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Potential X-Men Roll out plan

Idk it this is good or not, but its been in my head for years so I wanted to share it with someone. Its long as hell but if you read it then please share your thoughts. I’d love feedbacks
I think for the xmen’s eventual introduction to the universe they might go with the original origin of the team as it fits with marvels formula.
Start with professor X and the 5 original X-Men: Angel, Cyclops, Iceman, Jean Grey(Marvel Girl😂) and Beast, and Forge to build their stuff. I’d say Tom Holland has shown that if they get quality young stars for their roles they can have a long lasting franchise without people aging out. I say they should go young with the Xmen because the nature of the team means that its gonna be around for awhile and they need to be able to have the actors for atleast 10 years without them getting super old. Also we’ve never seen the original X-Men be assembled in any real way. The first 2000 movies they dropped us in after the team had been around for awhile and that would have been cool if they had stuck the landing but they couldn’t hold it together. So doing the same thing now probably wouldn’t go so well. And the newer attempt at it...... they glossed over it all and they kinda already ruined every thing so it didn’t make sense.
Here’s my idea based on how they could do this right.
First Batch of Movies is a trilogy with the original team. They fight the brotherhood of mutants and we really play up the superhero aspect of the X-Men because their original form is when this element is most prevalent as time moved on they shifted from superheros to something more deep and epic. Id say this first trilogy should maybe hint at the coming of more deep themes revolving mutants, mutant hate and everything else but stay mostly about them trying their best to be heros. In the third movie, this is where I think they introduce the international X-Men as professor X’s way of expanding his reach and creating a mutant safe haven. This is when we add more X-Men. Colossus from Russia, Nightcrawler from Germany, Storm from Africa, and ofcourse Wolverine from Canada. To make space on the team, I say we have Angel lose his wings in the final fight of the first trilogy causing him to leave the team, which could lead to him eventually becoming Arch Angel in the future. Then I say we have beast transform into his primal form after experimenting on himself which would cause him to lock himself in the mansion for a while and be like their man in the chair who helps Forge build the vehicles and eventually the Danger room. This would open up space to allow the team to grow but not be too big.
Here we enter the second X-Men Trilogy, this is where the shit hits the fan. With Colossus, NightCrawler and Beast we finally can explore how the world reacts to non human looking mutants. This trilogy should focus on the drama and the angst that makes the X-Men fun. It should deal with the Sentinel Project, Senator Kelly and the Purifiers(if you don’t know their like the mutant KKK) This trilogy will be what turns the X-Men into less superhero and more vigilante. The government will be after them, they’ll still have magneto occasionally causing them problems and they’ll have to decide who they’re gonna be and this will eventually cause some issues internally. This is where Cyclops becomes less naive and finally starts to have ideals that are a mix of Professor X and Magneto, he wont be a wild murderer like magneto but he also won’t be so easy to forgive and allow humans to get away with how they treat mutants. In this trilogy, I think it should end with Jean dying which should be the final straw that breaks up the team. Splitting them into the X-Men run by professor X and then eventually Wolverine (after he comes back from mourning jeans death in his solo movie) and the team lead by Cyclops called X Factor, where he and a couple X men who agree with his new approach leave the school and decide to go do their own thing. Right now I see Beast and Ice Man going with him and then he recruits nee members for his team like Emma Frost, Psylocke and maybe his brother Havock. This is where we can start doing Xmen solo films like Wolverine, X Factor, Maybe a Magneto flashback movie where he just hunts down nazis, and maybe an X Force movie with Deadpool.
Phase 3 of the X-Men story will be everything coming full circle, we get rid of the trilogy formula and we do two movie arcs. We do a time jump, The school had been renamed after Jean, Wolverine is the team leader and theirs a bunch of new faces on the X-Men roster, like Rogue, Gambit,Kitty Pryde, and Jubilee. Cyclops has built his own school with Emma Frost. Everything starts when Mr.Sinister starts kidnapping/recruiting kids from both schools causing both teams to have to comeback together and work on saving the kids. We see shit escalate as Sinisters true plans are eventually revealed. He’s been working for Apocalypse and is running experiments on bright young mutant prodigies In the hopes of finding perfect horsemen of Apocalypse’s Eventual return. They’re able to get the kids back but now they know apocalypse is coming and they need to stop him. So the next few movies are the actual Days of Future Past story, Kitty Pride is taken into the post apocalyptic future and she has to figure out, why the world ended up like this, how to prevent it and then a way to get home. She finds out that the cause of the new apocalypse is the Avengers and the X men going to war which weakens both teams enough that they eventually aren’t able to stop the big bad that eventually arises. She’s not able to discover what that big bad is but she assumes that its Apocalypse.(she’s wrong)
