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Download Activator for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 https://autozapchasti24.ru/crack/?key=787. Windows 7 Activation Problems after Service Pack 1. It works very fine with the VMware, Hyper-V and Virtual Box.

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Downgrade from Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 to Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional. Download Windows 7 and Server 2020 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1 visit this web-site. If you have a subset of devices that are running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows Server 2020 R2 SP1 without ESU, you notice a non-compliant device in your update management and compliance toolsets.

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Service Pack 1 Build 7601) installed on the computer. Click Save to copy the download to your. All instructions to Windows 7 Ultimate activation and video are supplied.

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In Windows 7, WGA is renamed Windows Activation Technologies. Windows 7 SP1 Detects Over 70 Activation Cracks - Update KB - posted in Windows News and Discussion: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 includes KB, a cracks killer update that Microsoft released earlier this year through Windows Update to all customers running the RTM Build of the OS. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) 32-bit & 64-bit (KB976932 read full article.

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Anyone using Windows 7 is generally advised to load this new Service Pack. The Windows 7 crack 64-bit also activates 32-bit Version. Windows 7 Ultimate Keygen Product key + Crack Full Version 32 & 64 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate Keygen does not need to introduce idea itself.

Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Download

Can i please have an activation key for windows 7 home premium 64bit. We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 rollups (monthly rollups and security-only updates) are applicable by default to the following Windows 7-based embedded products: Windows Embedded Standard 7 Service Pack 1. Windows Embedded POSReady 7. Windows Thin PC. If a rollup is not applicable to an embedded product, we will explicitly state that it is not applicable.

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You can also learn how to activate Windows 7 without serial key and where to find it in your system. We have a windows 7 Enterprise OS( build 7601: service pack 1), it has been activated before, but now it told me "This copy of windows is not genuine", when i try do below step to active via KMS host, it told me invalid key, see the screenshot. Windows 7 service pack 1 activation crack.

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Windows 7 Ultimate Activators. Win 10 Pro (1903) New 04 Oct 2020 #2. This may give some clues: Fix. The steps to install windows 7 are simple and easy.

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However, the first service pack for Windows 7 is scheduled for the first half of next year. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional With Service Pack 1 32-bit - 1 PC. Windows xp sp3 original product key bestellen, windows 10 product key, product key for windows 7 professional 64 bit, windows seven key shops, buying a product key for windows 7 pro n uk, windows 10 pro product key sale, activation key for windows 7 home premium sp 1, ultimate window 7 key free, lNHJSO.

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This article is the ultimate source of information about Windows 7 serial key or product key. Install RAM: Four sticks RAM at Dual Channel and frequency low or high (8); Popular Reviews. Windows is Windows XP SP 3 with a sense of windows 7. Just a few minutes ago I tried this after the previous Operating System I am using Windows XP SP 3 Original in my favorite notebook one of them.

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Autodesk Inventor Crack + Serial Key Free Download. On this page you can find information about how to activate Windows 7 and make it licensed. When I check activation it shows "Unable to reach Windows activation servers".

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This service pack is an. Anyhow, the first thing you want to do is copy the Windows 7 disc to a directory on your hard disk. Download Windows 7 Ultimate ISO 32/64-bit Full Version [2020] https://autozapchasti24.ru/crack/?key=796.

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Have ordered from it 3 or 4 times in the last 2 months and the service has been excellent. Windows Update service and choose Properties from the menu. This is not an illegally or cracked download!

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Download Download Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 32 bit – 64 bit. My Windows installation disc is a Service Pack 1 version, so I decided to make multiple installations (5 of them): XP SP1 with no updates, XP SP2, XP SP3, and XP SP3 with all automatic Windows Updates (the ones that happen in the background when you enable automatic updates), and finally XP SP3 with every possible update, including optional. After installing service pack 1 issues with activation https://autozapchasti24.ru/crack/?key=801.

