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I’m a dentist for monsters. I prefer the city to villages.

I thought about the Beast of Cordyline Hill often in the week that followed the convention and the incident that had occurred there.
If I had continued to lose blood at the rate I was losing it in the moments after my accident then I would’ve died. Quickly. That’s if nothing else had made its way to me before I succumbed to the blood loss.
Coco said that once he got me out of the underground palace he held onto my arm and one by one each puncture wound closed and disappeared, as if it had never been there in the first place. The Beast of Cordyline Hill had healed me. I owed him my life.
And all he wanted in return was an appointment.
I wasn’t familiar with the Beast, but I knew about Cordyline hill, a well known hotspot in the industry for monster activity. A place I would later grow to detest the mere mention of.
Secluded, idyllic and only served by the paranormally inclined Connected Railways the village was barely ever noticed by average humans. The few that did reside there were entirely accustomed to the strangeness.
It was situated just far enough out of sight that without directions and intention, it was difficult to just happen upon it. Cordyline Hill was a haven for the abnormal.
It was an area I had only visited once, not long before I met the aforementioned Beast at the convention. Forgive me for the lack of linear events but it’s important you know about that trip to the village before I tell you next time how the Beast’s appointment went.
Coco and I travelled there the morning after my first night with Pearl.
My life turned upside down the day I became a mother. I’m sure there’s plenty of you with children thinking the same thing, but I assure you, your experience wasn’t a patch on mine, I had nothing to go on.
I knew Pearl needed a good home as soon as she consumed Coco’s finger on that first day in the practice, after Eudora Finch had placed her in my arms and fled. I’d spent years gathering information on monsters of all varieties and, while scared, I was pretty confident I could handle her.
What other choice did I have anyway? Dump her at a regular hospital for her to become a spectacle? Or leave her with someone else well versed in all things paranormal, none of whom I trusted.
There wasn’t really a choice at all.
Sometimes I missed my routine from before I had to consider anyone else. My selfish, wonderful routine. Wake up, drink a coffee, stare at the dishes from the night before, wondering how long they were going to sit there, wait for Coco to pull up outside my apartment and get ready for another day scraping fangs.
Coco was terminally delightful in the mornings, whereas I could barely function. Every time I heard her car horn I would berate myself for never learning to drive and that particular part of the routine hadn’t changed post Pearl.
I’d never planned for kids. They weren’t something that I’d ever factored into my life, but every time Pearl giggled and flashed me a glimpse of those pointed teeth my heart melted. I may have missed my routine, and I may have resented having to wash up regularly, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.
I loved her. Whether or not I gave birth to her was utterly irrelevant.
Despite all that fluffy shit, no amount of warm maternal instincts could prepare me for actually having to care for Pearl. The first night had me about ready to walk out of my apartment and never look back.
I should’ve known when she ate the finger that she wasn’t going to subsist comfortably on a diet of milk and baby food. I don’t really know why I bothered buying them, probably the undeniable human conditioning. That first night I was so disoriented I was surprised I managed to acquire any supplies. All I got was formula, puréed food and nappies but when I offered them she screamed.
There’s no sound more distressing in this world than a baby crying. It’s one of those noises that we’re preconditioned as a species to react to. I just couldn’t stop her tears. I bounced, I played gently, i changed her, I even tried singing to her but nothing worked.
She was so hungry.
It was difficult. Pearl was an oddity; something of unknown origin. The crone had given her to me knowing that she wasn’t the result of a spell she’d cast, and without information on what she was a result of I couldn’t liken her to anything in the database I’d collected. I didn’t know what she ate. Aside from Coco’s finger, of course.
She wouldn’t attempt any traditional infant food. To be honest I would’ve cried if someone tried to feed me that purée shit too. Nothing worked. Not until I offered her raw steak. The second a droplet of blood hit the tray on the makeshift high chair I’d built for the night she lit up. So did I.
It sounds strange, but I found it quite endearing watching her tear the cut of meat to shreds. Blood smeared across her face I snapped a few photos, they reminded me of the ones you see of kids covered in spaghetti, except a little more sinister. Cute, right?
It wasn’t the biggest breakthrough, it was something that should have been obvious from the start, especially to an individual in my profession looking at a set of perfect incisors like hers. But it was a piece of information I had that I hadn’t before.
My daughter was a carnivore.
After she finished, piece of bone crunched and all, she gave me the first real cuddle that we ever shared. It was a beautiful moment. In an instant I went from a child adverse spinster to a woman with maternal feelings I had previously been convinced weren’t in me. It really was a different kind of love. I even found the blood on my shirt endearing.
