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[OG+REMAKE SPOILERS] Fully Explaining the Whispers, with only FF7 OG and REMAKE Lore. They aren't that different. Trust me.

I want to argue that that the Whispers are not such a strange and new element to remake as many think. I will explain this using real evidence from only Remake and FF7 OG, in a non-confusing way. Eeek.

Are the Whispers a Completely New Element of the FF7 universe, or are they related to the lore of FF7 OG?

The Whispers aren't that New
My thesis is that the Whispers are simply manifestation of the pain of the planet, same yet expanded from what was found in FF7 OG.
Remember that the "Cries of the Planet" are referenced throughout the original game. The music from the OST that plays during the visit to the Forgotten City is titled "You can Hear the Cry of the Planet." This is the location where the Planet suffered at the hands of the "Crisis from the Sky", where Jenova first landed on Gaia and created an enormous wound on its surface. Bugenhagen says "I can hear the Cries of the Planet... Ho Ho hoooo. That was a scream from this planet. Didn't you hear it? As if to say... I hurt, I suffer...." During this conversation, the game lets us hear cryptic noises, which are safe to assume are the so-called cries of the planet.
In FF7 OG, there is a scene where the party hears the planet cry again. Red XIII says, "Did you...... hear something?" Tifa says, "The planet's scream...... or Meteor...? Is it this planet?" Cloud says, "Hey, how do we know that this is really the planet's scream?" Tifa says, "Did you forget? Bugenhagen told us." Cid says, "I always thought this planet was so huge. But lookin' at it from space, I realized it's so small. We're just floatin' in the dark. ......kind of makes you feel powerless. On top of that it's got Sephiroth festerin' inside it like a sickness. That's why I say this planet's still a kid. A little kid sick and trembling in the middle of this huge universe. Someone's gotta protect it. Ya follow me? That someone is us." After this entire scene, you hear the planet scream again.
Let's relate this now to Remake and the Whispers. After the Whispers go nuts and start screaming like crazy, Aerith at Destiny's Crossroads in chapter 18 says, "What you heard just now were the voices of the planet. Those born into this world. Who lived and who died. Who returned. They are howling in pain." This is basically non-speculative: they are essentially the same concept as you'll find in OG, yet expanded greatly. The Planet is made of Lifestream. Lifestream is made of spirit-energy, which is basically an accumulation of living beings who return to the planet. The fact that the Whispers look so dark and scary is likely to show the player that the Planet is ill and unwell. These voices, or whispers, simply influence world events where needed, like any Whisperer would. This same scene in Chapter 18 also established the link between the Whispers and Sephiroth. Cloud says right after Aerith reveals the Whispers are in pain... "Because of him? Sephiroth?" Aerith responds, "They... Their words... they don't reach him. All these moments and memories, precious and fleeting... they're like rain rolling of his back... And when they're gone, he won't cry, or shout, or anything." This is directly in line with what is stated explicitly by Cid and others in OG, that Sephiroth is festerin inside it like a sickness.
The Whispers and Time
I want to suggest that the Whispers are a reality that acts over all-time, or rather, all at once. This is rooted in the idea that the flow of the Lifestream, and all the Planet's manifestations, have a reality beyond time.
FF7 OG perhaps hints at this. Bugenhagen says, " ...listen, Nanaki. I think you may already know.If you have any mission in life, it is not to defend this valley.Look at the withering mountain grass. Listen to the warble of the new born chocobo's.Look always to the eternal flow of time which is far greater than the span of a human life.It will teach you more, than staying here in the valley...What you will see will eventually become a part of life's dream.For my children...... And for your children......So please, Nanaki... Go with Cloud... And with your eyes... your ears...
The Whispers are connected to all the threads of time and space that shape the planet's fate, as per the description of the Whisper Harbinger. Therefore, these Whispers can influence the present as well as the past. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that they influence history all at once. Perhaps this is why the party's defeating the Whisper Harbinger removed its influence on the present but also in the past with Zack Fair. That's why, when they were defeated, they were defeated at every moment in history, including the time during the last-stand of Zack Fair.