Pinhoti 100 202

edit: forgot this '0' Please imagine the title says 2020
Race: Pinhoti 100 Location: Heflin Alabama to Sylacauga Alabama, all following the Pinhoti Trail Distance: 100 miles A Goal: 23 hrs 28 mins B Goal: 26 hrs C Goal: Finish
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/4309940162 Crew Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnbhayFyGd0 (much better than this race report, credit to OGfirenation) Photo Essay: https://spark.adobe.com/page/eNKDVQ7sGIFKu/ (also much better than this race report, credit to aewillia)
Initial Planning So, how I chose this race. I signed up for the Vermont 100 lottery when it opened, having finished it in 2019 and it being a race reasonably close to me, and then didn’t get in. I was so far down on the waitlist that it was a near 0% chance that I would run. So I immediately started looking for an alternative. I had heard about Pinhoti a lot and it looked like a good race, and one that has been around for a bit of time, so I signed up for it, not really knowing much more than that it has a reasonably long history, is a Western States Qualifier, it’s in Alabama somewhere, and it has a 30 hour time limit. I could figure everything else out in the next 9 months.
I recruited OGfirenation and mamsorris for crew since they both lived close enough, and eventually solidified that they’d be able to make it for the race.
The Crew Grows As the race started approaching, some other ARTC folks who were “nearby” started to be interested in crewing as well. herumph was back in SC, and aewillia decided driving all the way across Texas, Mississippi, and half of Alabma wasn’t enough to deter her. And then a last minute (and highly welcome add) was runroardinosaur, who has experience at the distance, having finished the Umstead 100 before. All in all, an excellent crew.
The Days Before In the interest of avoiding crowded airports, I decided to drive down instead of flying. I left my house on Wednesday evening, with a goal of picking up Scott (herumph) in South Carolina on Friday before making it to packet pickup Friday afternoon at the finish Line. Wednesday night I crashed in my car in a truck stop in Northern New Jersey (or maybe pennsylvania).
I woke up the next morning and continued on my way. I tried to drive the Skyline drive in Shenandoah national park, but found out it was closed so had to backtrack. But I did get some good Mexican food in Front Royal VA. I decided I still wanted to get a jog in at some point and found out that the Wild Oak Trail in George Washington National Forest wouldn’t be too far off course. I wound through farm roads off the highway to get to the trail head, and at about 3 in the afternoon took off down the trail to the summit of Grindstone Mountain. About a 3 mile round trip from the trailhead and about 1000 ft of gain. Solid shakeout. I kept heading south and finally got to somewhere around the VA/NC border. I scanned google maps to see if there was anywhere I could car camp again for the night, but nothing looked promising. I booked a room at the cheapest motel in the area and settled in for the night.
The next day was an easy drive to pickup Scott in South Carolina. I got to meet his dog and nearly kill myslef on his electric dirt bike. We drove off, and stopped for lunch, getting some delicious chicken tender pub subs. We finally reached packet pickup right as it opened and I was able to collect my bag with a t shirt, bib, and crew car window card and we left for the Airbnb. We were the first to arrive, so we quickly unloaded some stuff, then went for a 3 mile shake out where we got chased by no less than 4 different farm dogs. And met three very good farm dogs. We got back to the house to find Jones looking in the windows and not checking his phone for the instructions on how to get inside.
Over the next few hours the rest of the crew arrived as we talked strategy, cooked frozen pizza, and prepped for the race. I wound up going to bed a little early because I wasn’t feeling very well, but decided to not let that bother me as there wasn’t really anything I could do at that point.
The Start to Mile 6 The start line was at a campsite in Heflin. OG and I arrived and had to park about half a mile a way and walk in. It was a mix of runners and campers staying at the starting line camping area. The campers did not know when they booked their sites that they would be awoken by a group of runners all descending on their sleeping area when they booked their sites.
I was using the facilities, so I missed most of the announcements of how the start would work. I was hanging out sort of near the group of runners when suddenly they all started moving. I jumped into the pack and started jogging the next 50 yards until we turned onto the single track.
Everyone slowed down as the conga line formed. It took a long time until we started moving again and then it was very slow. I feel like I didn’t really pass anyone or even try, as there were just too many people ahead of me with the narrow trail and figured I’d just have to move slow for awhile while people started to stretch out.
Finally I made it to the first aid, already behind schedule. OG gave me my bottle of ensure, which I drank while he filled my bottles. I asked him to make sure my other shoes were at the next crew stop, because I was starting to feel some rubbing against my big toe that I hadn’t felt in training, so I wanted to switch from the HOKA Challengers I was in to the Wildhorse 4s, which have a wider forefoot. Then I headed back out to conga line with a bunch of other runners.