The night would’ve been pure bliss all things considered, I started to drift off on the sofa with Pearl in my arms, then I was jolted awake by that distressing screaming noise again.
That didn’t cause the problem, she just needed changing and eventually she accepted a bottle. I knew I would have to come up with a better solution than formula but at least she was drinking something.
The problem was caused when there was a knock at the door.
Fuck. I knew I wasn’t ready to present my daughter to the world. In the circles I ran in she was perfectly normal but to the average human she was an abomination. That early on I hadn’t considered the trouble I would run into trying to hide her.
I could fix it. I could build her a set of teeth, something to cover up the fangs, but not that early, she was too little, it would’ve been too obvious. No baby had a full set of teeth. I had to keep her hidden.
I ran to the bedroom with her in my arms and placed her on the centre of the bed, building a cushion fortress around her in a misguided attempt to keep her in one spot. I looked her dead in the eyes and shushed her. A baby.
I shushed a baby. Someone gave me a degree guys.
The knocking continued.
“I’m coming!”
I opened the door and was faced with my upstairs neighbour, Mrs Pepperbottom, a nosey widower who made it her business to know everyone else’s.
I know, what a name. It sounded a lot jollier than she actually was as a person, the type of name that you’d expect on an eccentric character but in reality my neighbour was extraordinarily plain. Face wrinkled up like a prune, she raised an eyebrow and looked me up and down, hovering momentarily on the slightly bloodied patch of my shirt. I watched her struggle to bite her tongue.
“Who’s baby is it Dayna? It is rather late, I’m struggling to hear the television over the crying and I won’t be able to sleep through that.”
“Sorry Mrs Pepperbottom.” I snickered a little and she shot me a look of disdain. “She’s my cousins child, and she’ll be staying for a few weeks while her mother recovers from an operation.”
The woman huffed. We hadn’t ever been the best of neighbours, which I’m sure Coco’s early morning horn contributed to.
“I would’ve appreciated some warning. I gather there isn’t a father in the picture? In my day we had to parent through any illness, I wish your cousin a speedy recovery.”
Without an ounce of sincerity in her words or a moment to let me respond, she stormed off back up the stairs of the communal hallway. I breathed a sigh of relief and bolted the door shut.
I hadn’t thought any of it through properly. So I did what I always did in a crisis and I called Coco.
Coco may have been a liability in the workplace but as a friend and functioning member of society she did far better than I ever could. Ironic really. She set me straight and helped me plan for looking after Pearl. She cancelled every appointment at the practice for a week and made one with a babysitting agency for the next day.
The next morning as I sipped a coffee and Pearl gulped back a bottle that she clearly wasn’t enjoying, there was a loud honk from outside. I could’ve cried when we made it out there, Pearl wrapped in a huge blanket hiding her teeth, and I saw the car seat that Coco had installed in the back. I could feel Mrs Pepperbottom’s eagle eyes from her window above but I couldn’t care less.
“What times our appointment?”
“How far is it?”
“About an hour and a half away Day. Pearls first road trip!” Coco grinned and Pearl giggled. Despite their somewhat violent meeting those two seemed to have an understanding from the start. I envied it a little.
“How did you find these guys?”
“It wasn’t easy. I had to dig out an old business card from last years convention but they only had a small booth that wasn’t giving out freebies so I couldn’t remember their name. I can’t wait for this year, not long now!”
I rolled my eyes, unaware of the dangers that I was going to face at the event. It didn’t surprise me that the babysitters booth was small. Regardless of my lack of interest in regular children I found young monsters both terrifying and fascinating.
It’s ironic really, human kids are scared of dentists and this dentist is scared of monster kids.
They were rare and unusual, often unpredictable and they were sometimes far more dangerous than their older counterparts.
I hadn’t collected a huge amount of information on monster children. I had a few that came into the practice; mostly oddities, some the result of fertility spells like Pearl and others the result of old land or a family curse. Even the occasional complete anomaly, just born that way.
Most of the more well known monsters, like crones, vampires and certain types of shapeshifter were made that way, not born it. Others like sirens and succubi were notoriously private and if they did have infants, I knew nothing about them.
That’s not to say that it was impossible to encounter younger versions of those creatures. One of the more disturbing stories I’d come across working within paranormal services was that of the eternal children.
Eternal children was the name given to young kids turned by vampires. Not all of these are claimed by their maker, however, with human families of dying children manipulated into buying their immortality. Desperate parents with connections to the monster world paid thousands to make their kid better.
What they’re left with is a violent, bloodthirsty creature with no impulse control and no mentor, who will never grow up. Many of the families died horribly at the hands of the child they’d tried to save, leaving the eternal children to wander aimlessly in search of prey. I’d heard that they were far more copious in number than anyone suspected, expertly camouflaging themselves all over the world.