The New Element of The Whispers
There are three elements that are new to REMAKE as opposed to OG. First, is that these voices of the Planet can do something about their pain. They can fight back against humanity who are harming them. My theory is similar to many others who say that REMAKE is writing the whispers as if they are a WEAPON. Red XII in REMAKE Chapter 18 states before walking through the portal to fight the Whisper Harbinger, "This could well be her (read: the Planet's) last line of defense. It won't be easy." Also, the Planet, although Aerith and the others care for it deeply, is like a child (as Cid states), lonely and scared and therefore acting out of fear. This is why the party has to tame it by defeating the Whispers and the Harbinger towards the end of the game. If not, the Planet and its destiny will bring about the end of humanity. This is a fate Aerith is not ready to accept, and so this is she decides to fight this WEAPON, the same way we fought other WEAPONs in FF7 OG, such as Ultima and Diamond WEAPONs. Perhaps they must fight these Whispers because they have been compromised by the infection of Sephiroth. I wish the Remake was more explicit about this. (Note that both Aerith and Sephiroth want to change fate, but for entirely different reasons, as stated explicitly by the Ultimania; I'll try to find the source).
The implication is that the Planet is using the Whispers as a defensive weapon to acheive what it deems to be the correct future for its survival. Ifalna, Aerith's mother, says in Final Fantasy VII OG, "The Planet knew it had to destroy the 'crisis from the sky'... You see, as long as JENOVA exists, the Planet will never be able to fully heal itself." Professor Gast asks, "Back then, WEAPON was a weapon the Planet produced by its own will?" Ifalna says, "Yes, but... there is no record of WEAPON ever being used. A small number of the surviving Cetra defeated JENOVA and confined it. The Planet produced Weapon... But it was no longer necessary to use it." Professor Gast asks, "So, WEAPON no longer exists on this planet?" She responds, "WEAPON cannot vanish... it remains asleep somewhere on the Planet. Even though JENOVA is confined, it could come back to life at some time. The Planet has not fully healed itself yet. It's keeping watch on JENOVA." We can speculate that the eyes that keep watch on the Planet may be the Whispers we see in REMAKE, and like other WEAPONS, they are sometimes in need of taming:

The Planet's WEAPONS are kinda mean... jeez
Second, Sephiroth appears to be utilizing a different method to achieve his end of becoming a so-called god. In OG, he used Meteor. However, it seems he did not realize Aerith's power. He appears to be changing his course in light of the knowledge that he has, perhaps because of his time in the Lifestream. Time will tell what he ends up doing. I speculate he wishes to infect the global Lifestream of all the universe, not simply Gaia. I make the absurd prediction that the major destructive force he wishes to summon in Remake will eventually be not simply meteor, but Super Nova, and through destroying nearly everything, he will achieve his goal of becoming Absolute after absorbing all of the Lifestream of all planets, or many of them. Thereafter, he will begin the universe anew. Jeez.
Three, why can some see them and not others? I want to talk about this but I'm tired. And it's not that important, I think. Perhaps it'll be interesting to find out why Aerith and Rufus were able to see them. The end for now.

What is the Relationship between Sephiroth and the Whispers?

Obviously, the Whispers tend to interfere with major events to try to influence history in the way it has decided, which of course is the original FF7 story. However, there are a few times where the Whispers seem actually do the opposite, whereby they instead try to change history to be different from the original OG. For example, there is a Whisper in chapter 4 that seems to be trying to sooth Cloud during his sleep (in the voice of Sephiroth), as if to keep him sleeping despite all the commotion outside. What role does Sephiroth have in the activities of these Whispers?
This strange whisper seems to be acting opposite of what the rest of the Whispers want.... and it sounds like Sephiroth?