Seeing OG at Aid 1 to seeing everyone at mile 18 There was another 6 miles of similar trails, where we ran sort of along contour lines and up and down the valleys formed by the hills and mountains of the Talladega Forest. There were some stream crossing but so far I could keep my feet dry. At mile 13 was the second aid and crew for even numbered runners (odds got aid at the first aid station).
The course was never flat, and always single track. So far it was incredibly smooth trail as well. Almost no roots or rocks. And then at about 15 miles in, while I was jogging behind some kid, I felt a sharp pain in my right ankle, and then another. I looked down and saw a yellow jacket on my sock. I swatted at it and yelled “YELLOW JACKETS” and took off down the trail. Two years ago I was swarmed by yellow jackets at Hallucination 100 in Michigan, and was stung 9 times from the ankle to the ass. Sprinting and slapping, I ran down the trail cursing. I managed to get them off and away from them, receiving somewhere between 3 and 5 stings. Thankfully less than I got in Michigan. Fortunately the trail was quiet again until the next crewed aid station 3 miles later.
See everyone at Crew Aid 2, then miles 18-43
The aid at mile 18 was essentially on some major roadway through the forest and the whole crew was there. It was great to see everyone. I sat down in a chair and started trying to organize myself. I thought I might stick with the shoes I was wearing and just relube, so I got my socks off, applied lube, put my feet back in my shoes, wiggled them around, and then decided I wanted to switch from the Hoka Challenget ATRs I had to the Nike Wildhorse 4s for the wider forefoot. I also drank some water, drank 2 ensures, and had OGFN bring me a tiny little cup of gingerale. I also did some unseemly things with a stick of Squirrel’s Nut Butter (Only Fans Subscriber content). Sorted out, I took off down the road, feeling okay and looking forward to the rest of the race
From mile 18 - 43 In this section, I knew I’d hit the largest climb of the race and starting at around mile 35 and ending at about mile 41. But I had a lot of ground to cover before then. The course continued to be more of the same, winding along the side of the ridge, up and down the valleys. For the aid at mile 27, there was a brief out and back, with a rock scramble next to a really pretty waterfall. The course continued to present incredible scenery.
I linked up with another runner right about when the climb up to Mount Cheaha, the hight point of the race (and the state of Alabama) began at about mile 35. He had run the race several times previously, and was giving me geological features to look for to know when we were getting close. Apparently, I’d know we were getting to the last steep bit when I saw a boulder the size of a car. Not long after he said this, such a bould emerged from the fog. I really did feel good knowing we were closing in on the top.
Eventually, we reached the peak of Cheaha, totally encapsulated in a cloud. There were a few tourists on the boardwalk at the top, and they cheered us on. We continued down the boardwalk, and I made use of the public restroom at the end of the boardwalk. I lost my geoligically inclined friend while I was in the restroom and started down the foggy road alone, immediately unsure if I was going the right direction. Eventually another runner emerged behind me in the fog and I was able to double check that I was headed the right way. It was starting to get dark, and I had been warned at packet pickup that I wanted to be off this descent before the darkness arrived (unfortunately, I think I had passed the guy who gave me this warning a few hours prior. Not sure if he made it down in daylight).
After a few turns along the roads up the mountain I turned onto the trails for the descent, fondly know as “blue hell.” Now, the Nike Wildhorses are comfortable, but they suck on wet rock. This descent was all boulders and it had been raining for a few hours prior. Not a great combination. I had to slowly pick my way across the boulders (here’s a pic from some guy’s blog in 2015 that looks like it was similar conditions https://2sparrows.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/img_0114.jpg?w=584). I managed to make it down without falling and didn’t need my headlamp until the descent started to mellow so all was well. I continued downhill to get to the crew at mile 43 aid, Lake Cheaha.
Mile 43 - 55 I got into the aid, and the crew had many treats available for me. They had my ensure but also had gotten me a bottle of coke and a bottle of gatorade. With a supreme lack of foresight, I finished all four bottles of liquid over the course of changing my socks, getting my bigger headlamp on, changing my shirt, and generally taking care of any other issues I had.
Once I was ready, I took off into the night, newer and brighter headlamp lighting my way. This started about a 3 mile section of road, which would have been a great time to make up some time and jog. Unfortunately, all that liquid had ruined my stomach, and I had to walk to keep from puking. I walked at least 4 miles (probably over an hour with how slow I was going) before my stomach started to settle.
