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Zombie Horde is a survival game. The Golden Horde stretches from the Chu River to the Danube: Yaroslav II of Vladimir visits Batu Khan for confirmation of his office: 1245: Daniel of Galicia undergoes ceremonial purification at Batu Khan's court: Golden Horde carries out census of Russian lands: 1246: 20 September: Michael of Chernigov refuses to show obeisance and is executed: Yaroslav II of Vladimir is poisoned by Oghul. The Golden Horde as it was governed under the dual khanship of the Western and Eastern Wings. Skip to main content.

"The Golden Horde" Episode #1.1 (TV Episode 2020)

Battery no CD The Golden Horde v All. Group 1 winner Golden Horde is to take up stud duties at Nurlan Bizakov's Haras de Montfort & Preaux in Normandy alongside leading sire Le Havre and the Queen's young stallion Recorder. They also fire on an arc, which means the shot takes a while to reach the target and can miss fast moving units altogether. Select the game you want to submit hints, cheats, codes or walkthroughs for from the list below and click 'Go'.

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Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch. Resident Evil is an action horrorscience fiction film series loosely based on the Capcomsurvival horrorvideo game series of the same name. [WTS] 12 bulk lots: Russia, USSR, Siberia, Golden Horde. Fight the fourth demon in the northeast of Golden-Gai.

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From where you spawn in to The Dreaming City, you'll see a giant door in the cliffs in the distance.

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Specialization of labor among the various disciplines which are concerned with Russia and the Mongols, notably scholars in Old Russian literature ( literaturovedy), in medieval Russian history per se, and in the Golden Horde (vostokovedy ), perhaps explains why the data on Russian usage of the term ulus to describe Rus1 has never heretofore been juxtaposed to its meaning within the Golden Horde. Zuma Zuma is an extremely simple, and it has to be said, extremely addictive puzzle game. Steam Workshop: Sid Meier's Civilization V. 10 years ago, Civ 5 was released to much fanfare. The co-creator of the comic book the movie is based upon, Bob McLeod.

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Establish Orders in your states or in your colonial subjects states. Golden Horde, The Trainer https://autozapchasti24.ru/crack/?key=912. The golden horde patch 1.1. This simple mod replaces the Golden Horde with the Iron Horde from up following the release of The Art of War, but patch "Exiled" will be.

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Golden horde – Traveling Through Time to Trace Your Ancestors

Game appearances 1.1 Sonic Unleashed 1.2 Sonic Generations 2 In other media 2.1 Archie Comics 3 Gallery 3.1 Artwork 3.2 Models 4 References The first Boss Keys appeared on the Xbox 360. Deezer is the No. 1 site for listening to music on demand. Help Center Contributor Zone Polls. Acolytes and two Wizards, but also a whole horde of Thralls that will chase you all the way back to the surface.

List of Russian people

List of Nintendo Switch game patches/updates this post. In order to strengthen the Mongol army, Berke sends his nephew Mengu-Temir to Russia with instructions to drive the 40, soldiers out. List of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Deaths. Get cheats and codes, game wallpapers, walkthroughs, reviews, and more for PC and console.

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Killing Floor 2 Download our site. Patricia attempts to free him so the other survivors would not hang him. Khanate of the Golden Horde: This region would become the beginnings of Russia, but for now, it was ruled by the Mongols. Golden Horde, or Kipchak khanate, Russian designa.

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Cast bars can have small imperfections, while minted bars and coins are generally free from defects. Example: type "5 cent*" to find coins of 5 cents and 5 centimes. The Mongol Empire was one of the greatest in history. The Golden Horde- Trainer Readme and NFO file The Golden Horde Trainer Download.

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Head: Chest: Gloves: Waist: Legs: Feet: Neck: Earrings: Bracelets: Ring: Weapon / Shield (iLvl 275) Token. The Golden Horde patch 1.1 A way to uninstall The Golden Horde patch 1.1 from your system This info is about The Golden Horde patch 1.1 for Windows. Bukhara should totally use the Uzbek models, Prussia the T2 Brandenburg model and the new Golden Horde tag should use the (now) Great Horde models, just to keep things consistent and avoid some small disappointment when forming logical successor countries 5. The new 16/17th century rifle floats in the hand of the vanilla eastern T2 units, I. I'm sending you The Vegan Horde's recipes from the Cast Iron Chef contest in Whittier on Saturday.

