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MAJOR CHANGES - Major map revisions and additions: East Africa, Armenia, Central Asia, Siberia and India - Added Steam matchmaking support - Added Steam workshop support - Added diplomatic range, blocking diplomacy and councillor actions vs too distant characters - Factions will now revolt as a single unified realm under a temporary title - Added attrition for. Pobierz najciekawsze patche, mody tapety i inne pliki z [HOST]. Recently, I noticed that the amount of free space on my hard.

Why did real history not have blobbing like Crusader Kings does?

Or put another way: what does Crusader Kings do (or not do) that makes blobbing a thing unlike real history?
For those unaware, "blobbing" is the tendency for smaller independent rulers to get absorbed by larger ones, to the point where it's possible for the map can consist only of several large realms of roughly equal size. This is in contrast to history where there were relatively fewer large realms and they eventually broke apart.
I'm curious about why this didn't happen in history, and what Crusader Kings does or doesn't do to reflect that reality.
submitted by JourneymanGM to CrusaderKings

Crusader Kings 3 multicore optimization is perfect, please implement it in your other games!

I'll be soon upgrading to a new one of the new Ryzen CPUs (5900x or 5950x) so I thought it would be fun to benchmark Paradox games, since they are rarely benchmarked and see if the new CPU will show any improvement in their games. While the full post is still couple of weeks away, I thought I would share how long it took to run 300 years in each given game (HoI4 for 12.5 years since x24 makes it roughly equivalent) with my current CPU (Ryzen 3600x):
Game Time it took to run 300 years
Stellaris (800 systems) 09:13:24 (!!!)
HoI4 02:29:51
EU4 01:46:05
CK3 1:14:57
That's right CK3 just blows the rest out of the water, and it's not just in how quickly it runs, the average framerate while at max speed is also very impressive - around 120-130fps while EU4/HoI4 are around 20-25fps. CK3 does this by having absolutely glorious multi-core support, at least 6-8 threads are 65-80% stressed and the rest are running 30-40%. In comparison, other games heavily rely on a single thread and 10-25% the rest. I am really excited to see if the game will benefit even more from increased thread count.
For years we have been told that Paradox games simply can't be multi-core optimized because many things have to run sequentially, yet here it is plain as day, it can be done. Please implement it in your other games. And start with Stellaris, the game is in an absolutely piss poor state, while EU4/HoI4 have low framerate, the games are still running relatively fine, while Stellaris becomes unbearably slow and suffers from stuttering and small freezes. I rarely play the game past 2350 because of how much of a slog it becomes.
Paradox promised better parallelization for Stellaris in 2.8, I'll make sure to measure that too, if it's even half as good as CK3, it would make the game infinitely more enjoyable.
submitted by Jeffy29 to paradoxplaza

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