She manages to get back home with the help of the future freedom fighter Xmen like Bishop, Cable, old magneto and a few more. She comes back and tells everyone the information, Emma frost and the professor read her mind and confirms her story. She warns them on fighting with their fellow superheros and they all agree to avoid that at all cost.
Next few movies are Age of Apocalypse hopefully by now everyone has forgotten about the shitty version and we can start from scratch. These movies are just the Age of Apocalypse story but tweaked to fit the MCU universe. Big moments are Angel returning as Arch-Angel and getting his wings back, Wolverine being turned into a horseman, and here we have something that everyone may not like. I’d have Ice man be a horseman of Apocalypse and instead do the scene where Emma Frost take over his body and discovers he has the ability to be an omega level mutant, Id have Apocalypse do it and display his power. I think id be a cool scene since for the whole series he’s probably been the comedy relief character so for him to be revealed as one of the strongest would be a great scene. This Apocalypse story would probably be a mix of what happened in the comics and the X Men evolution show because I think they handled it well. But this would conclude without the Avengers fight that Kitty prophesied, causing them all to believe that they were able to avoid that situation.......that would be false. The last phase of the MCU X men story would be the Phoenix mixed with Avengers vs Xmen. So we start the next Xmen movie somewhere in Europe,theres this young female figure stumbling through dark alleys barefoot, she stumbles upon two men who seeing that she’s alone, try to rob her. This turns out to be a mistake as she sends some type of fiery blast from her body, sending the men flying before she passes out on the street. We never see her face its hidden by shadow. She’s awaken later by a women who ask her if she’s okay, helps her get up and takes her to her home. After she’s given new clothes and some food we are shown the back of her head as the kind women serves her a plate. We can see the young women we’ve been following had dark red hair, the older lady sets down the food and asks the young girl “Whats your name sweet heart” the camera pans and we see the face of Jean Grey...........who’s the audience saw die a loooooong time ago. Now Depending on how they wanna write it her response could vary. I’d personally have her respond with the answer that her name is “Madelyn Pryor”. This would lead to a story where this women thinks her name is Madelyn Pryor, she had the memories of living her whole life as Madelyn, and as far as she knows she has no superpowers, she even had an English accent because she’s lived there her whole life. All that changed when she was working at her job in a coffee shop when she sees a new report about the X-Men on tv. The report shows cyclops giving a report on tv snd suddenly she has new memories. Of being in love and having powers, this causes her to freak out and black out, when she wakes up the whole coffee shop is in flames......and not only that but the whole block is on fire. The story is that she eventually after another incident like this that almost kills the nice old lady, she takes a trip to America and tries to find the X-men, hoping to find answers for why she’s been having these new memories and why she is causing these incidents. When she gets to New York she tries to go to the X Mansion but when she gets close more memories begin to flood in so she freaks out and starts flying involuntarily, she ignites in flames crashing through trees, setting things on fire destroying buildings until she eventually lands in the Long Island Sound, where she begins to heat up, she gets so hot that she starts to boil the water, before passing out in the nearest shore. This is when the Current Avengers are called in and take her into custody. Essentially we have a Civil War part two(which is pretty much what AvX was in general) The avengers see this new mutant as a threat and refuse to hand her over to the X-Men and the X-Men aren’t having that since from what they’re seeing Jean Grey has been resurrected and they need to get her back. While this is happening we begin to question if this women is in-fact Jean Grey or maybe some sort of clone, an illusion or maybe something made by their old nemesis. Mr. Sinister. They go to her grave and see its been unearthed , but they cannot tell if someone dug it up, or if someone climbed out of it. This essentially ends with them having a civil war type fight, X-Men vs Avengers and they’re eventually stopped by Madelyn after she is visited by Logan and Scott. They put their beef beside and are both able to get her to control her powers and she emerges from the cell they had her in with full control of her powers and identifies herself as neither Jean nor Madelyn, but as the Phoenix. This stops the fight, and is able to avoid the prophecy that Kitty told of and the Days of Future past world never comes to be. The Phoenix then leaves earth promising to return if she’s ever needed. She says goodbye to Logan and Scott(subtly confirming that maybe she is Jean). The story wraps up with Wolverine and Cyclops merging their two schools and X Teams, and retiring to be full time teachers at the academy. The final shot is of a new X men team training in the Danger room, leaving space open for a new generation of heros.
Theres more too the story but this is the most streamlined I could make it and its still waaaay too long. There’s more stuff in my head like the Fantastic 4, The Annihilation Event and even a way to make world war hulk even though they kinda cannibalized that story to make Ragnorak. I even plotted out what I would have done for phase 4 and 5. I have too much free time. But Its constructive for me though as a writer, plotting these things out actually helps me with my stories so its not a complete waste. Hope people like this.
submitted by 5x5equals to MCUTheories