Once my stomach was settled I marginally picked up the pace. The trail was still mostly nice and smooth so I wasn’t too slow in the night. Unfortunately, my ankle had loosened up from the initial stings. It felt like the joint had collapsed, but then I realized that it was because the swelling had gone down. Essentially, the running combined with the swelling, it was as if my right ankle had taken a much more significant amount of work than my left. Between the slow movement, ankle pain, etc. etc. I was wishing I had poles for climbing. I started looking around on the ground for a suitable stick but it was hard picking. Most sticks on the ground were starting to rot. Eventually I found one that was strong enough, but it was very long, so I wound up smacking it against trees to snap it so that it reached a suitable hiking length. New hiking stick in hand, I hiked onward into the night.
My ankle was still bothering me but it wasn’t so bad that I had to stop, and I made it to the next crewed aid at mile 55.
Mile 55 - 68 At mile 55, there was a more limited crew, as Alex and OG were back at the house sleeping, so Scott, Dino, and Sam were there to take care of me. I don’t really remember what I did here, except complain about drinking too much at the last aid, and talking about how my right side was feeling the effects of the stings. .Either way, they got me put together and sent me back into the night. I did have to take a new back up headlamp here, as at one point in the last section, I gave my backup to another guy as his had started to die. I also left my stick with them to bring to me at the next aid, because i knew that there would be a big climb after mile 68, up to a point called the pinnacle.
I hiked / jogged along the trails, but don’t remember too much of what was going on. Eventually I reached an aid station at mile 63, and was relieved to see there was a porta-potty available. I crossed some railroad tracks and made my way into the plastic box. Within moments of shutting the door and sitting, a train whistle blew. The sound of the train’s wheels churning across the tracks approached. My tiny polymer lavatory began to shake violently. The whistle sounded again. I felt that if I were to open the door, it would be ripped off by the passing train it was so close. I eventually just had to get used to the shaking and noise as I went about my business. I finally exited, the train still rolling past. There were numerous runners caught on the other side of the tracks. I covered my hands in sanitizer and went to the aid station to refill supplies. As I was leaving, the train was still passing. I felt bad for the runners losing time on the other side but it’s not like any of us were on a competitive pace at that point so it hardly mattered. It was a short time until I got to the mile 68 aid where I could pick up Alex (aewillia).
With Alex from 68 - 85 I made it into mile 68 with my stomach feeling better. The crew took care of me and after getting some stuff refilled and food and drink, Alex and I took off, only to stop at the end of the road when I realized I had forgotten my stick and to take care of some stuff. So Alex ran back to where the crew was and collected my stick and the diaper cream that came home from Italy with me. I got a glove on and went to town with the baby cream. Just as I was doing so Jones showed up to see what was going on, so I was able to hand my dirty glove to him which he so caringly took to toss in the trash. Thanks Bud!
Alex and I cruised along in the night at barely more than a fast walk, and then we got to the climb. At least 1000 ft of gain, and just endless switchbacks. Was very glad to have my stick the put some weight on as we hiked upwards. As the trail started to level off, I started to also get really drowsy. Alex said she could tell when I was falling asleep standing up because I would start dragging the stick instead of planting it. I asked her to keep me talking and the conversation proceeded to become endlessly inane. But it kept me awake. We finally reached an aid up near the peak. It was pretty cold and breezy at the top but they had a great fire going. My heels and feet were starting to feel a little beat up (I had a few water crossings earlier that I don’t remember specifically where, so I didn’t put them in before, but my feet had gotten wet). The skin under my forefeet was starting to fold overitself so I took my shoes and socks off and started drying my feet by the fire. Pretty quickly the skin dried out enough that I was able to take some Leukotape and tape across where the skin had been folding so that it would be held in place. That helped with the pain and I got my socks and shoes back on. The sun started to rise as we were at the aid, which was really beautiful to see from up high on that mountain. We headed off with the sunrise and were able to pickup the pace with the light and the now downhill trend of the trail. Eventually we made it to mile 85 where the crew was waiting.
With Sam from 85 - 95 Rolling into the aid, they were blasting music. I made it past a roped off sections to where the crews were waiting and broke it down to the music they were blasting. I got my stuff organized again and then Alex showed up to the crew area with a couple of pierogi. They were delicious. I’m realizing while I’m writing this that I hope she brought them for me and not for herself. Oh Well.
