaches 99%. Cooldown takes effect after the ball is dispelled.
    MP Max Brightness
    0 133 candela
    1 500,000 candela
    2 1 mil candela*
    3 1.5 mil candela
    Overcharge 3 mil candela
    • *roughly as bright as a stun grenade
  • Phriobadh: The user condenses themselves into a small blue ball. This ball flies to a pre set destination at high speed, the user turning back to normal after reaching this destination. The user can do nothing in this form. If a solid object is moved within the balls path, the user will return to normal and stumble back. After 12 seconds, the user will return to their normal form no matter what. Global Cooldown: 0.5 seconds. Local cooldown: 4.25 seconds. Cooldowns take effect after user returns to their normal form.
    MP Speed Max Destination Dist.
    0 666 mph 1 meter
    1 Mach 1 4.5 meters
    2 Mach 2 12 meters
    3 Mach 2.9 21 meters
    Overcharge Mach 18 55 meters
  • The Damhain Path: The user can move across walls and ceilings. This power has no cooldowns and can be used indefinitely.
    • 0 MP: The user gains the ability to climb like a master rock climber, but no actual powers are given.
    MP Max Speed
    1 25% of top speed
    2 50% of top speed
    3 Top speed
    Overcharge Top speed
  • Itealevi: The user can levitate x meters above the ground below them. This power has no global cooldowns. Local cooldowns are described on a MP-by-MP basis, and take effect after the spell ends or is dispelled.
    MP Levitation Height Speed Local Cooldown Max Levitation Length
    0 6 meters Stationary 3 min 1 min
    1 9 meters 34% of top speed 2 min 3 min
    2 13 meters 66% of top speed 1.5 min 6 min
    3 17 meters 90% of top speed 1 min 9 min
    Overcharge 35 meters top speed 0.5 min* 20 min
    • *Is not effected by the gauntlets cooldown discount
  • Artefact Connections: The user can connect themselves to a maximum of 3 artefacts, through an hour-long, uninterrupted process. They can teleport these artefacts to them (all 3 at once), and can keep the bonuses of these artefacts across ranges. They cannot, however, modify the MP of the artefacts at a distance. Local Cooldown for teleportation: 1 minute. Global Cooldown for teleportation: 0.5 seconds. Connections have no cooldowns and can be used indefinitely.
    MP Connection Range Teleport Range
    0 5 meters Continental
    1 15 meters Continental
    2 20 meters Continental
    3 25 meters Continental
    Overcharge 50 meters Global
Name Effects Cooldown's Resources and Time
Greater Channelling Gain one extra Mana Point for 12 minutes. If on a leyline, gain one extra Mana Point for 45 minutes. Global: 1 hour, Local: 1 day The user draws two large circles on the ground, through whatever means available (lines through dirt, chalk, paint, ect). They then must sit in the middle of the circles, close their eyes, and pour 500 ml of boiling water in front of them. They channel mana into the area around them, and meditate for 20 minutes, partially magic steam billowing into their face the entire time.
Redistribute Location Teleport 100 miles with a 5 minute ritual, 200 miles with a 10 minute ritual, 400 miles with a 15 meter ritual, 800 with a 20 minute ritual, or 1600 with a 30 minute ritual. If on a ley line, teleport 1650 miles with a 5 minute ritual, or anywhere across the globe with a 15 minute ritual. Global: 5 minutes, Local: 1.5 Hours The user draws a large circle on the ground, through whatever means available. They then draw a four-pointed star shape inside the circle in a similar fashion. They then stand in the middle of the star with their arms extended in front of them, pointing down, for the requisite amount of time, channelling mana as they do.
Patient Wave Gain the ability to cast a "cantrip" spell that ignores, and causes no, cooldowns. Gain one of these cantrips per 7 minutes of channelling, with 2 stored cantrips maximum. If on a ley line, gain one cantrip per 1.66 minutes of channelling. Global: 5 minutes, Local: 45 minutes The user sits cross legged, channelling mana, with a plant having to be within 3 meters, anything smaller than a rose not counting. The same plant cannot be used for multiple cantrips.
Refreshment Regain lost mana. Gain 2% of your total mana per 1 minute spent channelling. If on a ley line, gain 4% per minute spent. If you have come into contact with Cold Iron within the last 5 minutes, gain 1%/2% per minute instead. Global: 3 minutes, Local: 30 minutes The user must stay within a single building, and cast no spells other than basic magic sense. The spells cooldowns initiate if the user casts a spell, or leaves the house. It is also recommended that they do not physically exert themselves while recharging, as to not lose focus on the channelling.