The Xaling race.

The Xaling (ˈzɔːlɪŋ) originate from an overgrown, cold, yet jungle like planet containing nine contents, and three oceans.
24.5 bar atmosphere. Most of the atmosphere is helium, the second most abundant element, all hydrogen has become bonded with other things or become methane. Nitrogen makes up about three percent of the atmosphere and trace gasses make the other one percent.
~(-100°C) boiling point of methane
~(-180°C) freezing point of methane
(-147°C) average planetary temperature.
Sun is 1.1 solar masses
Distance from Sun is 5.5 AU
(822,800,000 km)
Planetary mass 1.3×Earth
12.2963 Earth year orbital period
Nearest star: laurak, and ain. A binary class k and class g star. Based on current orbital speed and atmospheric thickness, the xaling homeworld was likely floating through the galaxy for about 1 billion years, and did not originate from the laurak/ain system.
Nearest star distance: 4.6 - 4.7 LY
Planetary origin.
The Xaling homeworld was originally an ice ball of sorts, covered in frozen methane as it floated between star systems, picking up a thick helium and hydrogen atmosphere in the process.
As it approached and was captured by a star the planet warmed, allowing the methane to liquify into oceans and most of the hydrogen atmosphere to cook off, bond with other things, or become more methane. Using methane as a solvent similar to earth life with water, hydrocarbon based xenobiology began to form, and eventually led to multicellular organisms.
Being a captured planet is also why it's orbit is not on the same plane as the other planets, along with the orbit direction and planetary spin being opposite of other objects in the system.
The Xaling originate from the north aclesian mud krisk, a hairless brown spider like creature with a ball shaped body, four knobby legs, and four small pincers on the end of primitive arm like structures that hang under it's head. This creature exhibits primitive intelligence, and has been seen throwing rocks or sticks at other members of their group. This is thought to be a form of play among the younger krisk, as they may toss a rock back and forth among each other.
A number of krisk migrated east of aclesia and into a planes like region in rqun where they evolved into a now extinct species with slightly longer limbs and purple skin.
This extinct species eventually diverged, one half staying on the planes in rqun, while the other half moved south, through the Equatorial jungle.
Dawn of Xaling civilisation:
Those who remained on the planes became fatter, allowing for longer time between feedings, and learned how to farm the purple grass like plants that grew there. Soon, they began making more permanent living spaces, digging their burrows deep into the ground, and eventually, making the first city.
Within 100 years of the first city they had developed a social class system, Monetary units of pressed iron, a delicacy similar to soup that is still enjoyed today, and most importantly, began building free standing structures.
Xaling cites spread across the planes region, some splitting off, forming their own country. Wars where fought and over time a great empire came forth, it erected spires, some over 200 feet tall in an attempt to appease the gods above, may they provide extra rain this year and ward off disease among livestock.
This empire reached a golden age and forgot their religion as they eventually created computers, automated production, and medical advancements. The Xaling population exploded as the death rate fell, but with more Xaling came a greater need for food. A lack of food caused by drought, blight, and the rise of crime led to a coup, the government was overthrown and the rebels could not hold the empire together, within a year it collapsed into 30 small nations.
The nations fought among one another, eventually becoming a total of 12.
In an effort to find more land to support a starving population the king of fearn approved an expedition into the equatorial jungles, believing that more land may be found on the other side of bug, parasite, and disease infested toxic land.
The expedition traveled for 455 days before reaching the other side, only 22 of the original 300 had survived. Rather than finding more planes land as they had hoped, they where met with a forested land, where the ground was clear, yet eternally cloaked in darkness as strange tree like structures fought for sun in the mile high canopy.
They soon encountered a village of strange Xaling with odd growths. They farmed exotic plants, fed strange meat sacks that hung from above, and lived in fleshy huts that grew from the ground.
Southern history:
When primitive Xaling reached the new land of darkness in the continent of tres they discovered a plant that can grow in the dark, and small snake like creatures that have offspring on a daily basis, now known as the "Jungle Buffalo" despite their desert origin. (Deep south)