Once I was ready, Sam (mamsorris) and I made our way out of the crew area and down the gravel road. This was not a particularly interesting section as Sam and I were on gravel / dirt roads for our time together. I was moving constantly left and right to try and find the area of the road with the least amount of rocks to dig into my feet. Notable moments were getting passed by a beat-up looking pick up truck with two dudes who were definitely blazing, and then getting dirt kicked up into our faces by a minivan which rolled by. We chatted about nothing in particular and made pretty decent time given how late in the race it was. I learned about his coyote wrangling days, and choice playlists for parties he held. Great times were had!
When we arrived at the final aid station, we couldn’t find any sign up the crew / my next pacer. We sort of wandered around and were about ready to keep going when we figured out we actually had phone service. I started calling around to see where the crew was and eventually got ahold of them and they were pulling in as they picked up the phone. We swapped out Sam for Scott (herumph) and Dino and Sam took off in the car, while Scott and I headed out on the trials.
With Scott from 95 - 100
We started down the trail and Scott cheerfully let me know he looked at the map and that the trail was “almost all down hill” to the finish. We rounded a corner and were presented with a climb. Then we rounded a turn and were onto a fireroad and then onto some mountain bike trails. With more climbs. We passed the time chatting with other runners, deciding their conversation was boring, and then chatting with each other about nerd shit. Scott took the lead for most of the way, and he later revealed the reason, I smelled too bad to run next to or behind. We passed a family with some small kids, and then Scott told me lewd stories about the infield of Talladega while we passed a few runners right in the last few yards of trail before breaking onto the field maybe 50 yards from the finish. I jogged through the finish, collected my buckle, and then just sat down on the grass, chatting with Jones who was waiting to take video.
I eventually got up again and went over to where the rest of the crew was. We hung out for a bit, and I decided to wait around to see if the guy borrowed my headlamp would finish soon. The crew was nice enough to bring me some pulled pork from the food table which was delicious. Dude who had my headlamp eventually finished, but then had to make some phone calls, so I shuffled over and the stood around awkwardly while I waiting him to wrap up telling his family he was alive and had finished the race. Once I had that collected we rolled out. Jones had to keep the windows in his car down due to the smell and then I nodded off in the passenger seat. He may have a pic of me somewhere.
Back at the AirBnB we debated what to eat for dinner, eventually settling on going to the only fast food place in the area, a Jack’s. I got some chicken tenders, fries, and a mello yello, and also judgement from Alex on my beverage choice. We snacked and drank while Jones played the role of documentarian. Then I passed out sitting up on the couch and it was time for bed.
Conclusion I was probably underprepared for this race. Not having groups to run with for most of the year, as well as spending more time on the bike and at the rock gym were probably not great for prep. I relied a lot on lifetime miles and experience at the distance to get me through. Also, the course, while beautiful, was much harder than the numbers would be on paper. Not a lot of climbing at only around 14k, but there’s very little road to make up time, and there’s almost no flat sections. You’re always climbing or descending, plus the large amount of single track meant that there were a lot of conga lines forming.
If anyone was looking for a top tier 100 mile event in the southeast, this would be one of my top recommendations. Everything was incredibly well organized, and the course is really a beauty. To be able to hold a race and have something like 90% of it occur in a National Forest is really incredible.
Tidbits that I forgot: While I was driving with Scott, he received a message from forwardbound with this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oV6N2RaKet8. Strangely catchy. At about mile 55 the song had been stuck in my head for awhile. Sitting in the aid there, I looked up at Scott and said “Scott, I have something very important to tell you. I AM A BIG BIG BABY.”
Jones let me crash at his place in the Panhandle of Florida after, and on our way, we visiting the bizarre drive through museum. It was great. Then at his place I got to hang out with his cats Cornpop and Bisquick, which was also very great. Thanks for letting me stay there Jones.
The crew seemed rather taken aback about how unashamedly I’d glance around and then immediately shove something down or up my shorts for anti-chafing purposes.
I will also forever be in Jones’s debt for his taking and throwing away a glove I used to apply lube at an aid station (see video for the beautiful moment).
Finally huge thank you to the crew aewillia, runroardinosaur, mamsorris, herumph, and OGFireNation
submitted by chrispyb to artc