I’d always wondered how many of them lived in the back roads of the city, hiding in plain sight.
The rest of the road trip was pretty quiet. I watched as fields and flowers flickered past the window and rocked the car seat gently, holding it secure. Pearl slept most of the way and Coco sang in unison with the radio. It was peaceful.
We pulled up to a modernised barn, nestled in a clearing of trees in the remote village of Cordyline Hill. It was an idyllic place, with flowers and huge, spiky succulent type plants scattered across the landscape. I’d heard about it often as one of the centres for paranormal services but hadn’t yet had the chance to visit.
“This is it.”
We got out the car and I lifted the car seat out to carry Pearl into the barn. It was so much easier than having nothing to put her in. I was excited for our supplies trip after the appointment, there were so many things that I needed. I was grateful for Coco, no partner but I still didn’t feel alone raising Pearl.
We entered to a glossy, sleek reception desk in the gorgeous interior. Instantly I knew that babysitting services for my little monster weren’t going to come cheap.
A gorgeous woman in her early twenties sat at the desk, sleek black hair and deep brown eyes that were utterly entrancing. She was so beautiful I wondered if she were entirely human.
“Welcome to No More Nightmares Nannies! Do you have an appointment?”
I tried to think of words but I just couldn’t stop looking at her, babbling wildly. I was overwhelmed by the whole situation. I stuttered a few times and Coco chuckled and interjected.
“Forgive my friend here; we’re booked in under Dr Danworth.”
She scanned the computer screen in front of her and smiled.
“Take a seat. Armand will be with you soon.”
Armand. I recognised the name but with everything I had going on and the trance the receptionist had me under I couldn’t place it. I sat in the waiting area trying to work it out, hoping that it wasn’t another university acquaintance that I’d rather forget.
Coco nudged me in the ribs.
“Anyone would think you’d never seen a pretty woman before. Are you ok Day?”
“I think so. I think she might be.... special.”
“I didn’t notice.” Coco answered, oblivious as ever as she picked up a magazine and started thumbing through it.
The waiting room reminded me of a regular human doctors surgery, or even the one at my practice, but the secluded location had allowed this service to take more liberties than mine. I was regularly visited by human patients requesting a space and didn’t exist in a haven like the village, so the practice had to remain innocuous.
No More Nightmares had taken the opposite approach. The walls were adorned with portrait sized photographs of monstrous children having fun. One of a young girl with a tentacled face playing catch with a woman, another of a spiked oddity enjoying lunch with a horned child and pride of place was a relatively average looking little boy with a vacant expression between two people I presumed to be his parents.
There was no mistake in placement of that portrait. The two fangs, barely visible, protruding between the young boys lips told me all I needed to. He was one of them, one of the eternal children. Displayed as if he were some kind of trophy. I recognised his father instantly and realised where I had heard the name Armand before.
Minutes later a man entered the waiting room from a side hallway and called my name. The same man that I had just been looking at in the portrait of the eternal child. Armand Locket.
He hadn’t been an old acquaintance, but I did recognise him. Armand had recruited me years ago, along with a handful of colleagues, into the paranormal industry. He was a pleasant man and someone that had been nurturing and supportive. It had been years since he’d been on my mind. Armand was the reason for my job, my life and my daughter.
“I had to take the appointment personally when I saw your name Dayna... sorry... Dr Danworth. I’m so pleased you decided to stick with this industry, you showed an aptitude for dealing with all the craziness right from day one.” He threw his arms around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before turning. “And the lovely Coco! Who could forget a delightful thing like you?”
“It’s so good to see you Armand. You don’t need to call me Doctor!” I smiled.
“Who is this little bundle then, I gather she’d the reason for your visit today? You wouldn’t drive out here just for my pretty face.” He gestured to the car seat delicately balanced on the waiting room chair next to me.
“This is Pearl.”
Armand cooed over my baby, still sleeping soundly in her car seat, tiny sharp fangs sticking out as she lightly snored. He ushered us through to a grand office with luxurious high ceilings complete with exposed barn beams and shut the door.
“So, if you don’t mind me asking, how did Pearl come into your care?”
“Hah. You guessed she isn’t biologically mine then.”
“You never did express a want for kids, but I couldn’t imagine you turning down someone in need, no matter how hard you may appear on the exterior.”
“She was a gift from a crone.”
Armand laughed knowingly. “Say no more.”
“If you don’t mind me asking Armand... the boy, in your picture.”
“Yes. He’s one of the eternal children. I promise he never ended up wandering the streets like the majority of them, though. A few years after we last saw each other my wife and I experienced a great tragedy.
“Our son, Darius, became incredibly ill, nothing the doctors could do. It was a tough decision, Dayna, honestly I didn’t make it lightly. But I couldn’t watch my wife suffer whilst knowing I had another option. Darius isn’t the same, but he’s here and as a byproduct so is my wife. For that I’m grateful.”
Armand welled up a little bit, swallowed the obvious lump in his throat and changed the subject.