Adapting to have more eyes than their planes based counterparts, they could see better in the dark. Soon they too built citys, and to an extent, their own countrys.
The southern Xaling, though they had fewer countrys, less population, and fought each other less, where much more technologically advanced.
Being able to eat the lightless plants, and the daily offspring of the jungle buffalo, allowed for a more nutritious diet. While the Xaling of rqun fought for space and where desperate for food, the Xaling of tres often existed peacefully due to the abundant resources and where allowed more time in their day to innovate and make their life even easier.
Following the creation of computers, the southern Xaling sent an expedition to the north. A number of archeologists theorised the existence of richer thorium deposits, the difference being caused by plate movement. The expedition worked through the equatorial jungles, met a village of territorial fat planes Xaling, and where killed.
After another expedition was sent and brought word of the situation back to the southern capital the government decided to leave the north alone, they will ether advance to a level in which war is unthinkable, reach a level in which they can cross the jungles and must be given more serious thought, or they will annihilate themselves, allowing the south to sweep across their ruins. They will ether advance and contact the south, or Parrish, leaving their land open to colonisation. The south need only wait.
The south soon advanced their technology beyond machines and into the world of bioengineering, eventually discovering the flat, a bacteria that can be used for bioware augmentations and growth of biological structures.
The time of machines came and went as the southern Xaling began to grow their houses and factorys. Muscled tubes criss crossed the land and underground, cargo and passengers packed into large, ribbed, football shaped containers that the tubes pushed from one city to another.
The arrival of an expedition from the north sparked a movement among the southern xaling, pressuring the government to unite the two sides.
Long Biopassages with hard outer shells where grown across the toxic jungles.
Discovery of the south and creation of the passages caused conflict among the northern nations as those bordering the jungle had more ease of access.
The south soon closed off the passages, stating that the north must collect themselves before engaging in further contact.
It is unclear what happened to the northern Xaling next, all records of the north where destroyed in some great war, the south is the only reason information from before the war was saved.
After 50 years had passed the south opened up the passages again out of concern for the north, finding that most major citys had been destroyed and what few northern Xaling where left had fallen into a state of technobarbarism, surviving in the ruins, feeding on each other and what pests scurried around. Some groups worshiping what little technology they had.
The south spread across the northern lands and brought the barbaric hordes back into civility, soon they spread across the rest of their planet, creating a vast empire to last the ages. 100 years later, they invented flight, and 50 after that, the first rocket.
After reaching the edge of their solar system they encountered a great ship. 1000 miles long, the "RMS CONTACT" had been watching the little Xaling for over 1500 years, waiting for them to unify their planet and reach for the stars, seeing eye to eye on most idealistic issues and a mutual curiosity, the Xaling and Rodan machine race began trade, and have existed without major conflict.
Xaling typically have a hatch of 7. Younglings are born with 6-34 eyes, but 95% have between 14 and 22, it is extremely rare to have an odd number of eyes. Hatchlings are usually smart enough to speak by the end of three months and strong enough to crawl by eight months, though it is only at one year old that they grow arms and claws with two "fingers" on the top arms, and three on the stronger low arms.
Xaling begin working with their parents at this stage, the parents leading their young ones in completing various tasks. This prepares them for following instructions in school and latter in life, along with teaching the 1/20 Xaling who are slightly more intelligent how to lead.
Between age one and five, a young xaling may claim a "comfort rock" that it grows attached to. This is thought to be an old evolutionary quark from the mud krisk, brought out by the young following their instincts more closely, typically growing out of it by age five.
At year four the Xaling are given tags, there are often too many for names alone to be meaningful, the tag contains a 12 digit number, their date of birth, and common name.
Young Xaling take classes of 100, attending every day, 10 hours a day, year round, all the way until they are 22.