TGIF 11.20.20

Another issue I am hearing from multiple people is that my emails are starting to get censored by their service providers. I send this directly out to eight email groups, so it has grown beyond anything I ever expected and is on Reddit (😉). This isn't to brag, this is to point out it has gained some attention and looks like it is getting flagged.
With that, are you excited? The end of the deep state is on our door step. The Trump legal team had a BEAT down yesterday, and what it showed first and foremost is these are tough minded patriots who will not stop until justice is served. This is not the old generation of republicans we are used to. In fact, Lin Wood tweeted yesterday that he was surprised by the "weak kneed" republicans at the local levels. Anyone here surprised? That's what I expect at this point. The new generation of repubs are much different thank goodness.
The legal team called the press meeting the "Opening STATEMENT" of what is coming. Re-read that.
The legal team doesn't even think they have started the battle despite law suits being filed. It's just a STATEMENT. The term they used is "substantive evidentiary hearing", and THAT is when it gets real. What is that? Exactly what it says. It is the place where they present the evidence that supports their claims in a legal setting. Until that point, they have NO obligation to share ANY evidence with anyone. In fact, they shouldn't. Why give the opposition a chance to prepare to counter it? This article is the single best summary of the meeting with the AMAZING video clips of our team.
If your faith was wavering, watch those clips. These people will NOT lose. Sidney Powell gave the introduction and she was SHAKING in both anger and sadness at the level of criminal fraud that was attempted here in the US. She said they have proof of millions of dollars being funneled in from foreign communist countries to pay for fraud and to interfere. The NSA records ALL monetary transactions.
Giuliani blistered the media, and I think there was a bigger purpose here, more in a sec. He said the media coverage was as dishonest as the scheme (the fraud). That is IMPORTANT because the Trump EO makes it a felony to spread disinformation and/or propaganda. I think he was putting the media on notice. Some reporter asked him a question, and Giuliani asked him who was he with, and when he replied with "CNN", Giuliani laughed.
What publication are you with? https://streamable.com/9q5ptt
One of the members on the more legal side blistered the press. I mean it was a beat down. She told the press that their opinion means absolutely nothing, calling them biased and negligent in their job. Giuliani said the point of their opening statement was to bypass the iron curtain of media censorship to educate and wake the American public. These statements fit EXACTLY with what the game plan is. We are currently in the information and fact gathering phase along with the awakening of the public phase. I believe the point of these lawsuits we see right now are to wake America up, keep them engaged, and to put election officials on notice.
Keep in mind, YOU still have as many electoral votes as Pedo Joe and could call yourself president elect with the same level of credibility as Pedo Joe. Unfortunately, CNN was on in a break room yesterday, and in the minute I was there, they must have said president elect Biden 3-4 times. It was like when you are playing a pick up basketball game, and some kid keeps telling you how great he is. You know he's the worst player there, but hoping to convince you trying WAY too hard.
Giuliani also made some claims that went unnoticed. He said Pedo Joe had to know they were going to steal the election because the scheme was too large so it had to be coordinated on a grand scale, and he said it explains why he stopped campaigning. He knew the fix was in. Sidney Powell said we are living in modern day 1775! You know what happened in 1776. These are STRONG words. Not just that, listen to her tone and conviction. The female lawyer made the same point I have been making all week. She said that under normal circumstances, this case would takes YEARS to compile just to be court ready. I keep stressing this to you all over and over again. They don't have time to hold our hands. They have a monumental task in front of them, and they WILL prevail. God wins, remember?
Sidney Powell said they can prove that they plugged an algorithm into Dominion live during the election.
Notice who ISN'T speaking. Dominion, Scylt, Smartmatic execs. Don't you think they would be out there denying these very serious allegations? Instead, Dominion execs are literally packing up and fleeing. Several have vacated their homes, they are scrubbing any record of employment, and doing things you'd expect from someone caught in a serious crime. Dominion was supposed to testify before a gov't agency in PA, and they didn't show up.