Standard Gear:
Type-1 Artefacts
Sword of Meórach:
Meórach's sword is a large one-handed sword. Its exact origins are unknown; its design and materials indicate it may have been created in the mid-medieval period. Texts are engraved on its blade, which glow blue when the sword is infused with magic. The texts appear to be ancient Scottish in origin. The weapon is still in almost pristine condition, and never goes blunt.
The swords nature as a Type-1 artefact causes it to grant and gain special powers when infused with magic.
  • Increased Strength:
    MP Max Lift/Strong Strike Casual Lift/Quick Strike
    1 25 Tons 13 Tons
    2 57 Tons 28 Tons
    3 85 Tons 42 Tons
    Overcharge 1250 Tons 625 Tons
  • When the sword comes into contact with constructs of magic, such as 90% of spells, a portion of the constructs magical energy is absorbed into the sword. This will replenish Marlow's mana and weaken the construct. The percentages listed are the absolute maximum amount to be drained from any one construct.
    MP Absorption Time to Max Drain
    1 7% 0.5 sec
    2 12% 0.5 sec
    3 22% 0.34 sec
    Overcharge 26% 0.25 sec
  • The sword is incredibly durable.
    MP Damage to break in half
    1-3 36.6 MJ
    Overcharge 8.5 GJ/49 MN
The Miotailut Vest:
The Miotailut Vest is a thick cloth vest, sparsely plated with thin iron plates. Each one of these plates has a basic design roughly carved into them, which glow blue when the vest's properties are active. The vests exact origins are unknown; the plates are barely worn or rusted due to its regenerative properties. The methods used in the weaving of the vest's cloth indicate more modern standards. This means that the vest may have been creating within the mid 20th to 21st centirues, probably having being based off of previous artefacts.
When infused with magic, the vest grants and gains special properties:
  • Increased Durability:
    • Joules
      MP No-Sell Stagger Bone-Break Kill
      1 1.7 MJ 3.25 MJ 4 MJ 5.1 MJ
      2 3.1 MJ 6.2 MJ 7.8 MJ 9.5 MJ
      3 4.6 MJ 9.2 MJ 10.7 MJ 14.1 MJ
      Overcharge 240 MJ 1.25 GJ 1.6 GJ 2.5 GJ
    • Newtons
      MP No-Sell Stagger Bone-Break Kill
      1 150 KN 300 KN 375 KN 465 KN
      2 300 KN 600 KN 825 KN 920 KN
      3 475 KN 950 KN 1.15 MN 1.4 MN
      Overcharge 500 KN 9 MN 11.5 MN 13.5 MN
    • Heat (Boiling Point)
      MP No-Sell Stagger Unbearable Burn Kill
      1 166 F 370 F 450 F 700 F
      2 200 F 400 F 666 F 999 F
      3 275 F 490 F 900 F 1222 F
      Overcharge 420 F 840 F 1255 F 1670 F
  • The vest can magically regenerate. It can regenerate from a 25 cm long slash in 5 seconds, a 50cm long slash in 10 seconds, so on.
  • Vest Durability:
    • The vest does not block any damage, other than piercing attacks. These numbers are the amount of power you need to hit the vest with in order to damage it beyond repairegeneration.
    MP Joules Newtons
    1-3 14.1 MJ 1.4 MN
    Overcharge 3.2 GJ 18.5 MN
  • Sharp and piercing attacks are resisted by 15% if they hit a plate, and by 7% if they hit the cloth. Normal calculations apply to the rest of the body.
Geoithe Amulet:
The Geoithe Amulet is a necklace, the link being comprised of tiny gold beads. The main attraction is a cracked, beautiful ruby, which is encased in an elegant clasp of gold. When the amulet is infused with magic, the cracks of the ruby let out a blue light.
The amulet appears to be quite old, the gold having dulled despite its magical properties. A set of beads on the left side appear to have rused over. Upon close inspection by a magic user, something feels 'off' about the amulet.
When infused with magic, the amulet grants special properties:
  • Increased reaction times:
    MP Reactions
    1 36 ms
    2 25 ms
    3 12 ms
    Overcharge 3.5 ms
  • Increased movement speed:
    MP Speed
    1 266 mph
    2 520 mph
    3 Mach 1.25
    Overcharge Mach 4
  • Increased combat (aka twitch) speed:
    MP Speed
    1 245 mph
    2 500 mph
    3 Mach 1
    Overcharge Mach 3.3
  • The amulet is incredibly durable:
    MP Joules Newtons
    1-3 37.5 MJ ?
    Overcharge 8.4 GJ 50 MN
Type-4 Artefacts
The Gauntlet Everthadh:
The Gauntlet Everthadh is the most powerful artefact that Marlow has 'unlocked', and is most likely the most powerful artefact in his posession. The gauntlet is a dark silver; the outer palm of the item having a disk carved into it. Texts are engraved on this disk, seemingly an ancient celtish language of some sort. Roughly a quarter of these texts glow orange when the Gauntlet is worn.