My Theory, which I believe has some unique observations:
The Whispers are as expected a representation of the Will of the Planet, where the planet uses those who have returned to the Lifestream to enact its will. However, Sephiroth (Jenova) has infected the Planet through his presence in the Lifestream. By means of this infection, Sephiroth has gained some minor influence over the Planet, and that is why a small minority of Whispers throughout the game are purple and given a different name (they are not labeled mysterious whispers, but rather, enigmatic whispers) to showcase Sephiroth's control over these few. In fact, during certain battles, you can see the purple Enigmatic spectre seems to gain health the more you fight the other Whispers (look closely). In fact, they seem to become Enigmatic spectres the more you destroy them. I believe that these Whispers turn purple whenever they have been infected with Jenova by means of Sephiroth. Does this mean, the more they are destroyed, the more Sephiroth (Jenova) can gain mastery over them? Anyhow, whichever Whispers Sephiroth has control over, they deviate from the will of the Planet and instead perform Sephiroth's bidding.
Speculation: This could explain why those 2 whispers in chapter 4 were trying to keep Cloud asleep, so that he would not wake up and involve himself in the Avalanche activities, or perhaps Barret would be forced to choose someone else (like Wedge) to go with them to the Sector 5 reactor bombing mission. However, since Cloud ended up waking up, he ended up on the mission. However, I could be wrong about the Whispers part; perhaps it was just Sephiroth within his mind that was keeping him asleep, and that's why Cloud looked to be suffering. Either way, it doesn't change much.
Black Whisper - normal, yet sad cuz they are the voices of the planet... voices in pain
Purple Whisper - a whisper that has been corrupted by Sephiroth or Jenova or somebody
Finally, the Whisper Harbinger at the end of the game also features this purple color. It is not clear what this means: is the Harbinger keeping Sephiroth at bay, like in a cage? Or has the Harbinger been infected by him? There are other moments in the game that feature this purple color.
Whisper Harbinger is purple like Barney the Dinosaur
Whoa, Sephiroth sucking up all the Whispers or something
Sephiroth the Flying Purple People Eater

It seems obvious that Sephiroth does not have full control over these Whispers until the very end of the game after the party destroys the Whisper Harbinger and its 3 minions.
Complete speculation: I want to go further and suggest, the Sephiroth that appears in front of the at the end of the game in chapter 18 is actually a Whisper himself, manifesting in the body of Sephiroth. Most of the time Sephiroth shows up, he is an illusion, a recollection, or a Jenova clone, as is made clear by the Ultimania. But the final Sephiroth is stated by this same book to not be any of those. I claim: this Sephiroth in Chapter 18 is the actual consciousness of Sephiroth manifested via the Whispers, whose real body is dormant and still encased in Mako in the Northern Crater. This is made almost obvious because he seems to have complete control over all the Whispers and even uses them against you, and at the very end when Cloud smashes him with his sword, Sephiroth turns into a billion Whispers. All of this is meant to be symbolic, as a way to say that Sephiroth is now the master of the destiny of this planet. This is completely sensible: if the Whispers are the cries (voices) of the planet and those who are feeling pain within the Lifestream, it's totally sensible and in alignment with the lore of FF7 OG for Sephiroth to manifest in a similar way, because he is also within the Lifestream and is within the Lifestream just as other souls are. Or I'm totally wrong, who knows, I'm not your dad.

Sephiroth gets struck by Cloud and then turns into a billion Whispers (or they rush out of him). Note: Shortly after this, a Purple-whitish light bursts forth from him.
Edit: these ideas are fundamentally the same as what I shared newly 5 months ago here: https://www.reddit.com/FFVIIRemake/comments/gfh9x8/remake_story_frequently_asked_questions_faqs_lets/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

Edit: Conclusion - The Point of This Post

I see in the comment section a lot of theory crafting. I didn't mean for this to turn to that, although that's fun and all. Rather, I was just trying to suggest that the so-called 'new' features being introduced in the story of Remake are likely just extensions of the lore we know and love.
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