“I know too well how difficult it is raising a special little one with a full time job! I suppose you need someone quite regular for our lovely little Pearl. Great name by the way, very... fitting.”
“I told her! I told her it was a bad dental pun!” Coco exclaimed, vindicated that she hadn’t been the only one to see it. Armand laughed with her.
“Yes. I need someone I can trust, I’m not entirely sure what she’s capable of yet, I just know that she’s carnivorous.” I started.
Coco raised her hand and wiggled the stump.
“Learned the hard way.” She cut in.
“I just don’t think I’m ready to share her with the world yet. Privacy is paramount.”
“No problem Dayna, nothing we can’t deal with at No More Nightmares. I have the perfect person, she’s young, fit and grew up in a household with an oddity for a sister. Although human herself, she knows what she’s doing. I have plenty of references.”
“That sounds great, are you sure she’s trustworthy?”
“Absolutely, I’ve used her to care for my own son on occasion. My wife is getting older and it’s hard for her now.”
His answer broke my heart a little. As great as it was that Darius wasn’t on the streets now at some point his parents were going to die and he would be left, ravenous and free. It wasn’t my place to say a word, so I didn’t.
“If she’s good enough for you, she’s good enough for me.”
We signed a document and discussed pricing. It was a big hit financially, but I pulled in enough money at the practice to cover it. I was going to need to accept a few home visits if I wanted any disposable income though.
Exiting the office I felt responsible. I’d done the first big thing I would ever do as a parent and I couldn’t have been more elated.
Then in a flash my entire world was threatened.
To the left, further up the hallway was a disappointed looking young man and to the right, towards the exit was doom. An older woman, much older than me came towards us, a young boy walking beside her with his hand in hers. The same boy from the picture. The same wife.
Darius looked much less average in person, his pale skin almost shone in the barn lights. His vacant expression was cold and unfeeling and sucked all of the air from the hall. I watched him sniff the air.
Vampires are known for their speed and their proficiency for quick attacks. I learned that day that Eternal Children were no different. He sprinted at us, in a direct path to Pearl. I screamed. Armand shouted for his boy to stop but it happened too quickly.
Initially I feared for my baby, I put an arm out to try and stop him, desperate to protect her. But there hadn’t been any need. Pearl opened her mouth wide as Darius reached her and bit down on his hand, crushing bone and mangling tendon. She locked her jaw and refused to let go as Darius whined and whimpered.
Armand’s wife started to wail. I tried to stop Pearl but I’d not even had her a week. I had no real idea what to do.
Darius made the fatal mistake of trying to bite back but Pearl was too fast for him. I watched as she unclamped her jaw and, still in her car seat, aimed her face at his throat.
Just as things were about to get bloody I heard a jangling noise from the opposite end of the corridor. It caught the kid’s attention. Pearl turned and giggled in amusement as Darius’ blood dripped from her teeth, I even noticed a piece of necrotic looking vein stuck to one fang.
The disappointed looking boy was just playing with a set of keys. It was simple, yet genius. An injured Darius had retreated, sobbing into his mother’s dress whilst Pearl was utterly distracted by the clanking of metal.
Armand’s wife grabbed hold of her son tightly and gained better control of the situation.
“I’m so sorry.” She whimpered, expecting a barrage of abuse from me.
“She’s not hurt. I should be apologising.” I answered looking at the creepy little boys mangled arm.
“He isn’t either. Trust me.” She answered, terror in her eyes as the kid continued sobbing. The look on her face said she didn’t believe his tears and I was inclined to believe the look on her face. There was something more sinister about Darius than most monsters I’d encountered.
“Thank you!” I turned to the boy. “You saved his life!”
Armand shook his hand in gratitude.
“Don’t mention it. I better go.” He started to walk away.
“Wait! Do you work here?” I stopped him; in contrast to the feeling I got from Darius this guy gave me a great gut feeling.
“I just failed the interview ma’am.” He answered, suddenly explaining the defeated look on his face. I shot Armand a look and he tried to change my mind, despite knowing it was already made.
“You’ve already signed Dayna. I can’t hire someone based on a universal way to amuse a baby.”
“I will buy myself out of the contract if I have to Armand and you know it.”
He sighed and rolled his eyes. It may have been years but I had always prided myself on being incredibly difficult and I’m sure he hadn’t forgotten that easily. I watched his face change as he relented and turned to the boy.
“Welcome aboard No More Nightmares, son. Meet Dr Danworth, your first client. What’s your name?”
The boy smiled across his entire face and I felt a wash of trust.
“It’s Evan, sir. Nice to meet you all.”
After the necessary paperwork had been completed Coco and I ventured out to the car, buckled Pearl in and I took in my surroundings as we drove away.
Just before we exited the village I noticed a small shack on the edge of the border, up a large hill. I didn’t know at the time, but that was home to the Beast who would soon become the source of all of my nightmares.
My experience with him at the convention had been an oddly positive one but all good things come to an end.
The Beast’s appointment.
submitted by newtotownJAM to nosleep