They then enter a secondary school where they might pick a career and learn of it.
After the secondary school they may begin working, often starting in low level janitorial jobs, slowly buying augmentations and working their way up as their augmentations allow them to perform better than their counterparts.
Xaling usually live to be 120 years old without augmentations, with them their max life span is inconclusive. This often results in the most augmented and oldest Xaling being the most powerful, the older you are, the more money you have, and money is power.
With money, age, and inevitable boredom, comes the need for things to do and things to want. Various forms of metal art, gems, glass, and intricate food art are consumed by the super rich, with some malls as big as citys, the largest of which has over 30,000 stores under a single roof.
Cybernetics, Biocybernetics and Cybercosis
Augmentation is common, if not necessary for success in Xaling society, though they cannot be installed in a Xaling less than 20, due to continuing brain development.
CYBERNETICS are often the cheeper alternative for augmentations, being made of metal and computers, they often run hot and are inefficient at complex tasks, though they are generally good enough or even preferable for basic functions like replacing an eye, limb, or fast mathematical processing. Using cheeper cybernetics and material may require the use of an immunosuppressant to avoid an adverse reaction, though this increases the risk of infection and general disease.
Because if this, though there are very cheep cybernetics on the black market all but the poorest of lower class and those in rough neighborhoods use proper stores and hospitals to install them. Metal armor and voluntary limb replacement is quite common in rough and poor districts.
BIOCYBERNETICS are much more expensive and rare. Most can only be acquired through a hospital with proper growing vats/tubes and the ability to program flats, though a few high end stores, may have a basic biokit to install them.
Biokits may also be gotten on the black market, though they can cause severe side effects or death if not operated properly, the lower class may use biocybernetics, though they are much more risky than the mechanical alternative given the reputation of lower class biomechanics.
CYBERCOSIS is a mental, condition wherein the subject looses touch with reality due to over augmentation.
Though the effects can vary widely based on the enhancements, and the subject's mental predisposition. Cybercosis is less common in subjects with biocybernetics, though not unheard of.
Physical enhancement has the least impact on xaling psychology. Mental side effects are extremely rare, however with full body replacement also comes full sensory replacement and possible overload. (See sensory below) most side effects are caused by a subject's ethics and personal philosophy.
Physical enhancements can cause a sense of emptiness and depression, having lost most of their biological body, some subjects may feel that all they need is electricity and a paste to feed their nervous system, making other things and their life seem pointless, like eating, sleeping, and socializing. This may be a gradual and creeping sense of dread as more augmentation is added, or begin as a sudden realization of what the subject has become.
On the other end, a subject may be thrilled with the idea, feeling that it has made them near immortal, and having freed them from the needs of a biological body, perhaps feeling more familiar with machines than their own biological brethren. These may be refered to as cybrx (ˈsaɪbrs), a corruption of cybrex (ˈsaɪbrɛks), the name given to them by humans when they came in contact with the xaling, since the effects of modification on these individuals are similar to the effects on heavily augmented human cybrex. (Was caused by a human typo and translation error. The error was discovered several hours later, however xaling scientists had already released the conversation transcript to reporters and media outlets, and the name stuck. For a time the scientific community refered to augmented xaling as cybrex, though they did eventually accept cybrx to help distinguish themselves from the human variant. Before humans there was no official name for the cybrx.)
While most will go about their normal lives, some cybrx may attempt to gather a following of like minded augmented xaling, feeling they need to free themselves from basic biological needs. These groups can range from reserved and closed off, to open and accepting of the unaugmented, keeping track of a credit to help pay for their conversion.
Individuals may rise among the cybrx that ether have a predisposition causing insanity, or may suffer from too many mental or sensory augmentation.