Demon's Souls | Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Demon's Souls (2020 Remake)
  • PlayStation 5 (Nov 12, 2020)
Developer: Bluepoint Games, SIE Japan Studio
Publisher: PlayStation
Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 93 average - 100% recommended - 17 reviews

Critic Reviews

Areajugones - Urko Miguel - Spanish - 9.4 / 10
If the original title was already a work of art as a video game, this remake goes a step further, offering the same experience and sensations but exponentially improving many of its sections. Its renewed audiovisual appearance also makes it the best exponent of the new generation that we have just premiered. Demon's Souls Remake has reasons of weight to consider it even better game, than the one that debuted in the distant 2009.
Ars Technica - Sam Machkovech - Unscored
A must-buy for PlayStation 5, should you have the stomach for the original gameplay formula.
Cerealkillerz - German - 9.1 / 10
Bluepoint delivers here, just like with Shadow of the Colossus an amazing work of art and shows again how a good remake of such a game has to look like. Demon's Souls is the new display what next-gen should look and feel like and was even optimized gameplay wise at the right parts. If you can live with everything the original was about and even some new challenges, you'll experience the PS5s game of the year.
Destructoid - Jordan Devore - Unscored
One day wasn't enough to burn through Demon's Souls, but so far, this remake feels like a gift – a game that had no right to turn out this well so early into a new console's lifecycle. It's a tough act to follow.
Digital Chumps - Nathaniel Stevens - 9.5 / 10
If you need a challenge that is less forgiving than the Dark Souls' series, then you want Demon's Souls. Bluepoint Games brings the very essence of the original 2009 title with this remastered version, upgrades the experience with PS5 hardware, and makes the game more terrifying.
Game Informer - Daniel Tack - 9.3 / 10
At once both a fascinating history lesson for the now ubiquitous Souls-like genre and an enjoyable romp in its own right, this remake gives plenty of reasons to return to the Nexus
GameSpot - Tamoor Hussain - 9 / 10
Bluepoint delivers a Demon's Souls remake that is as much its own as it is From Software's, and it shows off the power of the PS5 with it.
Kotaku - Ian Walker - Unscored
During my first few hours, I’ve found myself more than impressed with what Bluepoint has been able to achieve. While early on you may feel some dissonance between the classic gameplay and the updated graphics, that quickly goes away once you’re back in the thick of things. I think there’s something really special here, and I can’t wait to forge ahead.
Metro GameCentral - Unscored
At the outset this not only seems the perfect remake but an excellent demonstration of the PlayStation 5’s capabilities and a hugely encouraging sign for the future of the format.
Polygon - Michael McWhertor - Unscored
One of the nicest new additions to Demon's Souls is a photo mode. In addition to giving players the option to actually pause Demon's Souls - something you couldn't do in the original - it also takes some lovely screenshots. (See: every image in this review.)
Press Start - James Berich - 9 / 10
Demon's Soul is without a doubt one of the strongest PS5 launch titles, providing one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences. Bluepoint's treatment, although controversial, is immaculate and represents the best way to experience the classic that started it all.
Push Square - Christian Kobza - 10 / 10
Teensy quibbles aside, it's difficult to imagine how this Demon's Souls remake could be any better. It looks great, it sounds amazing, and it's extremely respectful of the PS3 original, which has aged surprisingly well after all these years. This is an exceptional remake, and it's exactly what Demon's Souls deserves.
Screen Rant - 4.5 / 5 stars
As a launch title for the PlayStation 5, Demon’s Souls has something to offer both Soulsborne veterans who want to see an old favorite shine and newcomers looking for a gritty, sometimes disheartening experience that demands perseverance.
TheGamer - Kirk McKeand - 5 / 5 stars
Demon’s Souls is the best PS5 game you can play at launch, and I’m sure it will go down in history as one of the best launch titles of all time. The Old One has awoken and I hope this review feeds it more souls. It deserves a full belly.
TheSixthAxis - Jim Hargreaves - Unscored
It’s certainly lost some of that unique style but it’s still a remake well worth playing. We just hope those picking up a copy with their PS5 on launch day know what they’re getting into.
Video Chums - A.J. Maciejewski - 8.4 / 10
Demon's Souls is an excellent game whether you're new to the franchise, have only played the Dark Souls games, or are a fan of the original. However, if you fit in the latter group like I do then you may be disappointed by its less visceral yet admittedly gorgeous world.
We Got This Covered - Billy Givens - 4.5 / 5 stars
Bluepoint Games' remake of Demon's Souls maintains a few of the original's less-than-ideal quirks, but its breathtakingly gorgeous visuals and updated gameplay make it a prodigious accomplishment nonetheless.
submitted by The_King_of_Okay to PS5

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