Every day more fraud is exposed. They were triple counting ballots in Detroit. In GA, the electronic counting system gave 10 times more votes to ballot "by mistake". A study showed ballot signature verification had an 89% failure rate. They are discovering that the military ballots are heavily leaning to Pedo Joe which is fraud because the military almost uniformly votes republican in every election.
Dominion execs were personally overseeing things in Detroit the night of the election. In counties where Zuckerberg donated to, 74% of the votes went to Pedo Joe more than anticipated. This is a good time to remind you what the game plan is. Right now we are in the data collection and public awareness phase. Sidney Powell said this is the court of public opinion right now. The next phase will be the exposure lawsuits. BUT, there is another phase taking place that we may never see. The military is VERY active right now. The anons are tracking flights. ALL branches of the military are tweeting their readiness to act, and they are ALL participating in "drills" which aren't really drills as we keep hearing from military insiders everywhere arrests are taking place.
The US Marines rolled out their space unit yesterday. Interesting. Over half of the information I have been reporting here, many DAYS in advance, comes from 8kun. For the new people (and there are MANY), 8kun used to be 4chan and was where Q posted. They attacked 4chan, and took it off line for 92 days. Because of that they relaunched as 8kun, and it was hosted on a US military satellite which is beyond awesome. That means the web site is under military protection so they can't silence Q and the anons.
CodeMonkey was the head of 8kun, but stepped down election night to start working with the Trump team, and tweeted he was speaking with Jim Jordan last night. That's the background, and why it matters is because 8kun was under HEAVY attack last night to the point the web site wasn't functional. Q hasn't posted in a week, but the inside information and exposure of the deep state coming from the anons has not gone unnoticed, hence the attack.
The anons are AWESOME and tracked the attack down to a web site named midnight riders, and they posted all the data to hack their web site and shut them down. You just DON'T mess with the anons. Their information is why I will be sending emails this weekend. Who else tracks all US military flights?
Pompeo has been visiting the European nations who openly supported Pedo Joe, and I think he is delivering the message, get on board now or be crushed when Trump takes office. All of this exposure means the deep state will get desperate, and that is exactly what we are seeing. In fact, I think their actions are TELLING us that they KNOW Trump is going to be president. Why? The Great Reset was to be Pedo Joe's job. Once in office, they would roll this out. Instead, they are pushing it at light speed because they are trying to push it through before Trump takes over and puts them in jail. They view this as their window.
The NYT published an article saying the Great Reset was a conspiracy theory the same day the World Economic Forum announced the push for the Great Reset.
Hillarnazi was a guest and pushed it. By the way look at her. This is what happens when your adrenochrome supply runs out.
Pedo Joe showed the world his dementia when discussing the Great Reset, bumbling over words. He tried to use a more euphemistic word, but the dementia prevented it so he kept saying they would make mandates and "dictate" what businesses would be allowed to do. WHOOPS! Another moment where he tells the truth like his voter fraud team: John Kerry pushed the Great Reset, Romney the traitor said Trump should stop fighting, the Fuhrer said there is no evidence of fraud.
I truly they believe that on some level they think if they say something, they believe it somehow is true. There is no other explanation for the statements they make. The media mocked the Opening Statement, and Fox News alienated the few people who haven't switched over yet. They said everything was untrue. These people just fail to do BASIC logic tests. The first thing I would say to myself is would these highly respected people with a LONG track record of winning who have access to ALL the data, none of which the public has, make these claims without proof? The answer is obviously, NO!
Tucker Carlson actually attacked them for not providing evidence, and Sidney Powell blasted him this morning saying they were no longer going to try to speak with him or work with his people. She apparently provided him exclusive proof no one else had privy to. (Tucker must be under attack in a serious manner).
The other area of desperation comes in the form of censorship which keeps getting worse. Twitter hired one of the most renowned hackers in the world, and speculation is he will be used to help with the internet kill switch when ALL comms go down as Q has told us will happen. Trump retweeted two people, and because of that Twitter banned the two people. Fitton simply linked an article to the Danish study proving masks don't work, and was banned for that. So genuine science is now banned.