[GLB] Coliseum King Guide + Teams!

[GLB] Coliseum King Guide + Teams!
Hello sailors! It's finally time to leave Alabasta's drought period behind and get some new content with Colo King. Our first King unit in global which is pretty awesome! Of course since we just got the first DEX super type characters the coliseum will be predominantly QCK, so if you pulled Kid you're in for an easy time!
Notable Guide Changes :
  1. This time a tried to improve the guide with more images and information as well, hope you like it!
  2. I removed the tables for the early mob stages if nothing important is present there, to make the guide faster to navigate through. These stage will still be present in the video guide.
  3. Due to popular demand i will now present my teams in images as well as text, so it can be easier for everyone to understand what units i use!
Good to know :
  1. The guide is for Chaos difficulty, underground is of course easier.
  2. x2 skill-up makes an appearance November 5th, so save your King copies if you want to.
  3. King will be boosted in the next TM.
Rotations and best units to farm after King :
Best secondary unit to farm is Jinbe!
Best secondary unit to farm is Magellan!

1. Round 1 VS Holdem (QCK) :

Stage 1-3 : Mobs & 2 Turtles

Stage 4 :

Enemies : Preemptive Actions : Turn 1 : HP < 20% :
x1 QCK Speed : 4.1mil HP Changes all slots to BLOCK Chain coefficient reduction for 2 turns Blows away 2 random units for 3 turns
ATK down for 4 turns

Stage 5 :

Enemies : Preemptive Actions : Turn 1 : HP < 20% :
x1 QCK Holdem : 6.4mil HP Delay Immunity for 99 turns Counts type slots as badly matching for 3 turns Deals 30k damage
Gains 15-hit barrier for 2 turns
Despairs captains for 4 turns
Special binds everyone for 3 turns