Attacks from over augmented cybrx are very rare, though quite devastating. An average of 0.005/100,000 people die (an average of 25 per square mile) every year from such attacks. (There are ~1,000,000,000,000 Xaling on their homeworld. A total of ~5,000,000 world wide die every year from attacks. This sounds like allot, but consider that 292,320,000 xaling hatch every day planet wide.) Although being a cybrx in and of it's self is not harmful, or risky to others, the aforementioned damage caused by a sick cybrx, and the media have created a negative misconception about heavy physical augmentation.
A special squad of police are used to respond to attacks, they are often remote controlled war machines or manned biomechs equiped to capture or (usually) kill the agitators. The rodan may assist or arm these squads, basic rodan weapons being more advanced than most xaling equipment, along with a stronger bipedal body better designed for physical combat.
25%-30% of the population may qualify to be a cybrx. ~2% of cybrx may be unstable.
Sensory cybernetics can cause sleeping issues and if too many are installed, can cause sensory overload.
Symptoms of overload usually entail schizophrenic behavior, such as mistrust of friends and a senseless fear of certain objects, such as a hammer, or knife laying on the floor that could be used as a weapon, despite there being no one in sight.
Overloaded individuals may avoid or suddenly run away from friends and attempt to destroy or run away from the frightening object. It is extremely rare for subjects to attack friends during an anxiety attack.
Individuals suffering from an anxiety attack may be reported and taken in by the government, having their cybernetics removed and put into rehabilitation, often having a full recovery within a year.
~90% of the population have sensory systems. ~5% of the population may be unstable.
Mental enhancement is some of the most complex, as it adds to or replaces part of the subject's brain.
Mental enhancements are almost never done by established shops and often too expensive for low lives to buy on the black market. The most basic of mechanical mental enhancements are more expensive than most biological enhancements of the other two categories.
Mental enhancements have the greatest effect out of all mods, but also the greatest risk, and adverse effects.
It is much rarer for someone to become unstable from too many mental enhancements due to cost prohibiting most people from getting more than one or two, however, there have been a few cases where higher class citizens have gone crazy, or developed a split personality from too many augments.
Symptoms typically range from loosing time, to sleep walking for several days, to loosing control over your body, being traped inside, only able to watch as your mods work as you.
There are very few known methods of detecting and helping a person who has too many mental implants, due to the delicate nature of them, and potential to loose vast amounts of memory if they are deactivated, due to the subject's brain relying on them to store data or process information. Removing the mods may leve the subject a vegetable.
Because of their inherent danger, mental enhancements are highly regulated, and only so many can be made per year.
The government bids out the right to make these enhancements every 10 years, with the cost getting added to the highest bidder's taxes.
~40% of the population have at least one mental implant. ~1% may be overcome by them.
There are many other augmentations that have an unclear position among the categories. An example would be neural plugs and I/O systems for the net. (internet)
Though they do connect to the brain, and may qualify as an addition in some respects, they are not considered mental augmentations since they usually do not handle cognitive processes, instead they are considered a sensory augment since they are enabling the connection between a biological brain and the net, usually through a brain's auditory and visual centers.
Due to wide spread education and technology, religion is very rare among xaling, and what little there is usually has to do with the worship of technology, limbo, or the universe.
These religions usually pop up in poorly educated districts and are usually the result of misinterpreting a subject, especially limbo the entity and limbo subspace.
The largest underground religion is the "church of othob" with 12,000 members.
Though the government does not have a law against religion, they do discourage it.
Space politics:
Over the years sentiment grew between the Xaling and Rodan empires, both are very number orientated, and do not like to waist time, when they want something they get it. Xaling still maintain the majority of their population on their homeworld, often sharing worlds with the Rodan, who prefer a cold environment to properly run their factorys and computers, along with the ability to experiment with xaling DNA and methane based life, specifically methane based neural nets. In exchange the Rodan, with the best ships, offer highly discounted space travel and manufacturing services.