The Gauntlet is mentioned quite a bit in Moray's journal, though not much of note has been translated. The Gauntlet is mentioned to be one of the oldest Marlow Family artefacts in existence. Its origins are a total unknown, and its effects pose too much of a risk for in-depth testing. The fact that only some of the texts on the item glows presents some worrying theories.
As a Type-4 artefact, the Gauntlet does not need magic to be infused with it in order to activate. Instead, it activates when it is worn. However, it will only activate if the wearer is a Marlow with at least some magical expertise. Upon activation, the Gauntlet supercharges all of the wearers magical abilities (In Mitch's case, the power of his spells), and single-handedly powers and supercharges any Type-1 artefacts being used by the wearer.
As a Type-4 artefact, the Gauntlet needs no magic to activate; it activates when worn instead. It will only activate if someone from the Marlow family willingly puts it on. Upon activation, the Gauntlet supercharges the artefacts and spells of the wearer. These buffs are listed as "Overcharge" levels. This also cuts all cooldowns on Combat and Other spells by 34%. Putting on the Gauntlet causes a jolt of pain, with cracks that glow orange shooting up the arm.
Upon activation, the Gauntlet will slowly warp the wearers personality. It turns them more ruthless and cold, making the wearer willing to do anything to get the job done. It will eventually make them quick to anger, and damage their morality.
Minutes of Use Morality Change
1 Effects become noticeable
2 Chaotic Good
5 Chaotic Neutral
11 Neutral Evil (with semblances of morality left)
25 Chaotic Evil
The longer the exposure, the longer it will take for Mitch to shed the effects after the Gauntlet is taken off (even after the 25 minute mark; especially after the 25 minute mark.)
  • He has little protection against Cold Iron.
  • He has minimal protection against mana draining.
  • His spells leave something to be desired, and can be blocked by more experienced mages.
  • He will only use the Gauntlet when it is absolutely necessary (He will never use the gauntlet in RP's where Deltas are not allowed.)
  • The Phriobadh spell provides mobility, but a fast moving and fast thinking character can counter it and take advantage.
  • Great sword fighter after having been taught by his father
  • Good hand-to-hand brawler, incorporates some boxing
  • Novice enchanter, improving his skills daily
  • Semi-Fluent in Scottish Gaelic
  • Semi-Fluent in French
  • 1 MP:
    • Can throw a bowling ball over twenty times as fast as a master baseball pitcher can throw a baseball.
    • Swung a cruise ship anchor around like a flail.
    • Used a cow as a projectile.
  • 2 MP:
    • Punched the roof off a house.
    • Swung around wheel-lift tow truck that was connected to a common car, using the car as a flail-like weapon.
  • 3 MP:
    • Can easily throw a common car (see above) faster than a master baseball pitcher can throw a baseball.
    • Ripped a wooden shack off of its supports, sending it sliding down a mountain.
  • Overcharge:
    • Can rip a wooden shack out of the ground, and throw it off of a mountain.
    • Can lug around a Sierra Redwood tree.
  • 1 MP:
    • Can outrun 90% of bullet trains.
    • Can dodge an arrow at 10 meters away.
  • 2 MP:
    • Can easily outrun a helicopter.
    • Can catch birds by running after them.
    • Can aimdodge handguns.
  • 3 MP:
    • Can regularly dodge handguns.
    • Can outrun a handgun bullet without ever hearing the bang it makes.
  • Overcharge:
    • Can dodge bolt-action rifles.
    • Can outrun lower-end fighter jets.
  • 1 MP:
    • Can no-sell a Ford E-series van hitting him at full speed.
    • Was staggered by a 5 ft x 5 ft x 5 ft slab of concrete being thrown at him at 20 m/s.
  • 2 MP:
    • Can no-sell falling at terminal velocity
    • Was knocked to the ground when he accidentally hit himself with that anchor-flail from earlier.
  • 3 MP:
    • Can no sell a steel I-Beam being thrown at him like a javelin, at the speed of a javelin.
    • Survived being hit by a huge fist construct (fist being roughly 5 ft x 8 ft x 4 ft) that hit with 75 ton strength.
  • Overcharge:
    • Survived being hit by a freight train, though it hurt badly.
    • No-sold a 10 ft x 10 ft x 10 ft boulder falling on him at 66 m/s.
Magic Feats may come at some point later.
EDIT 1: Reworded things to make them more concise and elaborate on certain things.
EDIT 2: Tablefied spells
EDIT 3: Tablefied artefacts
EDIT 4: Finished all tables, clarified some stuff, untypoed some typos
EDIT 5: General nerfs
EDIT 6: Minor nerfs
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