- My Team VS Holdem :

Ship : Thousand Sunny - Special Anniversary Model
Supports : Stat boosters
Sockets : None needed
Luffy/Law x2 | Raid Judge | Coliseum Hody | Stampede Franky | RR Boa

2. Round 2 VS Jack (QCK) :

Stage 1-3 : Mobs & 2 Turtles

Stage 4 :

Enemies : Preemptive Actions : Turn 1 : HP < 50% :
x1 QCK Sheepshead : 4.6mil HP Gains 2 DEX orb hit barrier for 3 turns Binds all slots for 3 turns Increases damage taken for 3 turns
Locks chain at x1.1 for 4 turns

Stage 5 :

Enemies : Preemptive Actions : Turn 1 and every 2 turns : HP < 20% :
x1 QCK Jack : 7.3mil HP Full Immunity for 99 turns Special rewinds all units for 3 turns Damage nullification shield for 3 turns
NAO for 99 turns
Paralyzes everyone for 3 turns
Binds bottom row for 4 turns
Damage reduction shield for 3 turns

- My Team VS Jack :

Ship : Thousand Sunny - Special Anniversary Model
Supports : Matching orb support on Sanji/Pudding and the rest stat boosters
Sockets : At least level 1 bind sockets
V3 Akainu x2 | F2P Cavendish | 6+ Corazon | V2 Sabo | Sanji/Pudding

3. Round 3 VS King (QCK) :

Stage 1-2 : Mobs & 2 Turtles

Stage 3 :

Enemies : Preemptive Actions :
x1 QCK Page One : 6mil HP Binds left column for 3 turns
Slot binds right column for 3 turns
Attacks 2 times per turn

Stage 4 :

Enemies : Preemptive Actions : Turn 1 : Turn 2 : Special Interrupt : On death :
x1 QCK Jack : 10mil HP All Poison & Delay Immunity for 99 turns End of turn damage for 10 turns Enrages for 10 turns On orb boost : Clears all buffs and special binds everyone for 25 turns Changes all slots to BOMB
Changes all slots to BLOCK Damage reduction shield for 1 turn Perfect Locks all orbs until 1 PERFECT
Damage Threshold for 4 turns Special rewinds all units for 3 turns
30% HP cut

Stage 5 :

Enemies : Preemptive Actions : Turn 1 : Turn 2 : Turn 3 : HP < 50% : HP < 20% : Special Interrupt :
x1 QCK King : 40mil HP All Poison & Delay Immunity for 99 turns Locks chain for 3 turns Damage reduction shield for 1 turn Blows away 4 random units forever Binds 2 random units for 4 turns Kills you On HP cut : Heals to max HP
Clears all buffs Makes type slots count as badly matching for 1 turn DEF Up shield for 3 turns
Burns for 4 turns (5k)
Despairs ship for 1 turn

- My Team VS King :

Ship : Thousand Sunny - Special Anniversary Model
Supports : Stat boosters
Sockets : Bind at max level
Note : I might use LRR support Sabo to get more damage simply because i hate Arlong Crew's timing and i know i'll mess it up sooner or later, but it's not necessary!
Luffy/Zoro x2 | Coliseum Shutenmaru | LRR Pedro | Arlong Crew | Coliseum Morley

- Alternate Team VS King :

Ship : Thousand Sunny - Special Anniversary Model
Supports : Stat boosters
Sockets : Bind at max level
Note : Left column units should all be limit broken and you can also swap captains around!
Edit Note : I kinda forgot about Kid's super type special, so if you want to access it swap Raid Judge with V1 6+ Nami and RR Jack with 5+ story Zoro and you will also have the super type. I'm pretty sure both variations can clear, but using the super type ability is most likely faster.
Kid | Kaido | Sanji/Pudding | RR Jack | Raid Judge | TM Rebecca/Viola

4. Video Guide With Graphics, Extensive Strategy & Replacements: https://youtu.be/uDTtk-s0JwE

If you spot any mistakes or something i forgot to add in any of the stages, please let me know! If you have any teams to suggest, put them below to maybe help others. Hopefully you found this helpful!! Best of luck with farming the new King!
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