(Gold, due to it's electrical use and inherent rarity, is the galactic standard currency exchanged between all known races.)
The xaling and rodan have also gone on many research ventures. Rodan have a special interest in the aforementioned neural nets due to their ability to aid in parallel processing, more naturally extrapolate probability, and survive at the cold temperatures of space. Carbon based nets are very touchy and need to be warmed, while the machines next to it like to run cold. The downside being that cold hydrocarbon nets must be very pressurised, or kept at a very narrow temperature window so the methane does not freeze or boil. Keeping it in a small temperature window is not that hard for rodan technology and low pressure makes the container less dangerous if it fails, but there will be a significant slowdown since low pressure atoms become more spaced out, increasing signal travel distance, and calculation time.
Low pressure carbon based nets also have the disadvantage of using an axon with synapse at the end, while hydrocarbon nerves do not utilise an axon, instead having terminals and synapse branching off the main cell next to the dendrites. This makes the carbon nets slower than hydrocarbon ones at high pressures, and faster at low pressures. (The speed difference is more mellowed out with carbon nets, they still get slower at low pressures, and faster at high pressures, but not as much as hydrocarbon nets.)
In addition to neural nets, there have been multiple projects involving a regenerating hull for jumpships. Travel though limbo can be very corrosive to a ship's hull depending on how fast you go and how close to gravity wells you get. A hull that can regenerate would allow for longer jumps and would do away with the need for hull inspection and time consuming plate replacement.
Several experimental ships have been fitted with a regenerating carapace, however it has proven to grow far too slowly and consumes far too much food material to be practical and does not work well with extremely hot plasma shields.
It has been theorised that regenerating hulls may be practical for 1000 mile long void class ships, due to the square/cube law, though such a massive venture has not yet been tested.
Xaling ships:
As mentioned before, most transportation is done with rodan vessels though the xaling still favor their own ships for some scientific endeavors in other systems, and mining, where renting a rodan ship is too expensive for the profitable collection and selling of fusionable material. (Mostly hydrogen from gas giants.)
That being said, xaling ships are commonly made of steel, aluminum, or some other metallic substance, and have an augmented xaling pilot connected to the ship. Most ships are controlled entirely by the pilot, and any crew are usually security (turret crew and boarding party deterrent), engineers (repair), and medics.
Only the largest ships will have more than the pilot and captain connected to the bridge at the same time.
As with every space faring biological civilisation, there will be piracy. These pirates typically hide in caves, in planetary rings, and the far reaches of the solar system.
Pirates are usually poor miners, broke merchants, ships with mutineer crew, or escaped criminals.
These pirates, much like human pirates of old, usually leave people and bigger ships alone, and typically only kill when they are not given what they want, or need to keep up an image. (They are people, not ruthless animals after all.)
The most notable pirate is "commander blue". (Known for his once oddly blue skin, only known to happen when some xaling are born in space.) His father was a miner who's ship was mistakenly attacked by a rodan escort who was not informed by the xaling space controll agency of their presence near a gas giant.
Blue can qualify as a cybrx, (the name carried over, even after conversion.) commands at least 56 ships, and is known for boarding ships with his cloths on fire, attempting to paint an evil or crazy image of himself so the ship is less likely to resist once boarded. His first officer acts as a more down to earth moderator, pretending to argue against blue's seemingly insane ramblings to butcher, kill, or torture the captured ship's crew.
Blue has also been known to ram other ships if normal combat is ineffective (combat with greater than 1,000,000 miles between ships.) And is rumored to have a giant shipyard floating between stars somewhere in the buffalo nebulae. Though all attempts to find it have come up empty, causing some to believe the base is somewhere else, or does not exist.
Comments? Questions? Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?
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Boycott Shadowlands? Is Classic being Ruined on purpose?