The MA Sec'y of State publicly asked Twitter to ban Dr. Shiva, so they did. Bill Gates is attacking Parler saying only stupid and crazy people join it. (If vaccine Bill hates it, I’m in for sure). Have you EVER seen people so afraid of people being allowed to speak without a filter? I haven't, and their reaction is all you need to know.
Pence had a press meeting to give an update on CV-19, and when he was done speaking, he said thanks and walked off. The press went apoplectic. Why should he take questions? Their questions aren't questions. I am sure the first thing the CBMSNBABCNN reporter would have asked is "How long do you think you'll spend in jail after Pedo Joe is inaugurated". Why would you bother? Trump hasn't held a presser in months. Good.
Believe it or not, the enemy is MORE nervous than you are. Believe me on this. They KNOW they stole it, they know they are caught, and are putting on false pretenses knowing they are going to be exposed in one of the grandest moments in the history of the world.
But as a reminder that these people are TRULY EVIL, a democrat official tweeted out yesterday in ALL SERIOUSNESS that they would have to re-educate the 80 million Trump voters, and was debating how, How DARE we vote for bad orange man! Suggestions included re-education camps, banning talk radio, and firing squads. NOT kidding. That is LITERALLY the stuff of Hitler, Stalin and Mao. (And to think someone reading this here will report it as hate speech or some other nonsense, seriously). This is why these people need to be absolutely crushed, and I think speech like that warrants a decade in prison. That is sedition.
Some political news not related to the election. This is VERY interesting. Lara Trump is a beautiful well spoken woman who apparently will run for Senate in North Carolina in 2022 which would set her up to run for president in 2024 and become our first female president. I have been pushing Trump Jr (2024-2032), but I always envisioned her following him as president. Maybe I had it backwards.
The Fuhrer (Obama) put out a SECOND biography, this one being an audio book of 29 HOURS of him speaking. (🤮) I now know how we can torture ISIS members held at Gitmo. It is getting universally panned with even liberals saying he is a legend in his own mind. The sad thing is, given the ego of this soy boy, this is likely volume one.
The Prime Minister of Finland is a pretty young woman with some common sense. She said the forever CV1-9 lockdowns are going to create a huge populist backlash. Yes, correct, and what was your clue? The riots taking place all over Europe? The UK is tracking people to ensure people comply with the lockdown. New Hampshire just mandated masks after the Danish study showed they don't work.
I love this story. A guy fell off a ladder and died, and of course was classified as dying from CV-19.
AOC said we need to pay people to stay at home. Sadly, that is better than making it mandatory. At the same time, Nazi Pelosi and dems shot down a small business relief bill for the Fortieth time. They hate everything about this country.
Kevin Sorbo is killing it on Twitter. He is the guy who played Hercules and is a great Christian conservative. He said it was a good thing he got home by ‪9:58‬ or he would have caught CV-19, mocking the ‪10 o'clock‬ curfew. He asked why we have to have a second wave of lockdowns if the first wave worked. He also blistered liberal transplants telling them to stop voting for the same liberal policies that ruined the state they are fleeing from.
Omar said we should cancel all mortgage and rent payments. I have a better idea. Open up the country and let people get back to work. It works in South Dakota as their phenomenal governor tweeted yesterday that their unemployment level is 3.6%. The governor of WI reminded people of their CV-19 data. NO ONE under 20 has died of it, 95% of the deaths are people older than 70, and you are twice as likely to die from a car wreck than CV-19.
What is interesting is the states who had almost exclusively mail in voting are having big outbreaks of CV-19 right now. States that had people vote in person are showing declining rates. More proof we should have NEVER allowed that in the first place.
Misc items: 200 pedophiles were arrested for molesting ONE teenage girl. We need a word stronger than evil to explain this level of evil. Lin Wood is receiving death threats. I look forward to those people spending time in jail.
Butthurt easily triggered soy boys at Harvard are trying to get the school from EVER letting anyone who ever worked with Trump from ever speaking at their school. Little tyrants in the making. Diversity of everything but thought. Any wonder that adult kids are moving back home at record levels?
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