I have a question for you...
Why did Blizzard release 1.12 Alterac Valley, KNOWING that was the version that players hated?
Why then, did they release the "Korrak's Revenge Alterac Valley Event" a.k.a "The version players actually wanted" over on Battle for Azeroth?
That comes across as pretty cynical...
Classic gets the bad AV, Retail gets the Good AV, it feels like Classic is the Red-headed stepchild, and Blizzard is showing favoritism to Retail.
And before anyone tries to defend BFA, in one year Blizzard sent out 2 separate Surveys asking people why they didn't like Battle for Azeroth.
They didn't even do that for Warlords of Draenor...I think that says everything about this "expansion".
A lot of people, including myself, believe Classic is being sabotaged on purpose for 2 main reasons.
Firstly, saving Face.
The current President of Blizzard, J. Allen Brack, famously said "You think you do but you don't" when it came to Classic servers.
And when Classic released, it broke Twitch records, and had record numbers of Subscribers returning.
It even won PC Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick awards...that's right, a 2004 game is the best game in 2019...how sad and pathetic has the gaming industry gotten?
And Mr. Brack thought that actually...you don't want this game. That's embarrassing, especially if you're the President of the company.
Ion Hazzikostas made Battle for Azeroth...which did not win "PC Game of the Year" in either 2018 or 2019...no, the 15 year old version of the game won that, but your brand-spanking new expansion...didn't.
Ion Hazzikostas was also put in charge of Classic Wow.
Now imagine if people would rather play a 15-year old version of your game, than the current product. That would be embarrassing for the guy in charge of the game.
And if, hypothetically, Classic ended up failing, then at least Ion Hazzikostas could save face, and make the excuse that World of Warcraft is an old and worn out franchise, and that it's not his fault for its poor performance.
So when Ion Hazzkostas put layering into the game, loot trading, 16 debuff slots, 1.12 Alterac Valley, and baked the 7.3.5 Legion client into Classic...I have this suspicion that there was an ulterior motive.
He put in these features to ruin the game on purpose.
Layering created overpopulated servers, which had to be remedied with Server transfers.
However because they weren't faction locked, it led to Faction imbalances, and you have servers like Flamelash (EU) that literally only have Horde.
But why didn't they put in Faction-locked transfers?
Surely this company that has been running this game for 15 years, and is run by the best talent in the gaming industry, could have foreseen this problem.
How can industry Veterans make such rookie mistakes?
On top of that 16 debuff slots, and 1.12 Talents basically nerfed the content.
So when got World First Molten Core and Onyxia within 5 days of the game launching, it made the game look like a joke.
Why didn't they start with 1.1 Talents? Was it too hard for a Multi-Billion dollar corporation to do that?
One obvious mistake after another that the players told them would happen MONTHS in advance; forum post after forum post, but they...they didn't know?
They had all this community feedback, 15 years of experience, and they made this game for Christ's sake...but they make all these oopsies?
It just doesn't add up.
On top of that, rushing out Phase 2 before the majority of the player-base was even level 60, turned one of the most anticipated Phases of Classic into a complete Nightmare, was a great move by the "geniuses" in charge.
People were trying to level, only to get corpse-camped over and over, and just quit the game because it was unplayable.
Why didn't they wait for a sizable portion of players to actually get to 60, and then actually have a legitimate chance at fighting back in Wpvp, and not become Canon fodder?
Classic has only been out for 4 months now...and the guy in charge has already made a dog's breakfast out of it.
How can a Multi-Billion dollar corporation have so much trouble rebooting a 15-year old game?
The 2019 servers can't even handle Wpvp or World Bosses! Complete lag fests. 15 Years AFTER this game was launched.
While a bunch of Russians living in their mom's basement can actually make a MORE stable server.
It just doesn't add up.
Secondly. Classic is being Ruined to strong-arm Classic players into buying Shadowlands.
The Classic content is being rushed at a Pace of around 2 months per Phase.
With 6 phases, Classic will be done in a year from launch. Originally Classic lasted 2 years...not 1.
What a coincidence...Next year Blizzard is launching their next expansion.
If you Classic players are done with your (rushed) adventure, why not buy Shadowlands?
We promise it will be better than the last expansion....promise!
Classic Wow originally made World of Warcraft and Blizzard into household names.
It shattered the MMO industry, and was the undisputed King for a Decade.
The Game works...it has withstood the test of time, and 15 years later people still want to play it.
But it is being run into the ground.
Activision-Blizzard can't release a good game even if literally handed a finished product like Classic.
They seem to be sabotaging Classic in favor of Retail,
Cutting off the nose to spite the face.
Because Classic's success is an embarrassment to certain higher-ups.
It is in their interest for Classic to fail.
Now Ion Hazzikostas thinks Shadowlands will salvage his reputation...
Re-hashing World quests, Rep grinds, some new Artfiact/Azerite/Anima power grind, Mission tables, won't save the game.
Shadowlands is looking like BFA 2.0
I think Classic players will become disappointment at the mishandling of Classic that they will refuse to buy Shadowlands.
Remember, we all left in Warlords of Draenor, and BFA...if another Blizzard product fails, we'll leave again.
I genuinely think if Blizzard keeps going down this route of sabotage, they will burn their customers, who in turn will Boycott their products.
Or maybe Blizzard will do another Blitzchung PR Blunder...and to be honest...I'm looking forward to it.
"You think you do, but you don't", "Do you guys not have phones", The Blitzchung Drama, The Nostalrius Drama...it's entertaining.
But I hope Blizzard Entertainment refers to the Entertainment Blizzard offers, and not the Entertainment derived from watching this company Implode.
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